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  1. I have to say I am a pilot first. I truly enjoy the engineering, and find it can be very satisfying. But I've never jumped out of my chair and danced around when I finished building a craft. I've actually done that after a good bit of piloting. The first time I successfully landed on the Mun, I shouted, jumped up and danced. My wife laughed and laughed. ( Of course I was crestfallen when I realized I couldn't even make munar orbit with the fuel I had. My engineering skills always seem to slightly lag behind my piloting. ) Both sets of skills have been very enjoyable to learn, but successful piloting can be much more exciting for me.
  2. My dreams are filled with purple and wreckage and lag. Eve loves me and holds me tight. Her embrace is like steel bands. I've been to Eve before. In 0.24 I landed one Kerbal at about 6200 m and brought back some purple dirt. In 0.90 I've gotten used taking the original three everywhere, so I've finally been making use of the Mark1-2 pod. Then I joined the forums and saw this challenge. Well, I thought, I've got to go all the way. With the Mark1-2 pod. After all, if Bill, Bob, and Jeb are going to spend that long in space, they should at least be able to keep each other company! This will be a good challenge, I thought. I had believed that I was learning the engineering side of the game fairly well, but this quickly disabused me of that notion. I tried and tried, but in the end the vehicle I had created could only work with three Mk1 Lander Cans, and, in desperation, I added another ring of huge rockets to my lifter assembly which made it much too big for the circle rule. Then I landed at 602m rather than below 500. So I started over. I was originally going to do this in career mode, but it would have bankrupted my program, so I used sanbox. I am still of the mind that my creation is a bastardization of engineering. On the other hand, I just looked at the preceding couple of pages in this thread, and maybe I should feel right at home. The lander alone is 727.8 tonnes and 385 parts. Oh yeah, and we actually tested the ladder on this one. The entire single launch is 9033.7 tonnes and 1171 parts, and the cost is 4205541 kurrency. I built the lifter/IP stage with extra docking ports in case I needed to refuel in LKO. My margins were razor thin, but I got away with a single launch. Getting to LKO was painful only because of the lag. Time was running at about 6 or 7 to 1. Waited a long time for a transfer window because I thought the second one looked a little better than the first. Because my margins were so thin, the aerocapture was followed by separation and circularization for the IP stage, and right back around to aerobrake and land for the lander. Thus, the night landing. At least you can see at night on Eve. It took several tries to get a good landing site with minimal fuel use. No surprises on the ascent, since I had tested the crap out of the lander. The joy of shedding parts and lag was glorious. Almost as glorious as the joy of successful reorbiting, rendezvous, and docking. The IP stage had only wisps of fuel left after adjusting it's initial Eve orbit, but plenty to get the tiny return stage home. I originally thought that I could make it much smaller and more efficient than this, but I'm still climbing that learning wall. I realized that I had missed taking screenshots at a couple of points, so I had to go back to my named quicksaves and run a couple of sections of the mission over to get the pics. There might be time/location mismatches due to this, but the mission was completed successfully. [EDIT] She was 699.058 tonnes waiting for liftoff from Eve. The only mod used was KER. Version was 0.90. Thanks for the challenge!
  3. Lack of lift sounds most likely. Could be lack of control surfaces (not enough pitch authority), but I would try more wings first. Good luck, and happy landings!
  4. It's usually much easier to do these contracts after you unlock aircraft parts. While it is possible just using rockets, it's very difficult. I'd recommend other contract types until you are ready to build aircraft. Once navigation is set, there should be a marker on the navball to show the direction to the mission target.
  5. If you're interested, I have an imgur album showing detailed progress using an ascent just like Pecan described. The spaceplane in the album uses two turbojets and one nuke and masses about 27 t. It's 100% stock. Good luck and happy landings!
  6. Ace Jammer, welcome to the forums! Researching the 'Landing' node on tier 5 of the tech tree unlocks the 'Small Gear Bay' which is currently the only wheeled landing gear in the stock game. @Star Lord - Welcome to the forums, I hope you have a lot of fun here!
  7. 1.6 in munar orbit should be enough to land, reorbit, and get home again. Good luck!
  8. I have to say sim. KSP has a good set of 'gameplay structures' but these need a lot more fleshing out and balancing before I can say this is more game than sim. It sure is fun, either way!
  9. It amuses me to imagine my Kerbals as more than (cute) placeholders. Nothing more than fun.
  10. I must say, in this case, I am prejudiced. I refuse to hire stupid Kerbals unless I have no choice!
  11. Good day, and greetings from next to British Columbia. If you play KSP, you will learn much more. Take my word for it! There is an enormous amount of good learning to be had here in the forums and in the tutorials. Happy landings!
  12. When you go to Minmus without using maneuver nodes. 'Cause you didn't know they existed.
  13. I was a young man at the time. I found out that morning at work. It was so tragic on so many levels. I am very sad now thinking about the whole story.
  14. Welcome to the forums! That's a nice rover. Happy landings!
  15. Welcome to the forums! There is always a lot of help available here. And a lot of people who love space, of course. Happy landings!
  16. My guess is that the vessel you switch out of doesn't actually hold to target, and as you rotate the vessel which has the focus so that it points to the target, the other docking port is no longer aligned as a result. That's why I suggest you just focus on the rocket and shepherd it around using RCS. - - - Updated - - - In more detail... These long craft have docking ports far from the centre of mass. When you rotate these vessels in order to change their orientation, you are rotating around the centre of mass. Since the docking ports are far out, they move a signifcant distance as you rotate the vessel, and this moves them out of the axis of opposing docking port. Switching back and forth is just a chicken and egg game which will go on forever until one or the other actually moves over by the correct amount to place it's centre of mass on the axis line of the target docking port, and then rotates it's own docking port into alignment on that same axis. I hope this makes sense. And helps, of course. Good luck!
  17. If I may suggest, it might be best to treat the fueling station as inert, and simply move your rocket over (using RCS) until it is along the axis line of the fuel station dock. Once that is accomplished and all relative velocity killed, it should be a fairly simple matter to rotate the rocket into alignment and then slowly move it along the axis of the target docking port. That assumes that the fuel station is not spinning, of course, but it should not be if it has SAS set.
  18. Are you clicking on the docking port of the opposing vessel and setting that as the target?
  19. Congratulations! I, too, love the high-low-high experience of 'Yay! I did this!' to 'Oh crap. Now I'm in trouble.' to 'Yay! A successful rescue!'. It's truly a great aspect of this game.
  20. I think Beachernaut is correct. You'll probably have to count on Jeb's EVA pack to avoid the Mun. You should be able to make a fairly big change to Jeb's orbit if you use the EVA jets to thrust retrograde at periapsis. - - - Updated - - - I've successfully used visual cues in the background to determine direction without a navball. Maybe that would be enough. Hopefully your spaceplane rescue will work. Good luck!
  21. The principles are really the same for small and large orbits. With that inclination, you'll need a fair bit of delta-v to do the maneuvers. Given that you do have enough, you should be able to take your unmanned probe, put it into a similar but smaller orbit compared to Jeb's, and play with maneuver nodes until you get a good rendezvous. It seems to me that if you have enough delta-v, it's more about patience than timing. As I understand it, that is correct. I have not tested this, however. Good luck! I'm cheering for you!
  22. Congratulations! You've just taken your first step into a bigger world.
  23. Welcome to the forums! There is an excellent community here with whom to share your love of space, and the triumphs and heartbreaks of your KSP missions. Happy landings!
  24. Does anybody know why the wiki is down? I haven't been able to connect for a couple of days.
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