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  1. Manned Eve return twice. First time at about 6000 m. Second time landed three Kerbals at 610 m (was trying for < 500) and used a lifter too big for the rules of the Eve Rocks challenge. Working on the third time so I can complete the Eve Rocks challenge at the 'Going All the Way' level. With three Kerbals... using the Mk1-2 command pod. (Talk about masochism.) I designed and landed a spaceplane on the Mun and Minmus and returned to the KSC runway without refueling. Designed and flew a spaceplane to Duna surface, with horizontal landing and take-off at Duna, returned to Kerbin without refueling. Big mission where I landed Kerbals on Tylo, Vall, Bop and Pol. (Needed a two-stage lander for Tylo. The upper stage went on to do the other landings after refuelings.) Biome hopper mission on the Mun where I landed at 11 biomes, rendezvoused, and docked with the support/lab ship each time. Got 5790 science. Almost all stock. I sometimes use KER, and had MechJeb help on the Jool mission. The one major thing that I've never done is an asteroid retrieval mission. Kind of ironic considering I started playing on 0.23.5.
  2. Welcome to the forums! Remember - relax and enjoy the explosions! Unsurprisingly, this forum is full of space and sci-fi enthusiasts. There are a great many friendly and knowledgeable people here who are willing to help. Happy landings!
  3. Welcome supraman! I haven't checked this out, but there is a video tutorial here. The section for gameplay questions and tutorials always has a wealth of useful information. Finally, look on youtube for some videos. There are an amazing number. Some are great, some not so good, but there is a ton of info available. Good to have yet another of us in the forums. Happy landings!
  4. That wast the most significant and insightful post on the entire thread.
  5. Paid $23 Canadian for it I think. I couldn't begin to accurately tally the hours, but its definitely in the hundreds. Too cheap to meter!
  6. In answer to your title question, no there is no visual representation of spheres of influence. If you are playing in career mode, you will need to upgrade the tracking station, I believe, in order to see patched conics in the map. This allows you to focus on your target body (Mun for instance) in the map and see what your trajectory around that body will be. Hope this helps.
  7. Welcome! There is a lot of thinking and building here, that's for sure! There are a huge number of friendly, helpful people here as well as many tutorials. There is a forum section for 'Gameplay Questions and Tutorials'. That might be a good place to start. Happy landings!
  8. Welcome to the forums! There is a lot to learn about this game and a lot of great people around here willing to help. I haven't tried these, but as I understand it, and as Starwhip pointed out, these are mods designed to make the game much more realistic, and resultingly, much harder. At least for me, there is already a steep learning curve. May I suggest that you play around with the stock game for a while before making it harder. There are usually threads in the forum by the author of each of the mods. These are probably the best source of documentation/instructions. Since I don't use the Steam version, I don't know the details, but I'm sure if you do some searches of the forum, you can find out right away. Happy landings! and... Fly! Be free!
  9. It's usually up-to-date in the guest list on the first page. Looks like it's currently 2.543 t.
  10. Stock and spaceplanes. I'm very interested to see how the stock aero changes will change my design and flight path of spaceplanes.
  11. Well yeah, but I don't usually have the presence of mind to take screenshots. Also, sorry about your name. I was tired.
  12. All hail the 48-7S! It's not truly magical, like the O-10, but it's definitely a super-powered part.
  13. Yes! It's wonderful goodness. Watch out though, switching out of fullscreen doesn't pause the game anymore.
  14. I've been trying out the Island Touch and Go (or Race 1). Over and over. As Merandix said on the first page, the real challenge here is hitting that F1 key at the moment of bounce without splashing or splattering your craft and crew. It has certainly given me a few interesting shots of Rapid Unplanned Disassembly in progress: Anyway, here's my best successful run so far. Nothing to write home about at 4:13 for the stock open class. I call this craft the FLJ. It has been huge fun doing this challenge! Thanks!
  15. Welcome! Glad you joined. I have found these forums to be a great place to learn and share your experiences. Happy landings!
  16. I understand the need for compromises in simulations, but I'm for more realism, if it works. Interesting info, Bob. Thanks. Of course, as Scott Manley pointed out in one of his videos, if we want to model ISP realistically, thrust should change, rather than fuel consumption. But, again, I understand the need for tradeoffs. I would imagine there are mods that attempt to rebalance the engine ISP's to make them more realistic. - - - Updated - - - I would also think that landing on those engines might be a problem. The one time I tried an Eve lander using engines for landing legs, the gravity and pressure ripped the tanks from the engines due to the gentle slope. I've been thinking along these lines. I'd really like to complete the Eve Rocks challenge within the rules before the next update.
  17. That is a thing of beauty! Do you use it with FAR?
  18. That is ... unfortunate. It kind of destroys the whole point of modeling ISP, as far as Eve is concerned. On the other hand, if they ever fix this, it could make Eve return much harder (impossible?). Maybe the aero update improvements would balance it out. - - - Updated - - - I found that the new edge highlighting makes it much easier to set up the staging.
  19. Of course. It was basically rhetorical. This is something I've been wondering about a lot. KER displays no effect on ISP or delta-v from other atmospheres. Does the model used by the game simply max out the ISP inefficiency calculation at one atmosphere?
  20. I don't mind too much. I spent my first weeks playing by putting nosecones and adapters on all my rockets. I do sometimes wonder if asparagus is used in the game to overcome some of the problems of the aerodynamic model. Will Eve be easier after the next update? Interesting! I never noticed that.
  21. I'm not really sure where (or if) to post this, but I thought it was a pretty good picture of asparagus staging.
  22. Sorry. I didn't mean to imply it was wrong. Given the correct staging, MechJeb should give a reasonably valid number for your delta-v. Once again, it's quite a challenge to undertake. Great views, though. If you like purple. Good luck!
  23. Yeah, I've experienced that bug myself three or four times. Nice craft. I think it's even prettier than its predecessor. I have two questions. 1. How much mass before takeoff? 2. Did you have any difficulty with placement of the central turbojet or LV-N? I messed with a similar setup a couple of releases ago, but had trouble getting the thrust centered. I suppose the gizmos would make that much easier now. Cheers
  24. It's definitely doable. Unbelievably hard, but doable. If you're stuck or want to see how others have done it, check out this thread. As bdito said, you need to set the staging up correctly in order for the delta-v shown to be for the final, correctly staged, rocket. If you are having difficulty with asparagus staging, there are some tutorials around that cover it, and I believe there are youtube videos showing how it's done as well. I understand there is also a mod to help with it. I'm not sure of the name, but if you search around these forums, I'm sure you'll find it. Hope this helps. Good luck and happy landings!
  25. Greetings, and welcome to the forums! There is a great wealth of knowledge and good advice here, along with a very friendly community. May it add to your fun. Happy Landings!
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