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  1. Some content has been removed. Please keep posts on topic. Thank you for your understanding, KSP Moderation Team
  2. This thread has been moved to Gameplay Questions to hopefully get more eyes on it. KSP Moderation Team
  3. Some content has been removed from this discussion. Please do not allow emotions to lead to behaviour such as sniping at one another. Also please do not respond to inappropriate posts. Just report the post and move on. Thank you for your understanding, KSP Moderation Team
  4. Like some other users, I was introduced to KSP via Randall Munroe's web comic xkcd. Tried the demo for three or four hours and purchased the game. Version 0.23 at the time. Happy landings!
  5. You should have seen the banhammers swinging! Happy landings!
  6. Something strange happened to roll control a few version back. Since then I am constantly fighting with roll stabilization for my craft, especially for spaceplanes. A larger vertical stabilizer may help, but I do not have any other remedy. Good luck! Happy landings!
  7. Pulled my old Rugged Reliable Rover over from an old save three or four versions ago. Once I tweaked the friction control slider to prevent it drifting as though the sands of Duna were sheet ice it worked great! Happy landings!
  8. Starhawk


    Hello @Ahlluvino and welcome to the KSP Forum! I hope you enjoy your time in this very informative and hospitable internet environment. Happy landings!
  9. Congratulations Jim! This is very welcome news. Happy landings!
  10. Hello @enio and welcome to the KSP Forum! If you are playing in career mode, you must upgrade the tracking station before you can see the apoapsis and periapsis markers. Happy landings!
  11. There has been no sweeping of the Starlink in my yard. We got over 50 centimeters of snow (about 20 inches) two days after this pic was taken. I had to clear snow that built up around the dish and was higher than it, but the heat of the dish melts any snow that lands on it. It seems to be engineered pretty well as far as I can tell. Happy landings!
  12. When I build a spaceplane the most important design criteria is that the CoM does not move as fuel is consumed. After making sure that the CoM does not move (or only moves a tiny bit) I make sure that the CoL is pretty close to the CoM. Usually the blue sphere is at least touching the yellow one. Those are the two most important considerations to me when designing a spaceplane. I find RCS Build Aid to be invaluable during the design phase (it can show wet and dry CoM markers simultaneously). Happy landings!
  13. Parts such as the EVA Repair Kit are cargo/inventory parts. They can be carried in inventory slots that exist on each Kerbal, in each command pod, and in special cargo carrying parts such as the SEQ-3 Cargo Storage Unit. When you pick up the EVA Repair Kit in the VAB, those parts already on the craft which have inventory slots will show up as blue. If you move the mouse over one of the blue parts, the part action window will open. You can then drop the EVA Repair Kit into any empty slot. Please note that each Kerbal already has both slots filled by default, one with an EVA jetpack and one with a parachute. These can be removed during vehicle assembly. Also note that all cargo/inventory containers (including Kerbals) have mass and volume limits. There is much more to this topic but, hopefully, that is enough to get you started. Happy landings!
  14. Hello @Ariggeldiggel and welcome to the forum! Space is hard! The forum community is a wonderful place to learn, commiserate with others over your failures, learn, interact with other enthusiasts of the game, and learn. There is an old joke that KSP doesn't really have a learning curve. It's more of a learning wall. If you post a pic of your spacecraft here in this thread we will try and help you understand the design issues you face. You can post a pic by uploading it to a free image service such as imgur.com (they do not require an creating an account to use the service) and paste the link to the pic into your post here and the pic will appear. There is a wealth of information both on this forum and in the KSP Wiki. It takes a LOT of learning and a lot of playing to get good at this game. But the joy of that first Mun landing makes it all worth it. When I first landed on the Mun I jumped out of my chair and danced around the room for a bit, I was so excited. I wish you the greatest success and, once again, welcome. Happy landings!
  15. This support request thread has been relocated to the Technical Support section of the forum. KSP Moderation Team
  16. Hello @Schmidtrock and welcome back to the forum! Happy landings!
  17. Imgur allows uploading and linking to images without any account. Happy landings!
  18. Hello @Second Hand Rocket Science and welcome to the KSP Forum! After you have five approved posts you should be able to customize your account. This is part of the anti-spam defence. I hope you enjoy your time on the forum and in the game. Happy landings!
  19. Starhawk


    Hello @Tuvok and welcome to the KSP Forum! Glad to have you aboard. Happy landings!
  20. Hello @Dork_Phoenix and welcome to the KSP Forum! Nice ships! Glad to have you aboard. Happy landings!
  21. And here is another tutorial for the same process. Happy landings!
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