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  1. Sorry about that, @DeadJohn. I did not focus sufficiently on first reading and misunderstood. Happy landings!
  2. This seems pretty good in that regard: https://www.arcgis.com/apps/opsdashboard/index.html#/bda7594740fd40299423467b48e9ecf6 Happy landings!
  3. I believe that the information you require is listed here: https://wiki.kerbalspaceprogram.com/wiki/Science Happy landings!
  4. Is it better to use a swimming pool or a cesspool? Happy landings!
  5. Thread locked at OP request. KSP Moderation Team
  6. An entire spur line of derailment has been trimmed from the content in this thread. Do please try to stay within the SOI of the topic at hand. Thank you for your understanding, KSP Moderation Team
  7. Some content has been removed. Please discuss the point under contention and refrain from attacking one another. Thank you for your understanding, KSP Moderation Team
  8. Some content ranging far from the topic at hand has been removed. Please confine your comments to the discussion of whether 'KSP 2 should have no optional features'. Thank you for your understanding, KSP Moderation Team
  9. Hello dear forumgoer If you are making a plane change maneuver (as I assume you are if you are interested in the An and Dn) then you want to perform the maneuver at whichever node is farther from the body you are orbiting. The highest of the two nodes will allow the cheaper maneuver which will achieve the same desired plane change. Happy landings!
  10. Hi @Psychophoria and welcome to the KSP Forums! I have edited the log file out of your post because long messages such as that cause problems for users of the forum software, especially on mobile. Please upload your log file to a file hosting service and link to it here. Thank you for your understanding, KSP Moderation Team
  11. Here's a look at something I quickly threw together in the VAB. This is the basic idea for the core of the craft. Happy landings!
  12. Hello @Etherian Space Program and welcome to the KSP Forum! My formula for building a simple satellite launcher is usually a probe core; a few of the small, grey, cylindrical tanks; a Spark engine; a decoupler; an adapter; an FLT-800 fuel tank or two (or one and a partial tank); a Swivel engine; another decoupler; a solid rocket engine; four steerable fins. In addition to this you will likely want an antenna, solar panels, batteries, and possibly a reaction wheel. Plus you'll want any science gear you wish to use in orbit or during launch. There are a few tips to try and get you pointed in the right direction. Happy landings!
  13. A bit more content has been removed. Please continue with the discussion at hand and refrain from further flogging of the Metallic Hydrogen Realism dead horse, one way or the other. Thank You For Your Understanding KSP Moderation Team
  14. Yet again, a number of posts have been split off from this thread into the thread specifically for that discussion. Please confine any further discussion of the realism or not of the metallic hydrogen drive to this thread: Thank You For Your Understanding KSP Moderation Team
  15. Several posts in this thread have been edited to remove a link which does not comply with the Add-on Posting Rules for this forum. Please ensure that you are in compliance with both the licence and with the rules above before posting a link to compiled code on this forum. Feel free to contact the moderation team if you have any questions about the rules. Thank you for your understanding, KSP Moderation Team
  16. A number of posts debating (in great detail) the purported realism of a specific feature mentioned in KSP 2 promotional materials have been removed from this thread and moved to the thread specifically for the metallic hydrogen debate. Please confine further metallic hydrogen realism discussion to that thread. Thank you for your understanding, KSP Moderation Team
  17. Thread locked to avoid confusion. KSP Moderation Team
  18. Hi @Stephen Locksley. Thanks for being helpful to another forum member. That is exactly the sort of spirit and attitude that keeps the KSP Forums a great and friendly place to visit! Happy landings, @Stephen Locksley!
  19. Hello @OKB_Carba and welcome to the KSP Forums! You are in good company here. We have many makers and tinkerers among us. Happy landings!
  20. In 0.90 I sent three kerbals down to Eve's surface and home again in a Mk 1-2 command pod. The craft in orbit was close to 1300 tonnes. The mass on the pad of the whole thing was almost 9000 tonnes. The Eve lander was 737 tonnes. Happy landings!
  21. I would prefer if they produced no thrust. A simpler set of code would mean much lower probability of bugs. I would also prefer if this function was intrinsic to all tanks. Or even implemented as an engineer skill. It would be really nice if it wasn't implemented as a new part. C'est la vie. Happy landings!
  22. The @ notifies you only when it is posted. Threads you start are on your notify list by default, so you get notified every time somebody posts in one. Happy landings!
  23. Hello @GEPEG_Unconscious and welcome to the KSP Forums! Don't worry about the mess. The space janitor will clean it up. Happy landings!
  24. Hello @Moncasta and welcome to the KSP Forums! Happy landings!
  25. To the best of my knowledge, this statement does not have any basis in fact. Do you have any source for this? As far as I am aware, the reported schedule slip was later than Take Two's fiscal year end which occurs in spring of 2020. Happy landings!
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