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    Hello @1THC and welcome to the KSP Forum! Happy landings!
  2. Hello @Kraken that doesn't exist and welcome to the KSP Forum! I feel I must warn you that in dark corners of the system, it is whispered that those who deny the Kraken will one day feel it's wrath... Happy landings!
  3. Salutations @Satellitefanatic and welcome to the KSP Forum! Happy landings!
  4. Some content has been removed from this thread. Folks, there's no problem with disagreeing. There is a problem with rude/insulting/personal remarks. Let's keep it civil if we can't be friendly. Thank you for your understanding. KSP Moderation Team
  5. I have only this to say: "It was like that when I got here." Happy landings!
  6. Hello @Nk Kerbal and welcome to the KSP Forums! There is certainly an incredible amount of information around here. We also have a very helpful and friendly community. Glad to have you aboard. Happy landings!
  7. I use imgur.com. It's free, it does not require registration, and it's easy to use. Happy landings!
  8. Hello @seryddwr and welcome to the KSP Forums! Nice to have an astronomer aboard. Happy landings!
  9. Hello @CosmicRay and welcome to the KSP Forums! It's also freezing cold where I live. Glad to have you aboard. Happy landings!
  10. Hello @Humongusfungus1 and welcome to the KSP Forums! KSP: Pros: Constant development over a fairly long term has created a game with many features and options to allow a great variety of gameplay. Countless mods created by a very active and imaginative modding community can enhance or tweak KSP or transform into an almost completely different experience. KSP is completely DRM free and portable. Absolutely the best value of any entertainment I have purchased. Worth every penny even at five times the price I paid. Cons: Originally created by a person who was not yet a professional software developer and developed by a company that had no experience whatsoever in game development or software publishing. Many features feel as though they were implemented with the intention to develop them further later on, but nobody ever got back to them. (IVA, career mode, facility levels, kerbal experience levels, etc.) Sound and music are not KSP's strong points. KSP's graphics quality is not as advanced as some players would like, but it has steadily improved over time. KSP2: Pros: An experienced, professional development team, some of whom are ardent fans of KSP, should allow for a focus on polish and quality. Starting with the core concept and assets of KSP, yet still programming the new version from the ground up should allow for significant efficiencies in the code, and quality enhancements in the game. Other star systems and interstellar travel will be in the stock game. Con: It has not yet been released. Happy landings!
  11. I am told by a reliable source that it is fully portable on Mac as well. Happy landings!
  12. Absolutely yes. The files and folders which make up the KSP install are 100% portable (at least on Windows). You can simply copy the KSP install to a new location of your choice and it will run just fine and you can have as many separate installs as you wish. Some folks keep a completely unmodded install of the latest version as well as multiple modded installs. You could have one install where you play with a completely different set of planets, one with scaled up versions of the stock planets, one with future technologies represented, one with... And on and on. Happy landings!
  13. Hello @nepphhh and welcome to the KSP Forums! It's always very nice to hear of how much fun people have learning while playing this game. Glad to have you aboard. Happy landings!
  14. Well, according to the 'About Us' page on their website, they are located in Bellevue Washington. They also note that: "... our daily operations are overseen by Wombat the Super Dog." In the sense that everything alive is approaching the moment of cessation of that life, this is true. In the sense that you require information from Star Theory regarding KSP2 in order to remain alive, this is not true. Patience is a difficult technique at times, but very useful. Happy landings!
  15. I had time to do another test today. Launched, put into orbit, undocked, and redocked. The real problem with dockings such as this is that they have to be done by eye, rather than by navball. I docked the smaller vessel to the larger one. The only real difficulty I had was undocking. It works differently now, since the option exists to make a secondary set of docked ports the primary set. When I undocked the first set, the second set had to be made primary before I had the option to undock them. Anyway, it took a minute, but it wasn't too tricky at all. Happy landings!
  16. Hmmm. It sounds like you're not familiar with 'Advanced Mode' on the parts list in the VAB or SPH. In case that is true, I will mention how to access it and some of the features. At the very top left of the screen in either editor you will see an arrow. If you hover the mouse over it, it says 'Enable advanced mode'. Advanced mode gives the ability to filter by profile, resource, manufacturer and other categories as well as the subassembly interface and the ability to create 'Custom categories'. Happy landings!
  17. Well, there you go. Drag for wings is a special case. I was completely wrong. Happy landings!
  18. I ran into what sounds like the same problem. I believe there is a bug report active about this. In my case I was using mirror symmetry (I assume this is the case for your VTOL) and the workaround that I have been using successfully required me to attach the servos using radial symmetry and then open the PAW for one of the two and click the 'Invert Direction' button. I also needed to autostrut-to-grandparent the part which I attached to the servo and lock it for using the engine and unlock it (of course) to rotate the servo. Anyway, that is working for me. Good luck. Happy landings!
  19. Hello @championofcyrodiil. A couple of things here. First, all the other posts in this thread are from over six years ago, and the current version of KSP at that time was 0.20.2 as opposed to the current version now which is 1.8.1. There have been an absolutely enormous number of changes to the software in that time, so any information presented in this thread is extremely likely to be inaccurate or completely wrong when applied to the current version of the game. Second, multi-port docking has been working for quite a long time and I have used it often. Here's a shot of a test I just did on the pad using 1.8.1. In the VAB, only one port can connect due to the tree structure of craft. But, in flight mode, the second (or additional) ports can connect. The second pair of ports in this image is the lower set and they automatically connect to each other when physics kicks in. It can be a little tricky to achieve this in flight, but if the docking ports approach each other at the right orientation and speed, I have found that it is certainly possible. Caveat: I have not yet done multi-port docking while in flight in the current version. Happy landings!
  20. On Windows you press the '[' or ']' key to switch to other craft within physics range. Happy landings!
  21. Yes. Exactly. Now, I don't know how different the forward and side drag profiles of a wing part are (I expect it varies quite a bit from part to part), but I expect the drag cubes to represent different values for these except in the case of the simplest shapes. Happy landings!
  22. Yes. The orientation of the part relative to the atmosphere determines the drag being produced. Rotating the part on any axis is very likely to change the drag. I'm not sure whether the lift provided by a wing changes when rotating it around a vertical axis, but I'm sure the drag changes. Probably significantly. Happy landings!
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