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  1. I would also like to request this. Really, any of the three features mentioned above will do. Anything to remove the necessity of my horrendous workaround. Happy landings!
  2. That's exactly what I was talking about. I haven't put a rudder on any spaceplane I've built for years, and I've built quite a number of them. I won't take it further to avoid derailing the thread any more. As to the topic at hand, I concur with what Snark said above. The CoM so close to the rear makes the original poster's craft inherently very unstable. Happy landings!
  3. Yes. It absolutely matters where your control surfaces are. Control surfaces near the CoM are good for roll authority, but should have pitch and yaw disabled. Control surfaces near the front or back are good for pitch authority, but should have roll and yaw disabled. Incidentally, since there is no wind in KSP, there is no need for yaw authority in atmospheric flight. The distance from the CoM of reaction wheels does not matter in KSP, but that is another topic. Happy landings!
  4. Thread moved from Add-on Development per OP request. KSP Moderation Team
  5. Starhawk


    Hello @Okhin and welcome to the KSP Forums! We have many enthusiasts of technology, science, engineering, and, of course, space here in this friendly little corner of the 'net. To expand on what James said, above, we have an active writing community here as well. One thread that might be of particular interest is this: Glad to have you aboard. Happy landings!
  6. "Target Extension" should appear in the PAW and allow you to adjust it manually. It is working for me in 1.8.1. Happy landings!
  7. But if I did that, nobody else would be able to chime in with little pedantic points. On a more serious note, it is not generally our practice to close such threads. We allow them to gracefully live out their existence as they sink lower and lower in the list. Sometimes they spark further discussion of details or subtleties that were not previously considered in the thread. You can upvote one or more of the answers, though. And, as the Original Poster of the thread, you can mark a specific post as the correct answer if you choose. This will show the question as answered in the list of Gameplay Questions. Happy landings!
  8. Hello @SpaceDan67 and welcome to the KSP Forums. The acronyms abound indeed, and the forum can help. Most of the more common ones have info tags added. They show up with a sort of dotted underline in posts and give a pop-up when moused over. SOI, dV, TWR, CoM, CoL, and many, many more. In any case you are in good company. Glad to have you aboard. Happy landings!
  9. pedant/ It's actually called a Hohmann transfer. /pedant Happy landings!
  10. Having great fun doing field tests of my Rugged Reliable Rover on the beautiful new surface of Duna. Rover wheels are working great! Happy landings!
  11. Hello @moritree and welcome back to the KSP Forums! Glad to have you aboard. Happy landings!
  12. Hello @Linkageless and welcome to the KSP Forums! It's always good to see another lurker come in from the cold. Happy landings!
  13. Further content has been removed from the thread. Folks, when the moderator said just a couple of posts above, he meant "Please keep the discussion on topic." Thank You for Your Understanding KSP Moderation Team
  14. Hello @PositronLance001. At the top right of the forum screen next to your username there is a little triangle which activates a drop-down menu. Select the 'Account Settings' option to modify your signature. Happy landings!
  15. I remember watching the Apollo 11 landing. Happy landings!
  16. I would estimate the probability at 0%. I estimate the margin of error on my estimate above to be 0.0000000001%. I am not a professional software developer, however I do have some small knowledge of coding. Happy landings!
  17. I was always partial to Kurrency, myself. But, really, it's Funds. Happy landings!
  18. Hello @Ash Hightail and welcome to the KSP Forums! I see that you are no longer too intimidated to post. You're off to a good start. As James said above, this is a very friendly and helpful little corner of the internet. Glad to have you aboard. Happy landings!
  19. I may as well welcome you to the Forum in this thread, as well. Glad to have you aboard, @kspnooblol! Happy landings!
  20. Welcome @kspnerd122! I hope you have been enjoying the KSP Forum. And KSP itself, of course. Happy landings!
  21. Hello @kspnooblol and welcome to the KSP Forums! Your posts have been moved here to the thread for welcoming new users. Happy landings!
  22. This is exactly correct. I hadn't paid enough attention to your ascent profile when I first looked at your opening post. I believe that @bewing's advice will net you much more dV on orbit and make it very easy to achieve even a retrograde orbit. Happy landings!
  23. Well, the longer it takes your spaceplane to get to orbit, the longer you spend fighting drag. I imagine the losses come mostly from that. I once actually toyed with the idea of creating a 'Go West Young Kerbal' challenge for launching spaceplanes westward into orbit. I've done it myself and been surprised at how large the loss was, but that was quite a long time ago and I don't remember the details. If my analysis is mistaken I am sure some helpful forum member will come along and correct me. Happy landings!
  24. When you launch eastward you already have the rotational velocity of Kerbin added from the point of view of the orbital frame of reference. When you launch westward you lose that and, indeed, start with negative velocity from the point of view of the orbital reference frame and your desired orbital direction. Since Kerbin's equatorial surface velocity is 175 m/s, you need twice that or 350 m/s extra velocity to achieve a westward (retrograde) orbit. Happy landings!
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