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  1. Thank you so much Snark for taking on this task. You do the community an enormous service. I expected an enthusiastic response, but this has been huge. To all those posting questions I would ask that you keep in mind that 30 minutes is really a very short time. I suspect that the hardest part may be prioritizing questions to ask from the vast number of excellent proposals. Happy landings!
  2. I have a different image of learning curve. The x axis is mastery or competence and the y axis is study/practice time or effort put into learning. Thus, KSP has a very steep learning curve. Happy landings!
  3. This was probably my most ambitious single mission. This was done in 1.4.3. This Jool 5 ship was constructed in orbit and every single piece was put into orbit by spaceplane. There are just two landers. The spaceplane at the front for Laythe and the main lander which did the other four moons tucked into the middle there. There's also a little RCS tug at the front which has a claw at the front. This is how the spaceplane is secured to the rest of the ship. Powered by five of the original, unnerfed Wolfhounds, this packed an enormous amount of dV. The engineering, testing, and construction took about ten times longer than flying the actual Jool 5 mission itself. I never did post this mission on the forum. I did during my forum absence. Happy landings!
  4. This thread been moved to Science and Spaceflight. KSP Moderation Team
  5. This thread been moved to Science and Spaceflight. KSP Moderation Team
  6. This thread been moved to Science and Spaceflight. KSP Moderation Team
  7. This thread been moved to Science and Spaceflight. KSP Moderation Team
  8. An enormous amount of material has been removed from this thread. There is no place anywhere in this forum for bickering, personal attacks, or impugning another user's intelligence. Let's talk about the DLC and its robotics content. Let's NOT talk about business models, marketing or management decisions, other games, other game companies, naming conventions for software releases, or how SQUAD should run their business. This thread is for discussing the new content for KSP which has been previewed here by SQUAD. You are perfectly welcome to discuss business models and all that other stuff in the Lounge if you like. Thank you for your understanding, KSP Moderation Team
  9. But... but... I really want a Neural Interface. edit: Oh yeah. I'm very pleased and excited for the endless possibilities this DLC will bring. Thanks, SQUAD! Happy landings!
  10. While a little humour is nice, and often an appreciated addendum, please don't reply to the question posed in the OP unless you have a response that is both on-topic and constructive. Thank you for your understanding, KSP Moderation Team
  11. Hello Selective Genius and welcome to the KSP Forum! KSP is mostly a learning game. If you like to learn, you can get as good as you want. We have a very active and helpful community to help you learn. Happy landings!
  12. Hello jupa771 and welcome to the KSP Forum! If you are using a laptop/desktop to browse the forum, you can hover the mouse over terms which are underlined such as 'OP' in the quote above. This will show a popup with a brief description of the term. A handy forum feature. In this case, OP means 'Original Post'. The download links are in the first post of this thread. Additionally, you will find a description of this mod, the license under which it has been released, and other information. Happy landings!
  13. Some off-topic content has been removed from this thread and placed in add-on discussions. Please keep the discussion at least within the SoI of the posted topic. Thank you, KSP Moderation Team
  14. Hello @ResonantWaves and welcome to the KSP Forum! I hope you enjoy this place as much as I do. Happy landings!
  15. Hello BlindedIdiot and welcome to the KSP Forum! Glad to have you aboard. Happy landings!
  16. Hello @Ackles and welcome to the KSP Forum! Glad to have you aboard and enjoying good times. Happy landings!
  17. Usually you receive it right after it is sent. This is the name change thread. I leave it as an exercise to the reader to determine the answer to your question. Happy landings!
  18. This question about how to play the game has been moved to the Gameplay Questions section. KSP Moderation Team
  19. Hello Lionballs and welcome to the KSP Forum! I would recommend trying the game without any mods to begin with. If you want to improve the graphical experience there are a huge number of mods that do that in one way or another. Scatterer and SVE are two that I hear mentioned a lot. I'm not running any visual mods at the moment. Happy landings!
  20. Hello BRG75 and welcome to the KSP Forum! This forum is full of smart, helpful, spacecraft engineering, interplanetary course plotting type folks. You should find all the help you need. Good to have you aboard. Happy landings!
  21. This topic has been moved to Add-on Discussions since it is seeking to identify a specific add-on. KSP Moderation Team
  22. We have international moderators. And google translate. Approve, move, remove, calmly state, not get irate, carefully explain, not feel pain, split/merge/hide, category decide, topically guide, keep it clean, never be mean, stop spammers, swing banhammers. Happy landings! edit: Well, sometimes they make us be mean, but we never enjoy it.
  23. I am unclear on who the 'we' in the above statement refers to. I am curious what sorts of things you are thinking of here. Happy landings!
  24. This is a result of the process of merging the various discussion threads into a single topic. Happy landings!
  25. Built a Tech tier 5 demonstration spaceplane in career mode and Jeb flew it to orbit and back. I call this craft 'Panther and her Cubs'. Happy landings!
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