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  1. Thanks for continuing to maintain it. It's incredibly useful.
  2. Hello @Raptor831, I'd like to report a possible problem your config creator web app. It seems to have lost a bunch of the saved engines and resources. The engine list only has 10 engines and I am only able to choose between 10 different fuel mixtures. Pic 1 Pic 2 I have tried playing around with the settings, switching browsers, and waiting a couple days. Anyone else have this problem?
  3. Much clearer thank you! One more question if I may... Say I'm adding an entirely new resource (one that is not defined anywhere in RF) to a particular tank definition. How do I come up with the mass of its pressure vessel? How did you guys determine the figures for the existing resources for example?
  4. I thought that's what basemass * volume was for? Where do you get volume from since capacities vary from part to part? Isn't that the same as V * TANK[Kerosene].mass? Thanks for taking the time answer
  5. Hello, I'm playing around with the tank definitions for personal use and I'm a bit confused about the mass value. This guide indicates that the mass value is tons per unit of volume, which in this case would be tons per litre correct? Except it's not because upon checking the CRP working document, it becomes clear that the mass value /= tons per litre. For example, according to CRP Kerosene has a density of 820kg/m3 which should give it a mass value of 0.00082. In RF's RealTankTypes.cfg, the mass is defines as 0.000012 in the Default tank and 0.000077 in the ServiceModule tank. So why is there
  6. Check again. It should be there. Download directly from the repo instead of downloading the official release.
  7. You can use mine if you want. Here: //For K.Yeon's OPT Space Plane Parts @PART[mk2j_adaptor]:FOR[RealFuels] //J to Mk2 Adaptor 4m { MODULE { name = ModuleFuelTanks volume = 8000 type = Fuselage } } @PART[jk_7m_adaptor]:FOR[RealFuels] //J-K Adaptor { MODULE { name = ModuleFuelTanks volume = 50000 type = Fuselage } } @PART[j_4m_tanks]:FOR[RealFuels] //J-FuelTank 4m { !MODULE[ModuleFuelTanks] {} MODULE { name = ModuleFuelTanks volume = 13200 type = Fuselage } } @PART[OPTdropTank]:FOR[RealFuels] //OPT Droptank { !MODULE[ModuleFuelTanks] {} MODULE { name = M
  8. It's already updated to 0.90. And mods work across all platforms.
  9. I had a similar issue. Using ModuleManager 2.5.13 seemed to fix it. Try that perhaps?
  10. They'll work from anywhere within the GameData folder. You could put them in ModOrientedTree folder but it doesn't really matter.
  11. ​Since Tellion appears to be absent, I've forked his copy of OPM 64K and updated it for 1.6.5. I simply rescaled Polta, Priax, and Wal to 64k levels. I also adjusted Polta and Wal's densities and geeASL values to be a little more consistent with the real-life bodies they were based on. I left Priax alone because I'm not too sure what to base its density off of. I also incorporated the various minor changes that came with 1.6 and 1.6.5 (Plock adjustments, Urlum reverse rotation, Slate height map fix, etc.). No new AVP configs since the new moons don't need them. To be clear, this is m
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