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  1. I have two available actually. But, how would I use a single thing that fulfills an orbital station around Kerbin and the Mun? Wouldn't that require an incredibly huge rocket? I assume I would have stages where I "break away" from one of them (perhaps leaving one station in orbit around Kerbin, continue on to the Mun, set that up, then go to the Space Center and choose the "break away" ship and Fly that?). I think I get the whole docking/rendevous thing, but how do I even get an "ISS" (or "KSS") into Orbit to begin with? In your video, I assume you launched a few rockets to build your Kerbonational Space Station?
  2. Thanks for y'all's replies! I am watching your Rendevous/Docking tutorials now 5thHorseman (I've actually come across them before, but wasn't ready for them). Thanks for the info about the satellites - I wish they were more applicable aside form basically just looking neat orbiting Kerbin. I'm still looking to set up some refueling stations on the Mun, but will need to keep searching for Base tips/tutorials first. Thanks for the help/advice so far!
  3. Howdy! I have been playing KSP for a month or so now and have been able to do some basic contracts, such as landing on the Mun, Minmus, and even Duna. However, I hit a major "kerbal writers block" when trying to build satellites or, more especially, a Mun base. I have been Googling/YouTubing around for some good tutorials on how to build a Mun base, with attachments, room for 5+ Kerbals, etc. but haven't found any that aren't seemingly made in Sandbox mode where money is no issue. Are there any good resources an amateur Kerbonaut like myself can use to help learn to build simple space bases, satellites, docking, and how to use the Space Hangar? So far all I've built are rockets, because I go to the space port and have NO idea how to build anything that will do any good not flying around Kerbin. Essentially, I did pretty well learning the basics, can orbit/land on some closer planets/muns, but hit a mental block trying to do anything else (in Career mode, where money is a factor). Second, a little related, question - if I build a satellite and have it orbit Kerbin with some antennas, solar arrays, etc. will that actually do anything? I see all these
  4. Noted, thanks. To the Mun! Edit: For the record, apparently I have to spread some reputation around before giving more to you again
  5. Thanks! I'm in Career mode and don't have spaceplanes available yet, so will just use rockets to get to the area via navigation. It's just tough to hone in on the exact area, but (as with most things in KSP) it'll just take time and many tries.
  6. I'll look in to those (that in-flight waypoints sounds fantastic)! But say I wanted to run to the target (say I was like 500m away), there's not a stock way of doing it really?
  7. Hello, I have been struggling to get two surface samples for a contract. I have landed my lander super close, but am apparently not close enough - how can I get to these areas? I have been wandering around randomly sampling the ground but haven't found the proper spots and am going crazy . If you can't zoom in and such, any tips on getting there in a more efficient way than literally walking around. I have also discovered that if I walk around (or run with Shift) and time warp to level 4, I often times just fall into Kerbin and die (??!) so I can't really zoom around. Here's how close I am: ..but walking around doesn't really provide any waypoints:
  8. Thanks everyone for your input - I'll try to use the suggestions. I haven't used a spaceplane before (I can barely take off), but I will definitely check that out as well.
  9. Howdy, I have a contract to do some temperature readings in an area that is just about on the opposite side of Kerbin, but a little more north. I have learned to Orbit, have landed on the Mun and Minmus, but can't really figure out an efficient way to get around Kerbin. So far, I have failed (even using MechJeb to auto orbit and auto land at a place on the map). What am I not getting, I would think this isn't too hard, after all, I'm staying on Kerbin and not going to the Mun - but I'm having a harder time doing this . I've tried with this ship, which I thought is surely overkill: and here's where I'm trying to go (to any one of those markers): Basically, I start out and can try to kind of head north, but never seem to be able to break through efficiently...I burn tons of fuel. Any tips/ideas? Using or not using MechJeb...Thanks for any advice!
  10. Thanks for the tip - with MechJeb how would I do that with AutoPilot? and tg626, thanks as well. I made sure to put some battery packs on the bottom most fuel tank to ensure I have enough power (after I posted those screenshots, I thought the same thing).
  11. Will try disabling RCS, thanks. Ah, I forgot to delete those messages (they're all completed project/mission messages though :thumbsup: ) I've added one inline rotation wheel to each of the four outer rockets, and one in the main stack. Trying now and will report back. Edit: Aha!! It works now! I believe it was the inline reaction wheels that did it and allowed enough torque. Thanks so much for your help!
  12. Thanks for the reply! Noted about the ~75km orbit. I tried again, setting 73km orbit, and same issue. I have fuel as well, so that's not the issue...I have attached screenshots of the ship/probe and can post the .craft if you'd like. NOTE: Sorry I forgot to mention, I'm in the "Science" career mode but I believe I have the required MechJeb stuff unlocked, I'm pretty far along in R&D but let me know if you'd like a screenshot of my progress there... Screenshot of the ship: All is going well, the first two rockets are jettisoned: Apoapsis reaches target altitude and even creates the node automatically for orbit: ...but then the ship passes the node and falls:
  13. Howdy, I have learned how to orbit Kerbin and have even made it to Minmus and the Mun and back. I just discovered MechJeb and am trying to learn how to auto-orbit around Kerbin. I have my unmanned probe and enable the Auto Ascent and set the orbit to 100 km (I've also tried 90 and 80). I engage auto pilot and launch off. Once I launch, the probe accurately reaches the apoapsis at 100km, and then I see a node get created and it's correctly set to orbit Kerbin at 100km (give or take a few km). However, when the rocket approaches the node where you should start up the rockets again ...nothing happens. The ship just starts falling back down to Kerbin. Is that because maybe my ship isn't build very well, or am I missing something? Thanks for any help/ideas! Answer: As sarmagheddomsgw points out, there likely wasn't enough torque recognized by MechJeb, so I added advanced inline rotation wheels to each of the rocket stacks and it works!
  14. Yeah, I have a login and can login to the Patcher. Noted about the download from the site, I believe it's up to date anyways (I'm having other issues with "crew reports" in game so thought the patcher might help). I'm currently reinstalling KSP.
  15. Thanks for the help. I added the Patcher.exe to the list of allowed programs in the firewall, get the same error. I also tried running the patcher as Administrator, same error. Do you know where in the event viewer the error would be logged? (Windows 7). I looked and couldn't find anything readily apparent. Here's a little more info