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  1. Waow the drama for nothing.....I just look forward for the update.
  2. 43,14% for my work horse SSTO Pics in reverse order
  3. Think it is, soon 3 months or a quarter of a year And not a single rumor on completion date
  4. Anyone who knows how far this is from release? Days? Weeks? Months? Years? Decades?
  5. Wait, what......Roscosmos dont have the flag? (need check that) But for equipment I think it's fine, it is after all a game and part of the fun is to replicate ;-)
  6. Took the Kerbalbus A800 - to the North-Pole and back for the Kerbal Charter Challenge. ca 1h45min (I think)
  7. So the Kerbalbus 800 Polar pax charter.......... Out of the soup Over the Kerbalaya's Landed a bit far away, stock wheel can't turn so they had to walk *kursed be Bob and his engineering skillz* Off from the Pole, in the distance you see the 1230t cargo Home in sight! Landing attempt nr 4-5ish.......finally home (I swear I need stearable large gear So score should be: 20800 fuel at start, 2389 when landed 800 passengers: 23,01 All stock
  8. Uhhh........6000 short on fuel delivering 800 kerbals to the Polar AF with the A800, all stock. Took me only 1h PS. What mod is that with 4 prop engines on a large plane?
  9. Made a Twin Cruiser, 1 by 1 for atmosphere and as 1 for low gravity moons/planets. Why? Dunno really It appeared that the 2 extra docking ports was a design flaw All stock w/ISRU.
  10. To many contracts for Jool system......... re-fueling soon complete at the orbital fuel station
  11. Instead of a shuttle on a plane, why not plane on a SSTO plane? ISRU etc in place for a push to Laythe?
  12. Pre 1.2 testing, Munar Orbital station pick-up from space plane. Worked nice good performance from 1.1.
  13. Anyway, 1,2 looks good and 1.3 is confirmed, so I'm happy
  14. Testing pre 1.2 large vessel docking: Barely made refule plane land, lost elevators
  15. While waiting and working. And it seems there is a bug on the wheels steering alignment in pre-1.2 with wheels while climbing steep hills. Anyone tryed and reported it? (have search bug tracker, but might be blind.)
  16. Trying out pre-release, and it's looking good! No sliding!
  17. SQUAD staff just ruined my online tinfoil hat shop PS. You guys rawk! (I sound like fan boy now, I know and don't care)
  18. I will setup a online tinfoil hat shop for you guys, not all, but you know who.
  19. Woaw, there is a lot of people with too little to do.