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  1. No.... please, no.... Squad, it doesn't have to be this way, please!
  2. First things first. Siege on, young Trebber. I have actually recieved those images from nearly every friend I have, including some real life ones.
  3. It may be possible to change the time back by tampering with the persistent file, but I've never tried it, nor have I ever heard of anyone who has. *[citation needed] intensifies*
  4. Alright, I managed to wrestle a Saturn IB into orbit (sort of), although the S-IVB is still notoriously unruly and threatened to fly off course several times. Two major problems still remain. First, the rocket doesn't have quite enough Delta V to reach a stable 80 x 80 km orbit with the Apollo CSM. I've already removed some fuel to represent that the S-IB could only launch a partially fueled Command Module, but it looks like I'll have to take some more out. The second problem is with the adapter petals. for some reason they don't seem to want to separate like they should. In fact, they don't separate at all. I have yet to find a problem with the Command Module, but I'm sure there's something out there...
  5. From launch, the rocket behaves fine. The S-IVB begins to spin a few seconds after separation of the S-IB. Nope, I have been able to stop the spin for a few seconds one time, but it resumed very shortly after Nope. I copied the CM from the Saturn I boilerplate, which definitely didn't have this problem It had better be, with all the struts I applied I'm going to take another look at it later today, and if I still can't find a solution I may have to hand it off to you.
  6. S-IVB is completely uncontrollable. Even with no input it always spins off in a random direction and it takes a huge amount of effort to fix it, almost as if a phantom force were being applied to it. At first I thought it might have been the engine, since it has such a high gimbal limit, but after restricting it to 10% it still has the same problem. Vernor engines make no difference. Less thrust on ullage motors makes no difference. I'm at a loss.
  7. Dear god, that was the hardest part of the design. To be honest I had to pull up some images of your Saturn V to see how you did them. I still have no idea if they're going to work the way I want, I haven't been able to get the Saturn IB into orbit to test it yet.
  8. Since I've begun to clog up the WIP thread with all my Saturn posts, and because the Saturn I is nearing completion, I would like to move my progress updates for this project to their own thread. There have been loads of Saturn replicas here, so you may well ask "Why another one?" Well, I felt like it. That's why. The Saturn rocket family is one of the most important in history, and I would like to try my hand at recreating these massive rockets that eventually propelled America to the Moon. Planned Variants* Saturn I Block I: First stage test flight, dummy S-IV: Planned Block II: First live S-IV stage: Released DOWNLOAD AS-101/SA-6 Apollo CM boilerplate test: Released DOWNLOAD AS-103/SA-9 Boilerplate, with Pegasus micrometeorite satellite. Released DOWNLOAD Saturn IB Apollo CSM AS-201, AS-202 Apollo 1 (Planned), Apollo 7, Skylab 2, Skylab 3, Skylab 4: Released DOWNLOAD AS-203 No spacecraft, test of S-IVB restart capability: Released DOWNLOAD Apollo 5 Lunar Module test flight in Low Earth Orbit: In development Apollo-Soyuz Test Project CSM and docking adapter (Soyuz rocket sold separately): Planned Saturn V CSM Only Apollo 4, Apollo 6, Apollo 8: Planned CSM + LEM Apollo 9, Apollo 10, Apollo 11, Apollo 12, Apollo 13, Apollo 14: Planned CSM+LEM+LRV Apollo 15, Apollo 16, Apollo 17: Planned (Seriosuly, this one is gonna take some time) Skylab I: Planned *Subject to change Work-in-Progress Photos Saturn I Block II AS-101 Boilerplate Test AS-103 with Pegasus satellite Saturn IB with Apollo CSM AS-203
  9. First Saturn IB test flight, with uncrewed Block I Apollo spacecraft. First Saturn IB launch failure, and first emergency abort for an Apollo spacecraft Can someone tell me whether or not the S-IVB had any form of RCS on it? It was very diffuclt to control and began spinning out of control as soon as it ignited. Of course, that may have been because one of the SLA fairings was flopping all around the place because I neglected to apply struts, but still...
  10. Hell yeah, @teo's back! Those Mir components are looking better than ever!
  11. I think I finally worked out the kinks with the Saturn I and Apollo boilerplate. I do have one question regarding it though; if I turn on advanced tweakables in settings and then use it to apply autostruts to a craft, will the autostruts still be in place if the craft is downloaded by someone else? Anyway, here's the third and final variant of Saturn I. Apollo CM boilerplate with a Pegasus micrometeorite satellite. This is the first time I haven't executed a high altitude abort with the escape tower. It's hard to tell, but I'm pretty sure the Pegasus launches carried the CM all the way into orbit. Boilerplate separation. The S-IV has two sepratrons with a small amount of fuel in them to push the stage away from the boilerplate. Pegasus deployed. Too bad the game doesn't have a real micrometeorite detector, I had to settle for solar panels instead. Meanwhile the boilerplate slowly drifts away as it transmits telemetry back to the ground. This particular model has no parachutes, and is not meant to survive reentry. A few more checks and tests to make sure everything is good here and then it's on to the Saturn IB!
  12. More Saturn I and Apollo Boilerplate tests I'm still dealing with the sturdiness of the rocket, especially on the fairing connecting the S-IV to the boilerplate. Since it looks like parachutes don't clip through each other anymore, I replaced the radial mount ones with these, to better represent Apollo parachutes. Blooper of the Day "Escape" Tower
  13. Oh wow, that image is larger than I expected.
  14. Saturn I with Apollo Command Module boilerplate. Still have some kinks to work out, namely the connection between the CM and the S-IV stage. The S-I stage has so far performed without any problems on both variants I've tested. Also, it looks like parachutes collide with each other now!
  15. Kicking off 1.2 with something I've wanted to do for years. Until the Vector was added, I had to hold off because there were no engines that powerful enough to lift a Saturn I and small enough to fit on the first stage. With a string of projects that had nothing to do with space (some of which didn't even get finished), I figured it's time to get back to the game's intended purpose. I also found an opportunity to check out the new communications system in 1.2, even though it wasn't historically accurate to launch a payload on this configuration of the Saturn I.
  16. Known for having a concerning obsession with memes
  17. Can't embed because I'm on mobile, but here you go.
  18. Maybe one day I'll be rich enough to commission a full set of Gothic plate armor for myself. Better get back to work on that Aerospace Engineering degree.
  19. I've changed my idea several times. First I wanted to make a Ringwraith costume from Lord of the Rings, but abandoned it because I was taking too long to plan it and I was running out of time to actually build it. Them I wanted to be a Viking (historically accurate, mind you, with real mail, and none of those nonsensical helmets with horns), but that had to be aborted too because it cost too much money to get the mail and helmet. Now my plan is to be the Black Knight from Monty Python. It shouldn't be to difficult, since their budget was almost as small as mine.