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  1. Having issues getting the mod to run with Buzz Aldrin's Race Into Space, can someone give me a set of instructions? EDIT: I renamed the mod folder to "SooperNeet Satern Fife Partz" so I don't forget what the mod adds, hope this doesn't cause a problem.
  2. Mod parts don't appear in VAB i installed mod folder in my screenshots folder why doesn't it work? btw im using the demo is that okay?
  3. I would suggest having less ablator in the heatshield (no need for a lunar-capable shield when returning from LEO), but since stock reentry is so pitiful as is, it almost wouldn't make a difference in the game. Making the thing significantly heavier is probably the way to go, you just have to make sure a Saturn IB can still lift it.
  4. I'm pretty sure I've just got the regular RSS textures.
  5. OP updated Removed WIP section due to lack of current projects. Moved a few unfinished ships to the new Scrapyard section. Added Das Reboot to Watercraft.
  6. I came here with a problem about the Moon being approximately 90 degrees off on its orientation relative to Earth, but it looks like it's already being discussed. In case you need more confirmation, you can take a look at these images I took (and labelled in MS Paint for your convenience) This image shows roughly what the Moon currently looks like to a viewer from Earth (zoomed in several times, of course). The two main things I noticed were the location of Oceanus Procellarum (Ocean of Storms) and the location of Mare Crisium (Sea of Storms) The Ocean is supposed to be right on the edge of the near side but not so far off it as to be mostly out of sight from Earth. The Sea should be about the same way, except on the east instead of the west. As you can see in these photos the Sea seems to be more or less dead center, while the Ocean of Storms can't be seen at all from Earth. Here's a map of the Moon for comparison. After reading some recent posts it appears that a short term solution would simply be to alter the Moon's rotation with HyperEdit, but this is definitely something that should be fixed before long.
  7. Ranger coming in fast and hard, cameras snapping away. Impact occurred a few seconds after these were taken, a little east of the Sea of Fertility.
  8. At this point I'm not even sure if I'm going to finish those, work on them has been stalled for some time now. Maybe it's time I update the WIP section.
  9. Yeah, the photos on this thread were taken in the water, but I didn't use Scatterer at the time, so I'm not sure how the mod would affect the interior.
  10. More Gemini 3 pictures. Oh yeah, is the Saturn hype still a thing or are we not doing it anymore?
  11. @Felbourn I just watched your new Ares episode. I trust you had no major issues with the boat? It turned one year old last Thursday, so it's good to see that it seems to be running fine.
  12. The two ballast tanks in the front and back are the trim tanks. There's another set of tanks in the middle of the sub that are nearly full. They're balanced so that they nearly pull the boat under but still need help from the trim tanks. They provide most of the negative buoyancy during a dive, while the trim tanks help balance the boat as well as adding more negative buoyancy to help it go down.
  13. Mariner 2 at Venus I'm not sure if the Scatterer configs aren't working for it or what, but I sort of expected Venus to be a little more...fuzzy
  14. You know, I think that Real KSC mod works in stock now. The only reason I don't have it yet is because I'm not sure (and too lazy to check) if it works in SSRSS.
  15. Gemini 3 over the western coast of Africa. The mission (I haven't finished it yet) will last three revolutions and have a burn on the second orbit to increase the altitude for the third and final one. Before the flight the crew was thouroughly frisked by the TSA for corned beef sandwiches, although they managed to sneak one on the ship anyway (nice FASA IVA, m8) Second stage of the Titan booster as viewed from the pilot's seat of Gemini. Due to time restraints no attempt at rendezvous will be made on this flight. Also, does anyone know where I can find a working copy of FASA launch towers? The download link on the forum thread is broken, and extracting just the tower parts leaves me with an umbilical tower that is broken beyond belief. Not only does the retraction animation not work (the arm is already retracted when you attach it, although it's rotation is correct), but they just love to break off the rocket for no reason at all. When I launched Gemini 3 I had three umbilical arms, all three fell off before launch.
  16. You wouldn't believe how tedious it got sometimes... I would like to make a late war variant with a larger conning tower and no deck gun, but I think I'll take a break from the craft, I've seen too much of it by now.
  17. Somewhat unrelated question here, but why exactly did Skylab CMs have a white paintjob? To be honest I've never even noticed it before, and I've actually seen the Skylab 2 capsule with my own eyes several times!
  18. Mariner 2 at Venus. This is the only image because the rest of the mission was basically a longer version of my Ranger lunar flyby I posted previously. This was my first interplanetary mission with RSS/SSRSS, and very nearly didn't happen, with a delayed launch, incorrect orbit, and autopilot deficiencies (I guess if you schedule a burn during a transfer window MechJeb automatically moves it up the next window, which was about 150 days away for me). Also, it looks to me like Scatterer isn't working for Venus for unknown reasons. Oh well, I probably won't be back here soon anyway (Bah, who even cares about Mariner 5?)
  19. I'll do you one better. Here's an entire Constellation pack (minus the Mars portion).
  20. Well, it's been released, the thread is still on the front page but I'll post a link to it anyway.
  21. STOP RIGHT THERE. CLICK THIS BEFORE GOING ON! Many of you will remember my original U-boat, released exactly one year ago today. Although it featured a complete interior, it was unable to dive due to several factors. This new U-boat, although lacking an interior, is still a vast improvement over the last one. Not only does it look almost exactly like a German U-boat (hell yeah, it even has the holes on the outer hull), this one can dive. That's right, the use of a small mod created by @Fengist has allowed me to finally make a submarine that can dive and surface at will. The boat sits on the surface just like a real one would have (although it can take a little fiddling with the ballast tanks), and can reach a top speed of 10.3 m/s (8.0 m/s when submerged). The conning tower provides room for Kerbals to stand, and features an AA gun and two periscopes. I've tried a new method for building the rear railing; instead of struts, I've used loads of antennas instead. Although it costs more parts, it looks much more accurate and can actually prevent Kerbals from falling over the side. Overall, this is a much more practical craft (if... you know... a submarine in a game about spaceflight can be considered practical), and in my opinion, the removal of an interior in exchange for a much better looking, faster, drastically more functional craft is definitely a good trade off. The boat has around 540 parts, which is over 300 less than the old U-boat, and when combined with the benefits of 1.1's increased RAM limit, far more people will be able to try this boat for themselves. Now, let me outline a few technical details and procedures for the most efficient ways to handle the boat. LAUNCH PROCEDURE Make sure you have a mod that will allow you to move the vessel to the water. I recommend Vessel Mover (the link leads to the Vessel Mover Continued thread). Open the right click menus for the fore and aft ballast tanks and pin them to your screen. It may be helpful to move them to opposite sides of the screen so you can remember which is which( see above image). Move the Boat over the spot you want to drop it on and place the vessel. If the bow is too high, pump some ballast into the rear tank, if the stern is too high, pump ballast to the fore tank. Only minute adjustments are needed for this, so don't go too crazy with it or you risk making the tilting even worse. DIVE PROCEDURE Play this youtube (U-Tube?) video Press 1 to activate the water compressors. These will pump water into the fore and aft tanks and the boat will begin to sink. Pitch the bow down with the dive planes. This will point the engines downward, allowing you to use their thrust to help push the boat under. Speak rapidly in German and play the Das Boot soundtrack as loud as possible. Once the boat approaches the desired depth, halt the influx of ballast water (press 1 again) and use the dive planes to level the boat. If you're still sinking, blow a little bit of ballast (press 2). Watch the prograde vector to see which direction the boat is moving. SURFACE PROCEDURE Press 2 to blow ballast. Remember that a little ballast should remain in both tanks (10 in rear, 20 in fore is good for this), so don't completely empty them. Pitch the boat up with the dive planes, careful not to let the prograde vector slip too far upwards. When the boat is about the reach the surface (40 meters to go) press 2 again to halt the ballast pump. Try and bring the prograde vector to less than 20 degrees above the horizon. If it's too high, the boat will pop right out of the water and bounce a few times. I haven't had it to me yet, but I suspect that if this happened hard enough you could break something. DOWNLOADS The boat requires the WIP Make it Sink mod to work correctly, it can be found here The boat itself can be downloaded here Make sure to alert me to any problems and I will do my best to amend them. Feel free to post any pictures you take of the craft here, and please leave some feedback!
  22. Peaches aren't in season right now. @legoclone09