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  1. After something like two months of inactivity, I'm back into the game. Spring semester has been busy, but I got a few hours worth of time over the last few days. The preview I sent up a few days ago depicts the first launch of Scipio 9, the most logistically challenging mission yet undertaken in this save. Following Scipio 8's orbital mission over Minmus, go-ahead has been given for a surface landing on the green moon. Due to the heavy payload requirements necessitated by both the lander and the habitation module needed for the long journey, the mission hardware will be sent over two sepa
  2. Oh how I wish I could run this game with a higher resolution... Coming SoonTM.
  3. Thanks, I hate it jk, it's actually pretty neat
  4. Will it be possible to remove the white stripes from the small tower and go for a solid-colored look?
  5. Been busy the last few weeks with winding up the semester, but I've had some time in the last few days to work a bit more on the station. Today I added a new module which features a cupola for surface observation and a new radio dish for facilitating better communications with surface expeditions. Launch took place on the new Princeps II, equipped with two solid rocket boosters, same as the Scipio 8 launch. Delivery to the station was performed as usual, with a Scipio service module to provide power and propulsion during the trip. The station in its current c
  6. Still holding out for New Vegas 2, the Hoover Dam isn't gonna capture itself...
  7. War, I think, is somewhat of a necessary evil, and it will always be a part of our world no matter what we do to prevent it. Evil and violent men are bound to do evil and violent things, and it's just human nature that such people will always exist to perpetrate evil and violence. I believe that in such cases, the use of war or righteous violence to end such barbarism is not only acceptable but necessary. War for the sake of war, as World War One can so easily be seen, is indeed a tragedy, and it saddens me to think that millions of people were cheated out of four years of their lives, for ma
  8. Hmm, would you consider doing LC-37 as it appeared during the Apollo-Saturn days, before its conversion to receive ULA boosters?
  9. It's Friday, so I now have time to post the entire mission report for Scipio 8. Scipio 8 is a new mission profile, making use of the Scipio Block III spacecraft and its new Princeps III launcher. Instead of the now-routine flight to lunar orbit and the Marius space station, Scipio 8 will perform free-flying mission to orbit Minmus. The extreme distance between Kerbin and Minmus will allow the crew to develop techniques for deep-space navigation and survival. The mission also presents an opportunity to survery the icy moon, and more adequately asses its potential for future exploration.
  10. Eh, I know, but to be honest I really just like the way "lunar" sounds more than "munar"
  11. I don't have enough time to post a full report tonight, but here's a little preview to hopefully satisfy a certain person who frequents this thread. Scipio 8 in orbit around Minmus, performing the first crewed orbital survey of the dwarf moon.
  12. Yep, that’s it! With a bit of luck and perseverance I’ll be an aerospace engineer four to six years from now. What’s wrong with Madison?
  13. Well, I actually moved to Huntsville for school a few months ago, I actually come from a town in south Alabama, near where the army has its helicopter flight school. If I hadn’t realized how fascinating space can be I would probably be on my way to earning my wings as a Blackhawk pilot right now...
  14. *laughs in Huntsvillian* God I love living here...
  15. Thanks to the new power station and pipelines, Aurelian 2 manages to last through its second cold lunar night without a hitch. In the morning the crew egresses once more and boards the rover. As part of the emergency maintenance, the rover's roof was removed to allow easier access to the interior. This will be the only rover excursion on this flight, due to the damages sustained by the vehicle. The planned traverse follows the plain east, in search of a flat and level area free of debris in which a base could be assembled. Because of the inevitability that the base will hav
  16. I’ve got more content coming soon (maybe tomorrow or Tuesday), but I’ve been having more computer issues, as well as more real-life concerns, so progress has been a bit slow and frustrating.
  17. Do you mean the pipes and gantries that wrap around the MLP like in this picture? I'm not really sure what their purpose is or why they were added to the shuttle MLPs and not Apollo (mostly because I've never been able to find any good sources about the MLPs and launch infrastructure in general), but I really think they help make a launch pad look distinctly shuttle-era.
  18. I’m not referring to the mobile launcher platform, I actually use Modular Launch Pads myself. I meant the actual launch pad building, is it just me or does it look different than the usual model we have in stock KSP?
  19. So I know I'm ten days late, but where did you get the model for those launch pads? They look different from the standard KSC launch pad in-game. Also, is there a particular mod you used to place multiple pads or did you do that yourself?
  20. Aurelian actually has several fuel tanks partially clipped inside each other and attached to the engines via fuel lines, so it has more capacity than one might originally think. I couldn’t tell you exactly how much DeltaV it has or how much it weighs without consulting my computer (I’m not at it right now), but I would say that it weighs a bit more than your average lunar lander. I think the biggest way I optimize my deltaV usage simply has to do with the descent profile. It takes a bit of getting used to, but the best way to land that I’ve found involves simply lowering your orbit’s peri
  21. After a rest period, Jeb and Bill exit the lander once again and make their way to the overturned rover in an attempt to repair it. Bob remains inside to monitor the drilling systems in case of an emergency. After initial attempts to knock the rover over using Jeb's backpack were unsuccessful, Bill began removing excess and unneeded parts from the rover to lighten it. The excess parts are then used to construct a lever of sorts on top of the rover. Jeb then backs up and attempts to ram the lever, taking advantage of the leverage to turn the vehicle upright.
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