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  1. Fellas, I'm not usually one for superstition, but I think your Titan II is cursed. I think the Sun god is displeased with how old the model for Titan II looks now.
  2. My man, that brings back loads of memories. Hell of a good show.
  3. By God I’m actually back already https://m.imgur.com/uzUnHxO I’d timestamp this or directly embed my image, but I’m on mobile and I just drove past it.
  4. Maybe this has been discussed before and I'm too lazy to read through years of thread history, but is this name in reference to the Titan I in Cordele, Georgia? I've driven through that town dozens of times since I was a kid, and I still have no idea why or how they got their hands on it.
  5. So uh, maybe this is a stupid question, and maybe it's already been answered, since I haven't been keeping up with this thread very well, but are the STS and small American launch towers released yet? I don't think I have them in my current save, and I'm *reasonably* sure I have a current copy of this mod.
  6. Aquila 1 lifts off after one and a half Kerbin days on the surface. It leves behind its research station, the flag, and cargo boxes, but due to the light gravity of Minmus, it was unnecessary to split the lander in two halves as is done with most disposable Mun landers. The pilots report exceptional handling characteristics and unparalleled cockpit visibility. This lander feels and looks almost more like an aircraft than a spaceship, and its compact frame and light mass gives it a sense of agility and responsiveness never before seen in spacecraft of this time, and certainly not
  7. Aquila's systems are powered up prior to undocking, and the two landing crewmembers take their seats at the controls. Once free of the Scipio stack, Aquila jettisons its cruise ring. With proper manned control, it can now maneuver freely and operate on its own I also want to remark in passing how much I'm liking this new lander model. It's really got a great view, and it feels just like a helicopter cockpit to me! Aquila is a new variant of lander tailored specifically to the remote distance and the low-gravity environment of Minmus. For landing mission on Minmus
  8. After something like two months of inactivity, I'm back into the game. Spring semester has been busy, but I got a few hours worth of time over the last few days. The preview I sent up a few days ago depicts the first launch of Scipio 9, the most logistically challenging mission yet undertaken in this save. Following Scipio 8's orbital mission over Minmus, go-ahead has been given for a surface landing on the green moon. Due to the heavy payload requirements necessitated by both the lander and the habitation module needed for the long journey, the mission hardware will be sent over two sepa
  9. Oh how I wish I could run this game with a higher resolution... Coming SoonTM.
  10. Thanks, I hate it jk, it's actually pretty neat
  11. Been busy the last few weeks with winding up the semester, but I've had some time in the last few days to work a bit more on the station. Today I added a new module which features a cupola for surface observation and a new radio dish for facilitating better communications with surface expeditions. Launch took place on the new Princeps II, equipped with two solid rocket boosters, same as the Scipio 8 launch. Delivery to the station was performed as usual, with a Scipio service module to provide power and propulsion during the trip. The station in its current c
  12. Still holding out for New Vegas 2, the Hoover Dam isn't gonna capture itself...
  13. War, I think, is somewhat of a necessary evil, and it will always be a part of our world no matter what we do to prevent it. Evil and violent men are bound to do evil and violent things, and it's just human nature that such people will always exist to perpetrate evil and violence. I believe that in such cases, the use of war or righteous violence to end such barbarism is not only acceptable but necessary. War for the sake of war, as World War One can so easily be seen, is indeed a tragedy, and it saddens me to think that millions of people were cheated out of four years of their lives, for ma
  14. Hmm, would you consider doing LC-37 as it appeared during the Apollo-Saturn days, before its conversion to receive ULA boosters?
  15. It's Friday, so I now have time to post the entire mission report for Scipio 8. Scipio 8 is a new mission profile, making use of the Scipio Block III spacecraft and its new Princeps III launcher. Instead of the now-routine flight to lunar orbit and the Marius space station, Scipio 8 will perform free-flying mission to orbit Minmus. The extreme distance between Kerbin and Minmus will allow the crew to develop techniques for deep-space navigation and survival. The mission also presents an opportunity to survery the icy moon, and more adequately asses its potential for future exploration.
  16. Eh, I know, but to be honest I really just like the way "lunar" sounds more than "munar"
  17. I don't have enough time to post a full report tonight, but here's a little preview to hopefully satisfy a certain person who frequents this thread. Scipio 8 in orbit around Minmus, performing the first crewed orbital survey of the dwarf moon.
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