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  1. If you haven't seen it before, you may be interested in checking out an old Gato submarine I built about two years ago: Probably won't work in the latest version of KSP (not that it ever worked well, but maybe you can gain some inspiration from the pictures I have on the thread.
  2. At the incessant urging of one @The Minmus Derp, I've fast-tracked an already-planned Minmus probe and moved its launch date up by several days. This is Velite 1, The first of a series of unmanned spacecraft intended to explore the inner planets and their moons. It will orbit Minmus and deploy a small impact probe to acquire close-up photographs and measurements of the icy moon's surface. For historical context, Velites were a type of Roman soldier, most commonly seen in the mid-Republican militia-army. Their ranks were made up of the poorest, youngest, and most inexperienced m
  3. The OP reserves the right to post whatever and whenever he wishes. Don't worry, I'm going soon Jeb, Bill, and Bob descend the ladder to begin work on the surface of the plains. After collecting contingency samples, they proceed to the cargo lander and deploy Nerva 2, their rover for this mission. They then unpack the cargo boxes and load the SEP and drilling components into the rover's cargo locker. The first piece to go up is the power station, which uses two RTGs to provide electricity to both Aurelian 2 and the drilling stand. During the day
  4. Aurelian 2 undocks from Marius to begin its second mission to the surface. This expedition is crewed by Jebediah, Bill, and Bob, the same crew who also rode the first Scipio spacecraft into orbit. PDI is initiated over the landing site, at an altitude of approximately 5,000m AGL. Once pitchover is complete, Jeb takes partial-manual control of the spacecraft, trusting the flight computer to control orientation while controlling the throttle himself, while making occasional corrections to the computer's heading. Only a few minutes after PDI, Aurelian 2's contact probes scrape
  5. I don't think that it would be all that useful to use Marius as a refueling stop for interplanetary ships instead of simply launching directly from Kerbin. The fuel I save would be negligible, considering that I would first need to travel to the Mun and rendezvous with Marius which costs more fuel. Additionally, I would then have to perform my planetary ejection burn from the Mun's SOI rather than Kerbin's, which means I could not make as much use of the Oberth effect to propel me along, should I choose to do so. In addition, the fact that I'm orbiting a body which itself is orbiting Kerbin, w
  6. Surface Expedition 3's cargo lander has finally launched, following repeated delays concerning the final payload. The changes made include the addition of a small refinery to allow resource sampling, as well as the replacement of the solar arrays originally intended for this mission with RTGs, to facilitate operations in the lunar night. The launch was pretty normal, nothing new or interesting to show. Unlike Surface Expedition 2, I have no pinpoint target in mind, but rather a large swath of land containing a bountiful resource pocket, just north of the Mun's equator on th
  7. I don't know, I don't particularly mind crashing ships on the far side of the Mun, it's not hard to do.
  8. Finally back into the swing of things after my move to Huntsville, and I'm still managing to find chances here and there to play KSP The fuel tanker has been emptied and discarded, it will be deorbited on the far side of the Mun, just like every other unmanned supply ship sent to Marius. Meanwhile, the next landing crew has launched from KSC, aboard Scipio 6. Unlike the previous mission, this crew has launched before their cargo lander, due to last-minute payload changes. Scipio 6 will dock to Marius and its crew will help man the station for the next few weeks while w
  9. I decided to give your shuttle a test flight tonight, here's a photo that was taken during the underwing inspection with the Canadarm: I think I'd like to try to reverse-engineer parts of your shuttle to build one of my own. I've never finished a working STS, but this example has a lot of techniques that have really piqued my interest and given me ideas...
  10. I’m really interested in that Shuttle, can you go over any special techniques you used to build it?
  11. If I could state my own humble opinion... My suggestion would be to finish the shuttle tower first, then work on a launch tower for use with smaller rockets, namely something like the Titan II service tower and erector, or the gantries used in Atlas and Redstone launches.
  12. Indeed. Of all the rooms I could have gotten with a magnificent view of the parking lot, I got the one with a window full of leaves...
  13. Thanks to all you guys for your support, I'm posting this from my new residence in Huntsville, with the US Space and Rocket Center's Saturn V right outside my window (or it would be if there weren't a tree blocking the view).
  14. Disclaimer: I believe this to be the best place to post this thread, however, if a moderator believes that another forum would better suit the topic of this post, I ask that they move thks thread to where it is more appropriate, thank you. I first picked up Kerbal Space Program sometime in 2013, not long after the 0.20 update came out. I still remember the old white-walled VAB, from which my first rockets rolled out, most of them asparaguslike monstrosities which needed to be lashed together with dozens of struts in order to hold together. Since then, I have played the game qu
  15. I wish you luck with this one; the FSS looks so much more complicated than the fairly straightforward Apollo/Saturn launch tower.
  16. EVA training for Surface Expedition 3 is underway. This mission will be the first to land at a resource deposit and will bring with it special equipment for sampling ore from the surface. No high-intensity mining will be attempted on this mission, but a small amount of ore will be extracted for testing. In order to safe space, this mission will not carry the bulky dish antenna used by SE-2, instead this mission will use Aurelian's main antenna to transmit to Kerbin, while the SEP will only transmit data when Marius passes overhead, eliminating the need for a dedicated long-distance a
  17. Actually, I was wondering if the command seat's mass value in the SPH factors in the weight of a Kerbal sitting in it, I guess now I know...
  18. Business as usual continues with lunar orbital operations, the first Scipio-FT has arrived at the station. The fuel FT-1 delivered will soon be used to fuel up Aurelian 2 for its second journey to the lunar surface, once its next crew arrives. FT-1's launch was perfectly standard, using a typical Princeps 2, and the flight to the Mun was uneventful. There was an issue with the spacecraft's electrical system, causing it to lose power in the critical moments before docking, however the crew aboard the station was able to achieve a negligible relative velocity before the
  19. After much procrastination, excuse hunting, and genuine fear of confronting this 600+ part menace, the Marius airlock is now in place. This newest addition to the station will make spacewalks much easier, and allow spacewalking crewmembers much more capability in servicing the station's exterior. Just like most other lunar-bound payloads, the airlock module is launched aboard a typical Princeps 2 rocket, the medium-heavy workhorse of the booster fleet. The Scipio Upper Stage is used to propel the payload beyond LKO and insert it into Lunar orbit. Once in Luna
  20. Despite being absent from this thread for something like twenty days, I actually have very little to report. The summer keeps winding away, and with it, the time I have left before I leave for college, so I've had to spend most of my days packing up for the move. Fortunately, I was able to get back to this a little bit more tonight. The bad news is that all I was able to finish was two prototype craft in the VAB. First, another variant of Scipio. With the beginning of regular surface excursions with Aurelian II comes a drastically increased demand for fuel in Lunar orbit. Say what yo
  21. But... doesn't the term "Base jumping" imply that the jump is performed from the ground or from a fixed structure?
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