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  1. But... doesn't the term "Base jumping" imply that the jump is performed from the ground or from a fixed structure?
  2. I've added the Outer Planets Mod to my game, and my Sarnus transfer window is open, so I'm sending a probe to the outer planets and possibly even interstellar space. The high DeltaV requirements of the mission require yet another new launch vehicle. This one is an improved version of the Auxiliary booster, with a more powerful first stage engine, larger SRBs, a much larger second stage, and a new third stage. I swear to god this isn't (exactly) a copy of the Atlas V, it just turned out looking like this... This new vehicle has been christened Auxiliary II, an
  3. Would that mean four satellites all with their apoapsis above the north pole, or two with their apoapsis at the north pole and two at the south?
  4. This one's a smaller mission, but no less important than the previous one. Having proved the ability of the Aurelian lander, the Nerva rover, and the Marius orbital station, I must now determine which areas of the Mun are rich enough in extractable resources to support a ground base. That is the mission of this probe, Polybius. It will be inserted into a polar orbit around the Mun and create a detailed map of the Mun's resource deposits, which will be used to create a shortlist of possible landing sites to explore in the future. Polybius was a Greek nobleman and historian who was sent to
  5. As the sun sinks lower in the sky and the shadows lengthen, the crew begins shutting off non-essential systems in Aurelian such as cabin lights, landing radar, and communications with Marius, preparing the lander for its low-power hibernation, which will be necessary to keep the lander's batteries at a safe power level throughout the long lunar night. As the sun finally disappears beneath the horizon, the crew sees Kerbin wax to a greater size than any previous landing crew has witnessed. They will be the first crew to see a full Kerbin in the night sky. For one last time
  6. It's been a lot longer than I thought since I last posted, so I've got a lot of catching up to do. Between the end of EVA 3 and the start of EVA 4, the crew experienced the first eclipse on the Lunar surface. Because the Mun's orbit has no inclination relative to the ecliptic, such eclipses will happen every lunar day at around noon. Future base designs will have to take such periods of darkness into account for determining necessary battery capacity. Once the Sun emerges from behind Kerbin, the crew exits the lander once more and begins EVA 4. The main objective of this ex
  7. A lot of the inspiration for that lander, as well most of the other craft in my CAB series, was taken from a past attempt I made at recreating the Constellation mission in KSP. The rover I used on that landing mission is basically an upgraded version of my SPR rover from earlier.
  8. They’re supposed to be surface contact probes, they couldn’t actually affect the suspension on the legs since they don’t seem to have colliders on them.
  9. Here's Aurelian 2 from my Mission Reports thread "Curing a Burnout" Fully reusable, and can carry up to four Kerbals to the lunar surface. It operates out of a space station in Lunar orbit, and makes trips to and from there, saving me the trouble of needing to send an entirely new lander for each surface expedition.
  10. The crew descends the ladder once more to begin the most challenging EVA of the mission. They board the rover and set off west, to find a way over the rim of the Arch's crater and up to the feet of the massive rock formation itself. Such an expedition would be near-impossible without a wheeled vehicle such as Nerva. The valley between the crater rim and the eastern slope (which itself leads to another crater) in which the lander sits is only about two kilometers across, and it takes very little time for the rover to cross it. Nerva can go over ten meters per second on flat
  11. Hey, thanks! Maybe I will post downloads if that's what you people want. I'll have to sort out which craft use which mods though, to make it easier for people to access the craft. Here it is. The mod seems to only allow a certain number of footprints on the ground, as once you walk far enough, the footprints from the beginning of the trail begin fading away. They also aren't persistent, so if you reload a quicksave or switch to another craft outside of load distance they disappear. Still, they're pretty nice, they help me get that "scuffed up" look you can see in the picture below to
  12. After a rest in Aurelian's cabin, the crew hits the surface once again, for a short geologic trek, which will pass through a debris field to the north of the landing site, where the rover's delivery frame was seen to crash. The crew will attempt to find the frame, which by now has been sitting out in the lunar vacuum for some five hours, and examine any notable rock formations and boulders they find. The biome scanner on the rover will also perform a limited resource analysis to determine the plausibility of using this site or an area near it for a base. Nerva's cockpit provides an a
  13. Big post coming, lots of images to share. Aurelian 2 spreads its wings for the second time and undocks from Marius for its first trip to the lunar surface. The lander enters its descent orbit, with an altitude of about 4,000 meters radar altitude. It will coast in this orbit until it passes over the landing site, at which point it will begin its powered descent. The Arch appears right where it's supposed to, and the landing radar begins receiving signals from the cargo lander on the surface. The crew sets the lander down about forty meters from the cargo
  14. Scipio 5 launches from KSC with no problems and reaches its parking orbit as usual. A short while later, the spacecraft is cleared for TLI and is on its way to the Mun within half an hour after launch. Due to the time window necessary for both lighting conditions at the landing site and for Marius to pass over the landing site, Scipio 5 is using a special "fast-track" trajectory, which can get the spacecraft to the Mun in less than three hours, at the expense of safety and margin for error. Fortunately, Scipio and Princeps have both flown enough times by now to keep the likelihood of
  15. Progress continues with the launch of the first Nerva rover onboard an Aurelian cargo lander. The spacecraft also carries a set of scientific instruments and a high-gain communications antenna which will be assembled by the crew on the surface. This is the beginning of an upcoming series of surface expeditions intended to find a suitable location in which to construct a permanent base. The weight of the lander requires its launch vehicle to be much larger than the Princeps rocket, which so far has been the workhorse of my lunar expeditions, launching both variants of S
  16. A second Scipio-ST has been launched to the Mun, its main cargo being fuel for Aurelian 2, which will enable it to perform its first surface expedition. By now rendezvous and docking with Marius are nearly routine operations, and the approach procedure was handled without any problems, despite the growing size of the station and the footprint its part count is starting to leave in my RAM. Refueling Aurelian 2, however, is something I've never done before, and it proved to be quite tedious, with the numerous fuel tanks I needed to manage on both the tanker and the lande
  17. The mod can be found here if you're interested. The creator also included parts for a Soyuz launch pad.
  18. I have lots of images to share for this, most of them because of how a e s t h e t i c they are, so I'll split them up into two or more posts. Also, i have a lot of photos of the new launch tower to showcase. One more time, I want to thank @AlphaMensae for the Modular Launch Pads mod, it really is a godsend. This is Scipio 4, the first flight of Scipio Block II, and the first mission to Belisarius. The crew will install a set of instruments, transfer over construction hardware for use on future missions, and attach a safety cable for EVA tethering and other such things. This mission
  19. Yep, I didn’t like how short the tower was without the milkstool, so I added it so I could get away with a full-size tower.
  20. Quite a lot of progress to report this evening, with my last final over with, I have a fairly clear schedule for the coming week, so maybe the pace will continue to be this brisk. ST-1 has been jettisoned and disposed of by crashing it on the far side of the Mun, away from any possible future landing site. Aurelian I has likewise been disposed of, somewhat sadly. There was some debris left from the crash, so maybe I'll send a landing crew there to retrieve some of it and try to ship it back to Kerbin one day. For now, though, the ship which I had thought had such a useful a
  21. I've made a modernized version of Aurelian, with the new foil-clad fuel tanks to save on part count and make refueling easier. The number of engines has also been decreased from four to two, and the RCS's fuel tanks have been relocated from the frame containing the other propulsion equipment to the sides of the cabin, to make room for more fuel tanks. it doesn't have quite as much DeltaV as the original version, but it's not enough to matter. This second lander is currently on its way to the Lunar station where it will be outfitted for its first surface expedition. Meanwhile, the sta
  22. Test driving a new rover, christened Nerva, intended for longer duration Lunar missions. It carries up to four Kerbals technically five, counting the seat on the back utility platform, but that seat is intended more for trips with frequent stops, where crew will be disembarking often for maintenance or exploration, and will not be used when not necessary. Its top speed on Kerbin is around 20m/s, but I'm expecting much lower speeds on the Mun due to lower gravity and added caution forcing me to drive slower anyway. Its name comes from Emperor Nerva, the first of the Five Good Emperors of Rome,
  23. Well, to give you an idea of how out of touch I am (despite actively trying to get back into the game), I wasn't even aware of the 1.4 update, and when I heard about it, I assumed it was simply a bugfix and not worth updating to it. I don't have the game on steam and simply download a new install from the KSP website every time I need a new version (probably an easier way to do it, but I haven't really bothered to try). Anyway, I have made the switch now, and I changed up my visual mods as well, from SVE to Astronomer's Visual Pack (thank God for that RAM upgrade I got myself for Christma
  24. Cannot lie, when I saw this thread's name, I immediately thought of Hank Hill riding a rocket...
  25. Thanks, I'll try and work some more on this today or sometime this week. Can't promise anything though, it's the last week before AP Exams start hitting, and I've got to make my last month of school count.
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