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  1. Perhaps someone could write a config for the TKS monopropellant tanks to act as radiators in KSP Interstellar. It adds waste heat, so radiators are required.
  2. That's it, the Martin B-57 Well, the Electric Canberra and the Martin one are quite similar, it seems. It will be cool to see.
  3. Darn. I have yet to see a good replica of the Panther or the Cougar. Well, the Electric Canberra sounds like a cool plane, and an American plane was developed from it (I think the B-76?).
  4. I believe the Ohka was propelled by solid rocket motors. It was dropped from a bomber mothership, after which it would glide down to its target, and ignite the rocket engine for the final plunge towards the target. So it was basically a glider with a little rocket engine. Separatrons should work nicely for this.
  5. At least the 0.625 meter ports are still available for people who don't like the bigger ones. I personally like what's going on with the 0.9375 meter docking ports. The idea of making them into a heavier, more primitive version of the regular docking ports sounds bad. Soyuz 7K-OK docking ports can easily be constructed with other parts. In fact, I have constructed them and posted pictures on this thread. And crossfeed can be disabled on docking ports anyway, so if someone wants that additional constraint, they can put it on themselves. If anything, the 0.625 meter ports would be better suited for Soyuz 7K-OK, since it seems to be agreed that Kerbals would be unable to fit through a hole that small.
  6. What software do you use for texturing? Photoshop? Gimp? MS Paint? I highly doubt MS Paint, but it can't hurt to ask.
  7. Oh yeah! I'll get you some beautiful screenshots tomorrow. Soyuz 4 & 5, ASTP, Mir, whatever you need. Unfortunately, the only visual enhancements I have are regular EVE and Distant Object Enhancement.
  8. Is the Sea Venom going to be capable of landing on aircraft carriers or short runways?
  9. Well, it looks very much like the Vampire, but with tanks on the wings. Very similar to... The DeHavilland Venom!
  10. That sir, is one amazing aircraft. Take some rep for your efforts!
  11. Did Gemini have room for astronauts to remove pressure suits? If it did, then why would NASA go through the trouble of making a special easy to wear inflatable suit for Gemini 7? Why do we keep talking about pressure suits? What has happened to this thread?
  12. Well, I have heard that Apollo crews would continue to wear their space suits until after Transposition and Docking. The surface crew would also wear them during descent to and ascent from the lunar surface.
  13. Hey, astronauts and cosmonauts wear pressure suits inside spacecraft all the time. A cool thing to note about pressure suits. For Gemini 7, NASA developed a special soft suit that would be more comfortable to wear and easier to work with than the standard ones. It had a zipper to easily remove the helmet part, and a regular crash helmet was worn underneath the suit. Of course, cosmonauts don't care about ease of access in space, three of them can mange to squeeze inside a Soyuz DM with regular pressure suits.
  14. OH-58 Kiowa perhaps? It's great to see all these helicopters. I love the things, and it's even better because I live next to one of the largest Heliports in the world. US Army Blackhawks and Kiowa Warriors fly over my house every day! Oh, maybe you could try and build the new Sikorsky Raider helicopter. That machine would be fun to fly in KSP!
  15. Ha! The Mi-24! Now I have something to attack my Air Cav outpost. The Kerbal Soviet Socialist Republic is on the move, comrades!
  16. Yeah... About that... Your Soyuz still has a 0.625 meter docking port, while everything else has 0.9375 meter ports. Somehow, I was able to dock a Soyuz T to the rear port of your Mir Core Module, but attempting to dock Kvant-1, which has the same size port, doesn.t work. I can ram the ports together and waste my RCS fuel all day long, but the docking ports don't even activate the magnets like they should. I'm not sure whether or not this is an issue with the Tweakscale configs or with Tantares itself. Hell, it may have just been a bug that takes a game restart to fix. Well, that's one Kvant-1 and a Functional Service Module gone.
  17. So the new passive docking ports won't have the drouge in them? It doesn't look right to have that flat plate with a tiny hole inside.
  18. All these helicopters make me want to try and build my own. Probably a TH-55 or a OH-58 Kiowa. My mountain base is going to need a recon ship.
  19. the Huey flies pretty well, my only complaint is that it's too slow. But that is to be expected. Helicopters are not very fast aircraft anyway. I got my Air Cav Squad up into the mountains, but they don't have any equipment, so now I'm constructing a tiltrotor plane to fly in supplies and heavy equipment. I might also try and fly a Sky Tiger up to them as well, I'll see if I can get enough flat space for more helicopters.
  20. Beale has made an octagonal truss part similar to those seen on the ISS and Mir 2, and he has also promised to create a solar array similar to the ISS Main Solar Array Wing. As for the other parts, he has already decided against making them, but stock parts are pretty good representations of them already.
  21. Alright! Now I can have the KSC Air Cav Division ready to deploy against military threats. EDIT: the 1st Air Cav Squad is deploying to a mountain pass near KSC to deal with a believed hostile force attempting to take it. The pass was blasted with a bomber wing yesterday, but the Air Cav is being sent in to finish them off.
  22. Soyuz 22 had an APAS for the Apollo Soyuz Test Project, and another Soyuz had one so it could test the APAS port on Kristall. EDIT: Hey, who else heard about Leonardo's relocation on the ISS? It was moved to Tranquility's foward port so commercial spacecraft will have an extra place to dock.