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  1. My first full mission in KSP is complete. Soyuz T-1 lifts off from KSC. The Kosmodrome to my knowledge hasn't been updated to 1.0.2 Escape Tower jettisoned, T-1 is go for staging. Boosters clear, systems nominal. Fairings separated, T-1 is go for orbit insertion. Soyuz T-1 has reached orbit and deployed it's solar panels and rendezvous hardware. A small plane correction burn over nighttime Kerbin. EVE appears to be drunk or something again. Why does this keep happening to me? It looks ugly Around two hours after reaching orbit, the rendezvous is complete and Soyuz T-1 has docked to the Orlan Docking Target. The Orlan consists of a medium sized pressurized work compartment, and a propulsion system based on the DOS-1 propulsion system. Thanks for that alternate engine, Beale! The crew spent a week docked to Orlan. Here is a photo of an "engine inspection" during the EVA conducted on Day 4. Alright, fine. I was just goofing off and had Jeb shove his face in the engine. After the week in orbit was over, the crew filmed the undocking with a camera mounted in the forward OM window. Gotta love those hullcam filters. The descent module flies alone a few hours after undocking. Damn, I left the marshmallows and hot dogs at home. What a disappointment. Squad needs to get their act together with the new aero/reentry system. Soyuz T-1 touched down on KSC's continent, so there were no traditional Russian trees nearby for photos, but the recovery team took the customary crew portrait with the spacecraft and a flag anyway. Sorry, I promised to redo my solar wind mission and then turned around and gave you this, but I'm waiting for SXT to get updated. I haven't checked it in a while, so it might be safe to use by now, I don't know.
  2. Allow me to quote Rune, "Kerbal Whatever Program" Once Multiplayer is implemented, this will be the best thing to do in KSP.
  3. Heh, I was actually considering trying to model a Titan II as a beginning project with 3D modelling/part modding. I'm not a total beginner to 3D modelling, I just finished a course in which I extensively used the Autodesk Inventor program. Actually, I do have the option to get Inventor on my computer and model with it, but it is quite a hefty program, and isn't very easy to use, so I will likely choose Wings3D for modelling the Titan or whatever I choose to start with.
  4. Thinking like a true engineer. I wanted to rep you for this, but I have to spread some around first. ​Hey, Does anyone want some free rep?
  5. Hmm, those passive docking ports don't look right. Probably the absence of a drouge.
  6. Great to hear that it's still being worked on. I'm so annoyed at how the fairings turned out that I just got Procedural Fairings again. They look better and separate better, even if they aren't as easy to place or as versatile as stock fairings.
  7. I would love to see a Soyuz docking light. It will be very useful
  8. Speaking of that, what has become of your stock Constellation mission? I haven't seen a new post on its thread since 1.0 came out.
  9. Well, I discovered the source of the problem with the Proton, and it was not a bug, but an error in my staging diagram. I had the second stage fire when the first stage should have fired. After correcting this error, it flew decently enough, although the payload was inserted into the wrong orbit due to loss of control for a short period during the Stage 2 burn. Pictures this afternoon. Heh. I bet I look like an ass now. Please don't hurt me.
  10. Dem craft files... Here, have all my rep points! I can't wait to try them out and build my own Mir. If I can get the TweakScale config to work for me.
  11. Aw yeah, A biplane! Now I can repeatedly say this to myself when launching it:
  12. Proton seems to have a bug. I was attempting to launch a docking target for rendezvous practice, but the first stage decided to do this to me. the right click UI shows that the engine is off, however the staging diagram shows that the engine is indeed active. The FX are showing, although it is hard to see on this photo. Also, the second stage decoupler appears to be overheating. The second stage, however, can lift the payload by itself at sea level, while being activated the same way as Stage 1 (pressing space). Seriously, have you even touched the Proton since 1.0 hit?
  13. With the new ablator shading, I think that it would be possible to have thermal blankets that burn off during reentry. How 'bout taking a look at it?
  14. Sopwith Pup. Link to more pictures in my signature
  15. Here's a photo of a technique I used for the radial engine on my Sopwith Pup. The photo is from its WIP stage, but the engine remained largely unchanged throughout the design and testing phase. First, place a circular intake and set symmetry to radial. Place 8 accelerometers on the intake and use offset/rotate to move them inside the intake to the position shown. Place a small nosecone on the intake or the part directly behind it (Part clipping required) and move it forward to whatever length you want. The accelerometers represent the piston cylinders and the nosecone represents the spinner for the propeller.
  16. That part in the Top Gun video where he flew upside down and got a photo of that MiG pilot made my day! Funny, I don't seem to remember it from the movie. As for the aircraft itself: Damn man, great job. At long last we have a Tomcat with actual variable geometry wings. Time to reverse engineer these. I would consider getting a patent on that before the design is stolen. EDIT: Oh. There are two separate versions of the craft. Darn. Still a good job. Well, that's what I get for gawking at the photos instead of actually reading the text.
  17. Is that an IVA I see in the Kliper? I wasn't aware that it had been created yet.
  18. Alright, my computer is fixed and STS-5 is out! Time to resurrect the Spacelab Modular Payload System
  19. Well, I haven't built a Camel yet, and I'm not sure if I will, as the Pup and Camel are very similar. I may build a few more aircraft to make a sort of WWI Planes pack if people want it. There are plenty of other aircraft that look and function differently enough from the Pup that I would be willing to build them.
  20. Not quite sure what the problem was, but I removed the /edit in the link. Hopefully it will work this time. I've started to work on the Pup MkII, which will have an LFO engine system instead of monopropellant. The only problem is that the fuel tanks are buried deep inside the craft, and it will be difficult to replace them. I may simply test the performance of my planned upgrades by building a new plane. Besides, The Pup needs a German plane for it to fly against... Which would you guys rather have, a German plane (It will probably be a Fokker Eindecker), or an upgraded Pup?