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  1. Yes, I understand. It's a very hectic time of year for students, what with finals and all, and I respect the fact that you have a life away from your computer.
  2. I vote for alternate 0.9 meter OM and docking port! Hell yeah!!! A periscope should be high priority for Soyuz, next to the Igla. Still waiting for that Igla...
  3. Great job! What are those fuel tanks made of? They obviously aren't Jumbo 64 tanks.
  4. Unable to post pictures because of crappy phone interface, but the Sopwith Pup is finally finished. I thought I would go ahead and announce it here since I posted WIP pictures of it a while back. You can see it here: Hopefully this isn't considered off topic.
  5. Ariane has been in Beta for a while now. Any predictions on when it will be released?
  6. Thanks! This weekend I will probably focus on increasing fuel capacity. I will also test it to see how maneuverable it is and just how hard I can push it before it stalls.
  7. After several redesigns, test flights (both failed and successful), and the repeated pressing of the F9 key, I finally have it! The Sopwith Pup has been deemed worthy of public consumption! I don't expect some people to know about the Pup, so in short, it was the predecessor to the infamous Sopwith Camel, the most successful Allied fighter plane of World War I. The Pup and the camel were largely similar, except the Camel had two machine guns, while the Pup was armed with only one. The Camels's engine would range anywhere from 100HP to 150HP, depending on the type, while the Pup featured an 80HP Le Rhone engine. The Pup helped turn the tide of the air war in favor of the Allies, and gave British pilots a valuable edge over Germany's Albatross and Fokker Eindecker fighters. My Pup is powered by two OMS engines at 86% maximum thrust, and seats a single Kerbal in its cockpit. It's airspeed is typically 20 to 30 meters per second. A closer view of the cockpit and engines. The fuel tank is below the pilot's seat. The Vickers machine gun I am especially proud of. Although it does not actually fire, it's one of the best parts of the craft. Here's the download link: Some notes to remember: This does not boast a tricycle undercarriage, so be careful on takeoff and landing. It will normally take off without any input from you. It is still a little jittery, and is easy to stall when flying at such a low speed. It's fuel supply will only last you two minutes, maximum. Lower the throttle when flying in the air, cut it for landing. Thanks for viewing, leave rep and a comment if you enjoyed! I would love to improve this plane, so if you have an idea that would make it better, please tell me!
  8. I wonder, is there a way to raise its crew capacity to three? You lucky... Lucky.... Person! (Nailed it) I wish I lived close enough to KSC to see SpaceX's crazy escapades. Unfortunately, I live six hours away, in Alabama. Send us some pictures/videos, please?
  9. Gah, I was going to rep you, but I must "spread some Reputation around before giving it to Zucal again" Great mission. I wonder though, what ever became of Philae in real life? I heard it landed in the shadow and was unable to recharge its batteries. Is it still functioning?
  10. So, before you finish these new panels, allow me to subtly slip a suggestion into your head... (Hint, it's the ISS Main Solar Array)​
  11. Proton still doesn't have the new particle effects when lifting off the pad. It has something to do with a particular config being present, correct?
  12. Currently, it's because the CoM and CoL aren't alligned properly. It used to be balanced, but then I doubled the length of the wings and the CoL came too far forward. Before the wings were lengthened, it could get into the air, but was too jittery when it came to turning. Good. This afternoon, I'll try and iron out the problems, if I can't find them all, I may post a Beta download and ask for other's assistance.
  13. This new aero system does not like the Sopwith Pup. Yes, I noticed this and took the screenshot at a similar angle.
  14. I'll bet that's not what the German pilots thought of the plane when they first encountered it!
  15. That blurry smudge! It's too ugly to look at! It's almost as ugly as the stock fairings and heatshields.
  16. Sopwith Pup prototype in the works. The Pup was the predecessor to the famous Sopwith Camel, the most successful Allied fighter plane of World War I. It was somewhat overshadowed by the Camel, but helped turn the tide of the air war in favor of the Allies. The cockpit is quite tight, and Jeb's helmet clips into the top wing a little, but he fits. And this is why this machine goes to the WIP thread instead of getting its own thread and download link. Serious stability issues when I try to turn it. Once you get it pitching and yawing, it gets wilder and crazier until it falls to the ground and explodes. There's no doubt that it's because of the new aero system making the plane unstable. Oh well, time to go learn to fly all over again.
  17. So, are the capsules themselves also heat shields? I don't like how the heat shields in this pack throw off the dimensions of the spacecraft, and I like even less the pointy end on them. I would personally prefer it if the capsules had built in heat shields. This would also allow the capsules to be brown and charred after reentry(I think?). So! my computer returned to me not half an hour ago! Look for the ressurection of the Tantares Solar Wind Sample Return Mission. It seems to have been popular enough here that It will be my first mission in KSP 1.0. (Hopefully SXT has been updated as well, the probe had many parts from that pack, like the return capsule.)
  18. How big are those SRBs? 2.5 meters or 1.875 meters? If they are 1.875, I could just delete the large stock SRBs and use the Ariane ones nstead
  19. Not if you do it with the new 1.0 aerodynamics. Also, no rockets, just parachutes. I still dare you.
  20. Nice plane! But I'm afraid it doesn't look very much like an Airbus A319. It still looks like it would make a nice SSTO with some modifications.
  21. Wait, is this a mod or a craft made with mods? If it's a mod, this thread should be in Add-On Releases
  22. Interesting idea to use the small landing legs for the RTGs.
  23. Could be a great upper stage for the R-7. It looks nice and sleek
  24. Good, Good. Now drop a para-rover out the back of an airplane. I dare you.