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  1. Did the Shuttle Carrier Aircraft actually have those rectangular stabilizers on the elevators at the back? Also, since you're revamping it, I suppose I should mention the tendency for the orbiter to collide with the tail when it separates. I know the tail has to stay due to accuracy, but maybe you could position the separatrons to push the orbiter foward to avoid the tail?
  2. Is it possible to have a mode switch thing to have straight or asymmetric CoT? Or maybe you can make the escape towers have a straight CoT, but have an optional separate engine to be radialy placed on the tower. The LK nesting jets will already work nicely for this.
  3. The solar panels seem a bit too small compared to that massive 3.75 meter tank. I would have used the Gigantor XL panels instead.
  4. There is an expanded version of Cygnus planned to be launched with round panels instead of rectangular ones. Would you consider making those? They would be great for old Orion like ships. http://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/File:Standard_Cygnus_vs_Enhanced_Cygnus.png Sorry I can't directly embed the image, phone interface is stupid.
  5. For some reason, the stupid new imgur album won't let me read the entirety of each caption for each picture. Using the "read more" link available always takes me to some ad for a Blu-Ray disc. It looks like a cool mission nevertheless. It's too bad the space shuttle was delayed too long for it to fly to Skylab. President Nixon and his apathetic attitude towards spaceflight must be rolling in his grave right now.
  6. I had an idea to weaponize the Castor, but then I remembered that I cannot do it right now Damn you, Toshiba!
  7. And it's incidents like that one that give me the belief that SpaceX is the superior commercial company. Unless CRS-6 explodes tomorrow or something. Maybe if my computer gets fixed, I will try and learn Wings3D so I can attempt a Dragon V1. I'm tired of waiting, so I'll just do it myself. No promises though, it depends on how hard it turns out to be, how long it will take, and how much motivation I still have by the time Toshiba fixes my machine.
  8. Well, I was referring to April 12th, 1961, the date of the Vostok 1 mission, 54 years ago today. I suppose I forgot about time zones, it must be April 13 in some places already. Edit: I almost forgot, STS-1 began on this day as well, 34 years ago
  9. Don't worry about it. My computer is out of commission at the moment anyway, so I cannot even play KSP!
  10. Hey! Free rep for the first person to tell me what day it is and what happened on this day!
  11. I don't think cubic struts weigh anything. They are physicsless parts, so their "mass" isn't added to the craft.
  12. So, bad news about Spacelab. My computer broke last night, and tech support reset it to factory standards. All the software that didn't come default on it was deleted, including KSP, with all the Spacelab components trapped inside. Once it gets fixed, which should be soon, I will attempt to rebuild and improve Spacelab, but it's release has been delayed for some time.
  13. That Progress M looks great. Too bad my computer went into cardiac arrest last night. I have to wait for it to be repaired before I can fly it. That's what I get for getting a Toshiba laptop. They reset it to factory standards, so ALL non default software is gone. I guess I'll never get to post the glorious return of the Tantares Solar Wind Sample Return Mission.
  14. I would love to see BD Armory versions of these aircraft. The new cruise missiles would be perfect for the B-52, as it was designed to carry cruise missiles as an alternative to bombs. If you read Tom Clancy, you might know that modern bombing raids are more likely to use missiles anyway, because they can fire them outside the range of SAMs and
  15. I was also considering some modded components, such as a robotic arm or KIS containers, so you can have the benefits of the STS Service Module, which cannot be in the Payload Bay at the same time as Spacelab components. Hullcam does have a small telescope with a powerful zoom, I will consider making a component for it.
  16. I used the small control surfaces to make little fins. They don't do anything, don't look as accurate as I would like, and shift the CoM of the boosters enough so that the Korolev Cross is ruined, but they are tolerable They're visible on this picture, but they are quite hard to see. I'll see if I can get a better photo up later
  17. What have I done... I had to fight myself to avoid putting this on a plane and bomb KSC with it. I bet no one ever thought of weaponizing Tantares like this.
  18. Oh! I assumed that this thread was dead, then I check it one more time out of boredom and find that it lives! Hopefully it will stay that way!
  19. Here's that new subassembly I was talking about. Its a set of modular research lab components inspired by the real shuttle's Spacelab missions. Enterprise, rebuilt for the second time, lifts off on its third mission with three Spacelab companents in its payload bay Vehicle is supersonic, roll program complete, engage pitch program. Booster sep confirmed, Enterprise is negative return Heads up roll complete, vehicle is go for orbit ET jettison, all systems nominal Orbital insertion underway. EVE has apparently either had too much to drink, or is putting on a late April Fool's joke Paylo
  20. So, photoshop seems to cost money, and upon downloading the files and trying to open them in MS Paint, I get an alert that says that the file is invalid. Do you know what's going on here? I hate to keep bugging you over this, and if you could point me to a good tutorial for this, it would be very appreciated.
  21. Can there be an alternate texture to make the Docking Module white or grey to make it look more like Rassvet? I would make it myself if I could figure out how. Do you use photoshop, MS paint, or a different program?
  22. Hmm, they don't seem to be that big, and as far as I can tell, the Mir 2 and ISS arrays are practically identical. Maybe if you only modeled half of one array. It's hard to explain, but if you modeled just one array, like the P6 Truss on top of the ISS in the photo, and made it so that you had to use symmetry to get a full array, it might be easier. But hey, what do I know? My first ever experience with 3D modeling was with the Inventor software a few weeks ago in my engineering course!
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