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  1. I'll start Galileo this afternoon if I can. Hopefully I can get an accurate recreation, it's such a hard probe to build, what with the atmosphere probe and all.
  2. I was going to build Gallileo or Magellan and the IUS. Looks like someone beat me to the IUS, guess I'll just have to use that in my own build.
  3. Hey, Beale, that's a pretty nice satellite! I presume the magnetometer boom is from DMagic Science or whatever that mod was called. Too lazy too look up the real name. I have been thinking about installing it, but it's parts would only really work as aesthetic pieces, because I hardly ever play career or science mode
  4. It's Scott Kelly, isn't it! He's starting his year long mission in a few weeks.
  5. Sometimes that happens to me if my internet connection is bad. I would give you some generic tech support tips, but you've probably already tried them.
  6. This reminds me of the intro video for Sid Meier's Civilization Revolution. It has a space shuttle concept which has a large missile launcher in the payload bay which I always thought looked cool.
  7. A custom ladder will be nice. The small ladder sticks out like a sore thumb. With its yellow and white paint, and the other one is so long that it just looks silly and out of proportion.
  8. Well, the Apollo Lunar Module ran entirely on batteries, and it had an endurance of over 3 days of normal operation. Apollo 13 stretched that even farther, so it probably could have gone on for four or five days with two astronauts inside. The LK was in almost every way an economy class version of the LEM, and I believe it's endurance was supposed to be six hours with one cosmonaut. The only problem with using batteries is that people who use life support mods would need even more electric charge to keep their crew alive.
  9. From what I understood, Beale's challenge was to insert a fully fueled Block A tank into Kerbin orbit without using cheats. My challenge is to insert an entire N1 rocket into orbit, also fully fueled, as a payload. Of course! What kind of challenge would it be if it weren't? I suppose so, although it seems like it would be easier in normal scaled KSP. Oh well, more bragging rights for you if you do it in RSS! Sorry for taking so long to respond, but like most people, I have a life away from my computer/ phone. I'm not entirely sure that it is possible to complete my challenge, I guess the only way to find out is to try it myself! Prepare yourselves...
  10. Thanks! The launcher is stock. I set myself limits of only using Tantares and Stock. MechJeb was there, but I only used it for info during the launch. I flew the stack to orbit manually. Now that I have completed this challenge, I challenge someone to fly an entire N1 to orbit in a single launch. Block A, B, and V are all I'm talking about, Block G, D, and LOK/LK are optional.
  11. Beale, I believe you challenged someone to do this. It's beautiful! *Cackles* Forget those floodlight experiments I did a while back, this is the stuff! Words cannot express how surprised I was at the lack of explosions up to this point. Eat your heart out, Beale!! Here's the Block A's final orbit. Is there anything that the Loaf hasn't been photoshopped on?
  12. I understand the procedure to an extent, but how can the fairings detach from the rocket without jettisoning?
  13. How does that abort system work? I normally just have the fairings jettison and the escape tower ignite.
  14. I have experienced some... problems... with the N1. These are on different launch attempts, each connection between stages is reinforced with 8 struts. Meh, at least it's accurate to the real one.
  15. If only I knew how to create textures for 3D models. I would definitely help out with alternate textures if I could!
  16. What alternate textures are currently slated for release? Will we get one with white as its primary color, and blue stripes to complement it? I would post a picture to help get my point across, but I'm using a phone right now.
  17. I once read about a concept to use a Saturn V to send a manned Apollo CSM to Venus for a flyby mission. It probably would have been modified somehow, possibly with Space Shuttle SRBs
  18. Hmm, when I flew on one this summer, The wings seemed to have a high sweep angle, but I guess it was just an optical illusion from sitting inside the plane.
  19. Will we get Block G and Block D (I think those were the ones on the N1/L3, I can't remember) with the N1?