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  1. It's the website for a free PC port of Goldeneye 64. It uses the Source engine and has overhauled maps, refined mechanics, and better graphics.
  2. well damn. At least red and black is a better color scheme than green and yellow.
  3. No. Go back to Cheeseland. And get your own logo, for god's sake.
  4. I live in Alabama, so not watching football means I have a significantly higher chance of being lynched. The Alabama/Auburn rivalry here is so intense most people base what college they attend solely on their football preferences. I'm not real big on the NFL, since there aren't any pro teams in my state, but the Falcons are one game away from the Super Bowl, so maybe I'll pay more attention this year.
  5. When three of your four spring classes are AP and you get asked about spare time
  6. On the second day of my break I was out shooting, when I accidentally fired the gun with my head too close to the scope. The recoil caused it to come back and stamp a small cut right in my forehead. I got to spend that night at the doctor's, getting stitches. Then I got to deal with having stitches in my face for five days, and I had to go back a few days later to get them removed. It looks like I'm going to have a scar there for the next few years.
  7. Silent Hunter 4 player here... God, how I hate those destroyers.
  8. 20 rounds of 7.62x54R ammo for $6, comrades. Once I get a couple hundred rounds of ammo I'm going to have a weeklong CommieFest. Shoot many boolit, wear ushankas, drink much vodka and eat many potatoes. Glory to Arstoztka. I got a bayonet with it too, does anyone know of something I can use to um... test out... how stabby it is?
  9. Finally got that Mosin-Nagant! The deer population in south Alabama is about to experience a serious and sudden drop.
  10. No Lunar Oribter parts (unless he added them when I wasn't looking), so I had to make a pseudo-Lunart Orbiter 1. I used it as a test of my new Molniya orbit communications satellites. There are two identical satellites (designated RangerComm 2 and 3) that have orbits timed so that at least one is always at the apogee of its orbit. Fortunately, the orbit is so high that one spacecraft can descend from apogee, round the South Pole, and ascend all the way back up to apogee in the time it takes for the other to travel through apogee. Therefore, most of the time both units are high enough that they can relay signals from the far side of the Moon. The orbits are so high, in fact, that by the time a spacecraft moves out of the satellite's field of view, it's already able to communicate with Earth's ground stations. I haven't found out if this works for all of the far side, but even so, it drastically reduces the signal blackout period for a spacecraft orbiting the Moon.
  11. But... then it isn't a true gun, it's just a rocket launcher.
  12. Warning: Vulgar language
  13. I thought the TIE Striker was so cool in the movie, it was great to finally see a TIE fighter that looks like it *might* actually fly in real life.
  14. I'm considering using Tweakscale to shrink the structural fuselage to accommodate a regular 0.625m nosecone as a bullet, but that would mean using mods. What exactly are you using to propel your bullet? The SRB used on my gun is much too weak.
  15. I'm still working on those Saturn replicas, but since I really don't want to have to start working on the LEM right away, I've started experimenting with a breech-loading artillery piece. The gun is fixed in place, since it's just a test rig to determine how easy (or hard) it may be to get something like this working properly. The charge is just a small SRB, but most of the fuel has been removed, so it only fires for a second or two, thus lowering the chance of incinerating the shot or tearing the piece apart. I may have to upgrade to a bigger size, since the bullet doesn't gain very much velocity and thus fails to attain significant range. Also, it tends to break up during flight, so I need to find a way to either improve the current round's structural integrity or a single part that will be able to take the place of my current setup. After firing, the shell casing is ejected and knocked out of the way. The legs then retract, clearing the way for the next round to be loaded (I have yet to figure out how I could load a second round) EDIT: I've got a smaller bullet, but it still doesn't get very much range, and it isn't very stable in flight. This shot went pretty far, but it's only because the bullet hit the ground and bounced a few times (which still caused it to break up).
  16. Hate to break it to all of you, but the line is actually from Return of the Jedi. Don't worry, I thought it was from Episode IV at first, too.
  17. For real though, I did like the movie. The attack on Scarif reminded me of a typical WWII beach landing on a Pacific island, and I couldn't help but whisper potential captions to my friends. As the stormtroopers charge out the door and towards the rebels: "US Marines hold fast against a Japanese banzai charge. Saipan, 1944. (Colorized)"
  18. No yellow floaty space monologue at the beginning. I feel cheated.
  19. A certain gun shop I know still sells Mosins for $199.
  20. >see mod > double check top of screen to make sure I'm still on the KSP forums. Looks sweet, I need to try it out with my F9F Panther!
  21. M91/30. It's cheaper, was more common during most of the war, and also presumably more accurate. Accuracy is a big deal to me, unfortunately, any milisurp rifles besides the Mosin is beyond my reach, so I guess I'll have to hope that the Mosin is as good as some people say it is (or as good as others say it isn't)
  22. I feel obligated to leave this here. It's an excerpt from the Wikipedia article for History of the Firearm Aside from that, I'm looking forward to seeing this pack develop. @legoclone09 Are we allowed to say Deus Vult here?