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  1. So, what is the greatest siege engine of the Middle Ages? Answer carefully.
  2. With luck, we'll see something like this soon enough But if Green Bay wins, I won't be too upset, since They're an okay team and I prefer college football to NFL anyway. Houston has a football team?
  3. I always hoped that he would live to see people go back. My dream of meeting an Apollo astronaut is getting further and further out of reach.
  4. There's a picture of a crosshairs appearing behind an object. On its own, that proves that somehow crosshairs appear behind objects. It gives no indication as to why, although people can draw their own conclusions. With the article that may be attached, it is possible to learn that some people have construed this as evidence for a faked moon landing, but the article probably does not claim that the picture is proof of being faked, and the picture doesnt claim anything at all, as it is a picture of objects with no persuasive wording. Even with the picture and article about it, there still remain many more aspects of the moon hoax theory to address, and thus nothing can be concluded as proof from the picture and article alone. Now, there is a picture of a poster for a film. That proves that either the film exists as a completed project or as a concept in someone's mind. With the information provided by the article (and nothing else) it can be concluded that it is extremely likely the film is real, given that very few people would write this much false information to convince the internet that a certain film exists when in reality it doesn't not (especially when there's no real reason or payoff for doing so). Consodering that the article provides a plot synopsis, list of cast and producers, the budget, details about the production, and a summary of the movie's reception, there is not likely to be any information that could be vital to determining the film's existence. Man, we've gotten a long way from football, haven't we?
  5. Well, if it makes you happy... To be fair though, I've never seen Wikipedia be wrong about the existence of something, for which it has a complete article, along with photographic evidence. Just saying.
  6. I don't know man, this is your team. Sort of expected you to know about this thing. Its not the uniform itself, but it is Green Bay merchandise...
  7. You're right. Someone might have gone out of their way to write an entire Wikipedia article and design a theatrical poster for a film that might not exist.
  9. Alright, buddy, you tell me where you've seen gold cheese. Down in Alabama, we don't have this problem. Our team is even called the Crimson Tide so nobody mistakes it for red.
  10. *cough* Need I say more? Cheese is yellow, not gold. Checkmate.
  11. It's the website for a free PC port of Goldeneye 64. It uses the Source engine and has overhauled maps, refined mechanics, and better graphics.
  12. well damn. At least red and black is a better color scheme than green and yellow.
  13. No. Go back to Cheeseland. And get your own logo, for god's sake.
  14. I live in Alabama, so not watching football means I have a significantly higher chance of being lynched. The Alabama/Auburn rivalry here is so intense most people base what college they attend solely on their football preferences. I'm not real big on the NFL, since there aren't any pro teams in my state, but the Falcons are one game away from the Super Bowl, so maybe I'll pay more attention this year.
  15. When three of your four spring classes are AP and you get asked about spare time
  16. On the second day of my break I was out shooting, when I accidentally fired the gun with my head too close to the scope. The recoil caused it to come back and stamp a small cut right in my forehead. I got to spend that night at the doctor's, getting stitches. Then I got to deal with having stitches in my face for five days, and I had to go back a few days later to get them removed. It looks like I'm going to have a scar there for the next few years.
  17. Silent Hunter 4 player here... God, how I hate those destroyers.
  18. 20 rounds of 7.62x54R ammo for $6, comrades. Once I get a couple hundred rounds of ammo I'm going to have a weeklong CommieFest. Shoot many boolit, wear ushankas, drink much vodka and eat many potatoes. Glory to Arstoztka. I got a bayonet with it too, does anyone know of something I can use to um... test out... how stabby it is?
  19. Finally got that Mosin-Nagant! The deer population in south Alabama is about to experience a serious and sudden drop.
  20. No Lunar Oribter parts (unless he added them when I wasn't looking), so I had to make a pseudo-Lunart Orbiter 1. I used it as a test of my new Molniya orbit communications satellites. There are two identical satellites (designated RangerComm 2 and 3) that have orbits timed so that at least one is always at the apogee of its orbit. Fortunately, the orbit is so high that one spacecraft can descend from apogee, round the South Pole, and ascend all the way back up to apogee in the time it takes for the other to travel through apogee. Therefore, most of the time both units are high enough that they can relay signals from the far side of the Moon. The orbits are so high, in fact, that by the time a spacecraft moves out of the satellite's field of view, it's already able to communicate with Earth's ground stations. I haven't found out if this works for all of the far side, but even so, it drastically reduces the signal blackout period for a spacecraft orbiting the Moon.
  21. But... then it isn't a true gun, it's just a rocket launcher.
  22. Warning: Vulgar language