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  1. Maybe you might like something like this? It's a strategic bomber in the style of a 1950s-1960s bomber like the B-52 or Tu-16. There's still some issues, it rolls to the left and it climbs very poorly, also it naturally tends to pitch downwards unless you hold down the S key. It takes full afterburner to reach cruising altitude, and it has a very long runway roll. I'm also not quite sure if I like the look of it, I'm not sure I've nailed the Cold War bomber look. I also don't have a name for it, if you like it you can name it whatever you want. There's also this, a smal
  2. For 4th generation fighters, this is the only acceptable answer
  3. So is this a modern naval setting or Cold War or WW2? I could use this as an opportunity to get back to building craft for the forum, I just want to know the context behind this series. Doesn't make much sense to have a supersonic jet fighter in a WW2 setting, does it?
  4. It takes a mod, and to be honest I have no idea if it still works, but if it does you'll have the finest submarine replica on the forum at your disposal.
  5. Geez, I really should get back in the game. I've sort of lost my passion for it over the last few months, so much of my time has been devoted to schoolwork, and what little time I have to play games is typically devoted to other things anyway. I do feel like playing KSP again, but I'm sort of at a loss as to what I can do that hasn't been done already...
  6. Okay. No idea if these still work in the latest version of KSP. I've been away from KSP for so long that I'm not even sure if I have the latest version...
  7. Oh yeah, the helicopters are pretty nice, although they take quite a bit of skill to fly and if you can't do it well, your team will get really mad at you. I guess the Loach probably takes a bit less skill, it only holds one person (unless you're flying the team commander in the back), and it's primary purpose is to spot North Vietnamese and their tunnel entrances, so you basically fly circles around the map spotting enemies. The Huey is really hard to use, because you've got to be able to get into confined areas to offload your troops behind enemy's lines to cut them off, and if you can'
  8. Has anyone played Rising Storm 2 yet, either in the closed betas or the free weekend that just ended? @legoclone09 and I played during the weekend, and I was able to take part in the last closed beta, and I had a blast. It has player-controlled helicopters, a level of realism trademark to the Red Orchestra series... In my opinion it's a damned good game, anyone else have thoughts on it? Hell, has anyone even heard of it?
  9. Well, it probably wasn't necessary for the Exam itself, but I guess my teacher wanted us to have a very in depth and complex knowledge of US History, and I suppose that that's one way to do it... Anyway, we had tests on all those things, and now I know some of the US Presidents better than I know some of my friends. It wasn't so bad though, I won a pair of $50 aviator sunglasses a few months ago for naming all the Presidents. Too bad I wear glasses...
  10. Took AP United States History (affectionately known as APUSH) yesterday, and AP Physics on Tuesday, both very difficult classes. APUSH was so demanding, I had to memorize all 45 US Presidents and maybe thirty Supreme Court cases, as well as every Constitutional Amendment and all 50 states and their capitals. AP Language is on Wednesday, but after the last two tests, I'm sure it will be a breeze.
  11. This is what people seem to know me by. I'm also fond of this one, however.
  12. Would the bigger ISRU refine it faster? If it's too big to fit on the oil rig, you could always build a boat or helicopter/plane to carry the ore back to land and refine it there.
  13. Hey, it's the Prowler! That plane is so useful to me in Wargame.
  14. It's ugly, it's unstable, it's fragile, and it's... evidently not powerful enough to fly... *incomprehensible swearing* @Azimech, would it be better to replace the four small jet engines with two larger ones? Should I add more blades or remove one? Should the blades be larger to create more lift or smaller to cut down on weight?
  15. That's right, but I believe it used an extremely crude bearing and had rocket engines mounted directly on the end of the blades. Compare that with how far we (mostly you) have come. Now we have more efficient jet engines turning turbines with greatly improved bearings, making a much smaller yet more efficient assembly that is much easier to operate and can be inserted into helicopters that actually look realistic (as opposed to something like this). It's exactly what I meant by saying that we're building on top of each other. That first helicopter made people realize that they're po
  16. I think we should take a moment to reflect on what we're doing here... The devs didn't even intend for this stuff to be possible, but here we are, developing helicopter engines and swing-swings and mining the ocean's abyssal plain. I think this captures the spirit they tried to invoke by creating this game in the first place though. This time last year I doubt any of us were even dreaming of making craft this advanced, but here we are now. Very little has changed in the game itself that allows us to build like this, and what parts have been added were meant for completely different purposes. W
  17. It's hard not to like the Blackhawk when there's an airspace corridor for them that goes directly over my house. And another that goes directly over my school. And another that goes over my church. And another, and another, and another... Praise Sikorsky.
  18. Sikorsky is love, Sikorsky is life. Speaking of which... I think I might try and develop my own stock helicopter. It wasn't too hard to grasp the basics for this test rig. It sort of flies, but I have a few problems with stabilizing the assembly. Also the way the engines are arranged make it somewhat too cumbersome to put in a real airframe. The torque is also going to be an issue, of course that can probably be fixed by putting engines directly opposite the ones there already (that would be where the intakes are now), or maybe I could find a way to get a tail rotor working.
  19. >mfw I see this thread, am reminded of how anti-social I really am, and keep scrolling
  20. First thing that came to mind was the time I torpedoed and sunk the Warspite along with HMS Rodney in Silent Hunter. Good times...
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