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  1. So, when you redo Salyut IVAs, will you make it more realistic ( crew are oriented so the side of the station is the ceiling inside), or will you simply add a bunch of greeble to the inside, like bags and computers and such?
  2. Yes, he has already announced that the two variants of Soyuz panels will be kept.
  3. Yes, 7K-OK docking port and APAS docking port would be nice, but I don't know if they are necessary. We already have the Igla/Kurs port, and Kontakt seems to be in the near future as well. Stock docking ports can already attach to themselves like APAS, and 7K-OK docking ports would have no difference other than appearance, as the game cares not for whether or not the docking ports are intended to allow crew transfer.
  4. But... Soyuz 19 had green and white colored thermal blankets, not white and blue.
  5. Will the docking port without the probe be redone to look like it has a drouge in it? Also, I remember someone saying something about the Igla docking anntena. Will we get one of those too?
  6. It looks like a space bullet! Reminds me of Jules Verne's "From the Earth to the Moon"
  7. I'm not sure how well I like the white stripe on the new Soyuz SM. It jumps out a little too much compared to the rest of the model. A lighter shade of grey would probably be better.
  8. New Instrument Module looks fantastic! I wonder though, if you are revamping Soyuz, are the solar panels getting a makeover as well? I think that they look fine as they are, but it would be cool if maybe you did the 7K-OK solar panels.
  9. So, will the new Soyuz OM have the foward facing docking window like the Soyuz TM?
  10. Will the new Progress Refueling Module be a little bigger on the top? With the 0.625 meter diameter on the top and the much larger Cargo Module, Progress has always looked slightly topheavy.
  11. Some two stage landers, namely Fobos-Grunt and possibly Luna 16 had spring launched ascent stages so that the descent stage would not be damaged by rocket exhaust, allowing it to continue to function as a normal lander would. Something tells me that LK would not have this though, as the landing leg structure would not be used after the LK lifted off. Not to mention that the entire N1/L3 Munshot just screamed "Economy Class", so it probably wouldn't have been on LK to ensure cheapness anyway.
  12. Will there be a special ladder part for LK, or will we just have to make do with the stock ladders?
  13. Landing rockets could possibly be done with RCS ports. It wouldn't be solid fuel, of course, but it would be easy to use, easy to make, and dependency free. I have used the linear RCS ports as soft landing thrusters several times.
  14. I've always wondered if it's possible to have the hatch for the Soyuz descent module on the top like it is on real spacecraft. The one thing it might be needed for: crew transfer, has been added recently, and it can still be accessed to bring up the window for EVA/Transfer even if it were on the top. All EVAs from Soyuz were done from the Orbital module anyway, and Kerbals would be able to exit the DM after landing normally.
  15. To be honest, most of the time I forget about the new editor features altogether. I've spent so long building craft without them that I just can't get it through my head that it would be easier to use them. I do use part clipping, but it's been there for ages. Other than that, I could probably have built this or something extremely similar back in Alpha.
  16. I said I would make my own Sputnik 3/Object D, and here it is! R-7 on the pad with service towers still attached. I tried a launchsite from KerbinSide that's located in the desert because I thought it would look like Baikonur, but it didn't turn out very well. Maybe I'll just download the Kosmodrome mod. Service gantries and tie down arms released, engines ignitited. Liftoff! Boosters separated and fairings too, due to an error in the staging sequence. Orbit achieved, spacecraft separated. The curved anntennas didn't turn out that bad in my opinion. Hmm, the barometers are giving off some very interesting readings...
  17. Why didn't I think of floodlight towers for my service towers?!? I will have to add this. About my problems with the Core mode on the Soyuz engine, it has only happened once. I launched my Object D replica (will post pictures soon) without any problems with the engine, or with anything else for that matter.
  18. Nope, no fuel mods for me. I stick to good ol' generic LF/O for my rockets.
  19. I have read the story, and I can't wait to read the rest of it! It makes me want to try to recreate my own Object D.
  20. My tulip only took me a few seconds, and was really just a proof of concept for me. I considered making it stock, then remembered that I had Infernal Robotics installed and thought, "Why have a mod if you never use it for anything?"
  21. I have been experimenting with Russian style maintainance towers for my R-7 style rockets using Infernal Robotics Not a very streamlined design, but it looks close enough:D Retracting the maintainance gantries I think these are for holding the rocket down while the engines build up, but I retracted them anyway:P Liftoff! This mission was just a test of the missile and carried what is supposed to represent a dummy nuclear warhead. For some reason, the core engine on the R-7 shut down with about a third of the fuel left. I was able to restart it by switching to booster mode, but I couldn't get it to reignite in core mode.
  22. Someone has made a MAKS before. I haven't tried it yet, but the guy who made it normally makes pretty good craft. Here's the link:
  23. I used this shuttle to deliver Node 1 to my ISS replica. The station orbits at 51-something degrees, which made me worried about landing, especially since the shuttle wasn't known for its gliding capabilities in the first place, but I was able to fly it in and line it up just fine. I just crashed into the shore only a few hundred meters from the edge of the runway. A very nice craft nevertheless!