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  1. Thanks for the video! There is a lot less usable space than the exterior suggests...

    For this version, a bit too late.

    I am just finishing up the Parachute/Port combo thing.

    Then probably release tonight.

    Next release, sure, maybe. It would be useful.

    That parachute looks great! one thing you maybe could add to the IVAs would be space suits in storage. Maybe in the Soyuz OM you could put a suit, maybe without the helmet or gloves attached to it?

  2. I can agree, the Soyuz OM in particular was due a remake since I re-did the Soyuz DM.

    Salyut IVAs are all due a makeover also, since the windows on the new exterior models are quite a bit bigger.

    I think I can ask, is potentially an IVA like the Salyut control section is currently, more what you have in mind? :)

    Yeah, I don't know if you've ever seen the inside of a Russian style station module, but they do look closer to the middle Salyut part. The big part at the rear of the station looks the worst to me, partly because it is oriented incorrectly. The "ceiling" of the module should be on one of the sides of the module, and the "floor" should be on the opposite side. If you still don't understand, here is a link to a video tour of the ISS. The Russian segment is towards the end of the video, but it gives you a good look at both the DOS and FGB style modules, as well as the Soyuz OM and ATV.

  3. Mein Dear Beale, I find the Tantares IVAs a bit bland and boring. In a future update could you update the IVAs with more Detail and Props?

    Yes, many of the IVAs need redoing. The Soyuz OM has always bugged me because there are no hatches leading to the descent module or to the docking mechanism. Most of the IVAs, especially the station parts, appear too empty, and just don't give the appearance of a cluttered space station. If Beale could add some Velcro patches, some bags attached to the walls, maybe some sticky notes placed here and there, and they would be great!

  4. I second DGatsby, a 5 seat CARV would be really awesome! Additionally, if you put that stock round light around the docking port, a 2.5-1.875 adapter, a 1.875 fuel tank with two of your 1x4 Vega panels and an 1.25 or 1.875 engine ypu will get a PPTS-esque thing. :)

    I haven't been able to find much info about the CARV, but I don't think it was intended to carry passengers. From what I can tell, it is similar to the Dragon V1, but much bigger.

  5. Cool!

    Never heard of it.

    I'm familiar with the CSTS

    But this is quite a different (And sleek) design!

    I'll consider :)

    The ATV had so many possibilities, it's a shame they cancelled the program after only five flights. I will be sad to see Georges Lemaitre leave the ISS next month. But of all the proposals for ATV, the CARV concept was the best. I hope you can make it someday!

  6. So, I think the new ATV engine, I will remove the docking tunnel, because:

    • I think very few people, if any, use it.
    • It's kinda ugly (IMO)
    • With KerbalStuff, the old one is always available.
    • It will allow the engine to have a fairing.

    Since you're redoing the ATV, have you ever heard of this?

    It was a proposal to make a version of the ATV that can return large amounts of cargo to Earth in a return capsule instead of the pressurized compartment on standard ATVs. It could even be modified to dock at the US segment of the ISS so it could transfer International Standard Payload Racks to the station.

  7. Check it here. :)

    No worries! Stock-a-like is always the way I go :)

    I didn't know that also, I assume you mean solid fuel? Is there any benefit over a liquid fuel booster?

    Heavy WIP Zenit fuel tank, nose cone, subject to change dramatically.

    Thanks! I think it is important to get the Fuji and IVAs done first, but I have some fresh ideas for this :)

    Oh my...

    Thanks! It looks pretty nice, I'll give it a try when it comes out. Zenit looks really nice too.

  8. I like the Dragon and yeah, it fits somewhat naturally in with the ATV and Cygnus. But, as SpiderVise says, tygoo7 is already working on a brilliant stockalike Dragon V2 and I would really recommend checking that out!

    The Dragon V1? Now that is a maybe... Some day :wink:

    Also the HTV. My Fuji needs another companion from the land of Japan!

    I was referring to the Dragon V1 anyway. As for the stockalike Dragon V2, I had not heard of this. I will certainly check out out!