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  1. I was not talking about the average citizen in North Korea, but rather the propaganda agents and scientists who announced the "successful flight of the satellite. But that's getting a little off topic.
  2. Ah, North Korea... Just, why? They should be smart enough to know that if the satellite failed to orbit, everyone would know it!
  3. I was able to launch it easily enough, but flying down to a landing was horrible! The first time I tried it, I overshot KSC and crashed in the ocean out beyond the island airbase. The second time, I barely made it over the mountains and crashed in the plains between KSC and the mountains. You weren't kidding when you said it didn't glide very well! It quickly lost most of its lateral velocity and just fell straight down. Any attempts I made to pull out of the dive resulted in an unrecoverable flat spin.
  4. Yes, another use for the remarkably versatile Shenzou OM. I read about these in the Soyuz Owners Workshop Manual, which I got for Christmas.
  5. I use the Shenzou OM for a lot of stuff. It forms the airlock on Kvant 2 on my Mir station, as well as the Shuttle docking module. If I ever try to construct an ISS replica, the Shenzou will probably be what I use for Pirs or Poisk. Maybe I will post pictures of the crew departing from Kalmaz when their expedition is finished.
  6. Thanks! I'll see if I can refine the design. If I had turned the plane around and dropped the X-15 then, I could have tried to land back at the runway, which might have helped me to avoid that crash at the end.
  7. Well, the X-15 program isn't going well... X-15 underneath the wing of the B-52. I used one of the runways from KerbinSide for realism. The bottom stabilizer was destroyed during the takeoff run. Ascent to the bomber's maximum altitude, which in this configuration is about 8 km X-15 release Rocket ignition Too bad the crew on the B-52 will have no hope of survival due to the physics range. I emptied all the fuel from the plane for drop tests and forgot to put it back in, so the engine burned out after only a few seconds. Dropping whatever is left of the lower stabilizer shortly befor
  8. Time to make an X-15 replica with the B-52!
  9. Finally able to show the first mission to Kalmaz 1 Launch of TKS spacecraft on a Proton The rendezvous window was at night, so I didnt get very many good images of the ascent. This is one of the better ones, after first stage separation and escape tower jettison Orbit achieved, the third stage was mostly useless, I probably could have put this ship in orbit using only the first and second stages. Rendezvous took about three or four hours to complete, which in my opinion is quite good, especially considering the altitude and inclination of the orbit. Approaching Kalmaz 1 The clearance be
  10. This would be nice to see. Would it be possible to make a tweak which adds a larger, three seat Soyuz? The IVA for the TKS VA capsule could be used for the DM.
  11. Hmm, maybe you could rescale Cygnus to be 1.25 meters. It would still be smaller than the ATV, but it would be much closer to its actual size. I have always thought of the small docking nodes being like the docking ports used in Soyuz, ATV, and the shuttle, and the medium sized ones as beig like the Common Berthing Mechanism, which Cygnus, HTV, Dragon, and all of the modules in the USOS use.
  12. Thanks! The station's first crew has arrived at the station on a TKS, unfortunately, I cannot post pictures of it right now.I am planning on sending Kalmaz 2 (hehe, how original) to Munar orbit for photo reconnaissance and possibly Kalmaz 3 to Minmus. I also have a Mir replica in the works, I just have to add Priorda and the shuttle's docking module. One thing I noticed with both my Almaz and Mir is how OP the Proton is. I was able to send Kalmaz 1 into a 240km polar orbit while barely tapping the fuel in the third stage. Every single Mir module I have launched didn't require the third stage a
  13. Here's something I've been doing... Launch on board a Proton The station is in a polar orbit so it will have an oppurtunity to photograph every spot on Kerbin Almaz in orbit. A three member crew will be sent on a TKS for a two month expedition. The station has several cameras on board for top secret photoreconnaissance.
  14. Finally! I have been looking for a good shuttle replica to use. I wonder though, would it be possible to convert this into a Buran type ship?
  15. Ha, Alabama is the worst place on earth when it comes to weather. One day it will be 100 degrees Fahrenheit (I don't know what that would be in Celsius), the next it's 30 degrees out and raining! No snow though, so Christmas is always a little boring.
  16. That parachute looks great! one thing you maybe could add to the IVAs would be space suits in storage. Maybe in the Soyuz OM you could put a suit, maybe without the helmet or gloves attached to it?
  17. Yeah, I don't know if you've ever seen the inside of a Russian style station module, but they do look closer to the middle Salyut part. The big part at the rear of the station looks the worst to me, partly because it is oriented incorrectly. The "ceiling" of the module should be on one of the sides of the module, and the "floor" should be on the opposite side. If you still don't understand, here is a link to a video tour of the ISS. The Russian segment is towards the end of the video, but it gives you a good look at both the DOS and FGB style modules, as well as the Soyuz OM and ATV. http://yo
  18. Yes, many of the IVAs need redoing. The Soyuz OM has always bugged me because there are no hatches leading to the descent module or to the docking mechanism. Most of the IVAs, especially the station parts, appear too empty, and just don't give the appearance of a cluttered space station. If Beale could add some Velcro patches, some bags attached to the walls, maybe some sticky notes placed here and there, and they would be great!
  19. I haven't been able to find much info about the CARV, but I don't think it was intended to carry passengers. From what I can tell, it is similar to the Dragon V1, but much bigger.
  20. At least ATV will live on in the form of the Orion Service Module!
  21. The ATV had so many possibilities, it's a shame they cancelled the program after only five flights. I will be sad to see Georges Lemaitre leave the ISS next month. But of all the proposals for ATV, the CARV concept was the best. I hope you can make it someday!
  22. Since you're redoing the ATV, have you ever heard of this? http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/File:ATV_CARV.JPG It was a proposal to make a version of the ATV that can return large amounts of cargo to Earth in a return capsule instead of the pressurized compartment on standard ATVs. It could even be modified to dock at the US segment of the ISS so it could transfer International Standard Payload Racks to the station.
  23. Thanks! It looks pretty nice, I'll give it a try when it comes out. Zenit looks really nice too.
  24. I was referring to the Dragon V1 anyway. As for the stockalike Dragon V2, I had not heard of this. I will certainly check out out!
  25. Have you considered making the Dragon spacecraft? After all, Cygnus is in the pack, so why not add the other commercial spacecraft that services the ISS?
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