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  1. Not usually a big fan of metal, but damn... If I ever become a history teacher these guys are going into my curriculum whether the school staff wants it or not.
  2. Maybe I'll finally get that Mosin-Nagant this year..
  3. Oh, I just had another idea! It may not work depending on the size of the hangar, but you could just do MJ's thermometer hinge idea except have the door swing inside the hangar instead of outside. If the hangar is small or doesn't have a lot of clearance it may be tricky though... This may be all nonsense anyway. I haven't ever tried my own bearing system (although perhaps I should soon)
  4. You can line the top and bottom edges of the door with them and if there's still a gap in the middle you can probably fill it in with a radiator. If that still doesn't look good I'm not sure what else to tell you.
  5. Man, its been so long since I visited that wiki.
  6. There's always the (by now) classic option of using the fold out rectangular antennas.
  7. >WW2 aviation >Kerbal Space Program forum Need I say more?
  8. Oh yeah, here's one more suggestion if you're interested in the American Civil War or time travel: In short, the book is about how a group of white supremacists go back in time to 1864, where they offer to supply the Confederate army with AK-47s so they can win the war (thereby ensuring the existence of a country that shares their ideology). It sounds stupid at first, like some cheap 80s action film, but if you read it, it actually becomes really interesting. It eventually describes how the Confederates realize the time travelers have their own agenda and that they don't want anything to do with them. But whatever, it's basically a book about the Civil War with assault rifles...
  9. I love the series but that part of the book is absolutely painful to read sometimes. After the first part of the Two Towers, reading about exciting characters such as Aragorn and Legolas and the adventures they have in Rohan, Helm's Deep, etc. going to the second part is sort of like coming off a sugar high. Best thing to do is just power through it. Read as much and as fast as possible, and soon you get to Return of the King, where it picks back up again.
  10. As someone who has read this book once a year for the last five years (and counting) I can say you won't regret it.
  11. DON'T SAY THAT. At least wait until Buzz Aldrin gets out of the hospital. .
  12. I have a stereotypical analog clock, complete with the giant bells on top. It therefore makes a generic ringing sound. When I bought it I figured it would sound like a U-boat dive alarm right out of Das Boot, but most mornings I subconsciously get out of bed, walk the five feet to where it is, turn the dammed thing off, and go right back to bed to salvage what I can of my sleep.
  13. Gemini 8 awaiting the go-ahead to dock to its Agena Target vehicle. Also, these KIS explosives are becoming a bit of a safety hazard on my missions. "Going on EVA this time, I see... Better pack some C4 in the ship so I have something to do in orbit"
  14. Nothing special here, just a relay satellite I built based on the Ranger probes. Instead of the truss on top it has a large relay dish (hopefully it's strong enough to reach the inner planets, but I couldn't be bothered to double check that), and the two large solar panels have been replaced with four smaller ones that can track the Sun. I guess I can claim it to be unique because I actually used the Titan I to launch it (how many people can say that, I wonder?), but other than that there's not all that much to it. Are you... sure this is the Titan I? For some reason it looks just a little different than the one I've seen. Eh, maybe it's just the paint job. >tfw you live in the middle of Canada but get hit by a giant hurricane anyway. The satellite is in a Molniya orbit, and therefore spends most of its time up away from the earth, where it can easily receive signals from interplanetary or lunar probes and bounce them down to Earth while rarely being out of contact with the network.
  15. Alright, I'll take a look at it. I also realized a few minutes ago that I need something like this so I can make launches to polar orbits (like from Vandenberg AFB)
  16. This may not be the right place to ask this (hell, it's probably an FAQ), but does anyone know if there is a mod updated to 1.2 that will allow me to place KSP at the site of the Baikonur Cosmodrome? It looked to me that KSC Switcher was out of date, and I don't know if the Kosmodrome mod is compatible with this.
  17. Yeah, man, go for it! Did I see an F-14 in those pictures?
  18. You fail to make a prediction, and therefore are wrong by default. Been awhile since I've seen @Columbia. You still alive?
  19. Oh man, what I wouldn't give for a set of armor like that...
  20. Alright, these rockets have been done for a while, but I was busy for a while and forgot about them. Fortunately, I had some time tonight to do last minute checks on each of them and they all appear good, so I'm going to go ahead and release them. I'm 99% sure there are no major problems. SATURN I BLOCK II SATURN I + APOLLO BOILERPLATE SATURN I + PEGASUS SATELLITE
  21. .... I don't think the B-52 can even carry that many bombs... How do you release them, during level flight or have you attempted dive bombing?
  22. Gemini 6 & 7 rendezvous Apollo-Saturn I suborbital test flight I'm going to give you the benefit of the doubt and assume its because I'm using an older version and I'm too lazy to update, but the Apollo parachutes seem to be transparent.