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  1. Would be awesome! Right now i fiddle with sepatrons and the editor tools, but this would be great for the part count. Besides, you would probably make some slick adjustments to the models right? ;)
  2. Wow, really great to see all this new stuff. Regarding shortening of the other engines, I'd say it's not worth it for two reasons. 1. It makes sense that wider sized tanks need engines that are a bit taller. 2. Work. On the other hand you could argue that the engines are actually identical and only the amount of engines changes. And they DO look pretty with all the fuel lines and stuff. Dilemma's dilemma's
  3. Will also be trying this tonight. This was probably also the reason this mod did not 'accept' my science station. Thanks!
  4. I really like that idea, KSP can from time to time use some (sometimes external) motivation to do new stuff. Two things to watch out for: 1. the good thing about the contract system is that you can decline the wacky and/ or unfun ones. Make sure the expectations are fun and unwacky 2. Maybe part of the solution to 1. Make sure expectations do refresh as new and bigger goals become available. Don't want to put that rover on the mun once I have turned my sights on beyond Duna and Eve. Otherwise great idea, great way to give people mission ideas/ incentives.
  5. This looks really nice! Will be trying this out tonight, really great that you made this so customisable.
  6. You can play the game and all mods on a windows 64 bit operating system, no problems there. The problems are with the 64 bit version of the game. By default the game is installed as 32 bit, this limits the memory your computer can use to run the game to approximately 3.5GB. You will start running into this limit as you install more and more mods (believe me eventually you will )It is however the only stable version of the game on windows. Anyway, congrats on your purchase. Have a lot of fun!
  7. Well yes, communication 'could' have been better We can speculate on why communication wasn't all that great. I've seen a few possible reasons posted already (champagne, a tense day, relief and maybe some of that warm fuzzy feeling you get when you win the lottery). This could be something they learn from though, because obviously some of the fans got 'a little' concerned. And although not all responses were thought out very well, they were based on the (initial) feelings of the writers. They show us that 1, the community likes this game very much and would not like to see it get hurt. And 2, the community very much appreciates the few lines of text the team writes each week (and that they are probably nagged about and have to squeeze in between all that hard work). So please keep these coming! Anyways, congratulations on this deal. I really hope this will work out for the company and the game! PS And yes my skeptic dont-trust-any-profit-business feelings are also bit unsure about this new heading, but they were voiced by others in a not so subtle manner.
  8. Whaha look at Jeb digging the new icon OT: That looks very nice indeed, better use of available space! I'll go and grab myself an update.
  9. Brilliant! I understand that this is not something you want to put in hours of coding. You could consider placing the stars vertically above the profession icon? Only showing achieved stars, or showing a star with a number could help too. Anyway this is a great improvement as is. No more tedious switching to astronaut complex or knowledge base, thanks!
  10. Hi guys, just a quick heads up. Version on CKAN is still showing 1.5.01. Have not checked if it is or is not the newest version, just installed this mod manually because its so awesome
  11. Need you say more!? Loving this one small mod, it really is a giant leap for.. Ahh you get the picture!
  12. I completely understand. You taking a look is great. As you are thinking about crew/command modules this might be a good mod to look at as well. It adds a lot of them (maybe even a bit too much if you ask me) so might give Some inspiration. Thanks again anyway and good luck!
  13. Hi NecroBones. Maybe you have seen this already, but the tank interiors from HGR have a very similar tank interior to your version of the 2.5m tanks. Don't know if you would want to adjust to other mods, but as HGR is one of the few (maybe even the only) mods that introduce a new diameter tanks and is widely used I thought it might be worth telling you. Keep up the good work! =)
  14. Hi Magico! Thanks for this great mod. It has really made the CFO of To Space Inc a nicer person to be around I have one suggestion for this mod. Would it be possible to add one extra line to the recovery message that states what the maximum recovery funds would have been. We are of course able to check this in the editor, but I think this might really add to wanting te recover as efficiently as possible.
  15. Bingo! Latest dev. build did indeed fix the issues like you said. Thanks a lot for maintaining and updating this mod, it really does make a difference for my KSP experience (something I should have said in my first post though)!