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    [1.0.2]HGR 1.875m parts(v1.3.0 released)

    The Tantares TKS is the perfect size, (I use the 1.875 cargo bay part on everything), but in my humble opinion the capsule is a little short compared to the Kerbals' big helmets. I understand that its probably true to its scale, so I can see the challenge. BTW thank you x100 Beale for the modding tutorial!
  2. abarilov

    [1.0.2]HGR 1.875m parts(v1.3.0 released)

    I was able to replicate the issue with the broken chutes in .90! Looks like theres some conflict with Tantares' pack. I only use it for a few antennas, and the chutes stopped working after i deleted some of the parts i didn't use. Problem was fixed after deleting Tantares' cfg third-party mod compatibility cfg files. Anyway, just wanted to say thanks again for making such an awesome part series! Im beginning to get into modding myself, and will be trying to build a tks decent capsule in the same style to fit 1.875m, seeing as how making a tks ship out of stock diameters is pretty much impossible.
  3. abarilov

    [1.0.2]HGR 1.875m parts(v1.3.0 released)

    Cleaned the redundant MM files but still no chutes
  4. abarilov

    [1.0.2]HGR 1.875m parts(v1.3.0 released)

    Thanks ofr getting back! Just have to say, this is my favorite mod in all of ksp. Very beautiful work! Tried re-installing but the problem remains. Right clicking only shows a "decouple" option. Here's what my gamedata folder looks like:
  5. abarilov

    [1.0.2]HGR 1.875m parts(v1.3.0 released)

    Orionkermin, please help! I've been using your mod on 0.25 and it was working fine, but all of a sudden, now the inline chutes can only decouple. Theres no parachute icon in staging, and manual actiongroups dont work either. I'm not using realchutes, so do you know what could be done to resolve this?