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  1. Awesome! I didn't save any of the changes, kind of just played around. Looking forward to the updates
  2. Thanks for the comment! Well if it's something that will be fixed in the future that's great, I just wasn't sure if it was the final release. As a semi permanent fix I wonder how hard it would be to find those default values. The bullets file is definitely new but I messed around with it and couldn't come up with anything
  3. I've updated to 1.2 and for some reason the physics behind bdarmory have changed, back in 1.1 they seemed to work fine. I'm having issues with KSP/squad parts not absorbing damage properly. I built a tank out of structural panels and changed the file on the structural panels to have a higher damage protection rating. The problem is, bd armory is shooting (even with very weak guns) straight through the structural panels and completely killing the inside of the tank with 1 shot while leaving the outside in slightly damaged condition. This was never an issue in previous versions, the other versio
  4. I like it! Mine has the front like that to run through stuff and to move quickly over rough terrain without hitting anything. The beams are bolted to the chassis, they can rip through almost anything. It's also a really heavy craft, my only problem is going above 50 mph the wheels tend to wobble in. Is there a way to fix this?
  5. I actually have a better model thats far more structurally sound. It can take like 4 hits to the side without killing the kerbal, the engine also works through a lot of damage. I think this tank looks a bit better though I did cheat a little bit and edit some of the parts strength though, including the struts so technically if you're playing with the normal ksp it probably won't work well.
  6. sorry delete. repost
  7. I haven't seen very many tanks out there so I decided to make one.
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