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  1. I installed the mod last night, what a great mod ! I like being able to fly a Falcon 9! Do have a question about the proper order of parts; what parts do I use to connect the 2nd stage to the 1st stage? If I use an interstage, the Mvac does not get a thing around it and is just open to the atmosphere - doesn't really look SpaceX like There's numerous recovery mods out there - what's the suggested recovery mod so I can recover the first stages?
  2. I used the transfer window planner to determine the rough time, then used the porkchop planner in mechjeb for a node....I might've possibly quite maybe used a shorter travel time. Obviously, not even Kerbals would trust me anywhere close to their mission control.
  3. Hey UmbralRaptor, thanks for your post! Navbal has been set to Orbit (Though, surface shows a speed that's not too different (Less then 1k/s)) No realism mods that change orbital physics. Images attached.
  4. Alright. So after lots of trial and error, I'll resort to ask for some help trying to capture myself in orbits around Duna & Eve (Probably every other planet too.) I've set up two missions, one to Duna, one to Eve to land a small probe. For the first mission to Duna, I followed the tutorials and used the mechjeb interplanetary porkchop maneauver planner to setup my burn to Duna. Que a few hundred days later, I arrive in the Duna system. But where the tutorial mentions that aerobraking can be thrilling with speeds up to 2km/s, my probe happily dives to Duna at a good 8km/s. Even skimming the surface at just I ended up needing to go down to about 5km above the surface to slow down sufficiently. Eve just about the same story, as my probe plunges towards the planet, it goes along at 8km/s, if not closer to 9km/s. So far I've dipped into the atmosphere to about 90km altitude, but with little effect on my speed, or my final orbit. I'd go lower, but I understand that doing so would most likely result in rapid unplanned disassembly due to the thick atmosphere. Am I doing something wrong in my captures to get these speeds? Usually I leave notes of my missions, but unfortunately, I don't have anymore notes about my escape burn from Kerbin. An earlier safe did show my Duna Probe cruising in a Kerbol orbit towards Duna at 14,5km/s (If that helps.) Many thanks for any feedback !
  5. Why don;t they use sort of like harpoons, like they do with helicopters that land on navy ships? The moment a leg feels pressure, a harpoon on the other side of the rocket secures the falcon to the ship
  6. That must've gone on purpose. Rapid unplanned dissassembly can't be that pretty.
  7. Lupus, if you are using probe core on the underside of your rover, that's partly the problem: The reaction wheels in the probe core still try to pitch/yaw/roll your rover. Try turning off the reaction wheels by right clicking the core and/or setup different controls for the rover in the settings/controls menu.
  8. I usually attach a skycrane to the top of the rover and deliver it that way. I tried a KAS winch, but the whole thing starts freaking out and spinning. How did you fix this?
  9. Over engineering my missions to the point it takes four weeks of constructing and testing and a DeltaV budget upwards of 10km/s to do a 20 minute Duna mission Because you know, if a solar panel breaks........we can't just ask for a new one. We gotta have a spare one on the ship. Or if that one breaks.... What if we get in our contingency fuel? That's a big no no.
  10. Been reading up on this topic for a while, I might actually sign up and see if I can help. Just a suggestion to lower stress levels and add some humor; Ya'll should get in touch with SpaceX / Elon Musk about the launch. With him liking KSP, he might actually 'donate' a launch !
  11. As most of us, I tend to use Sepratons. Depending on how big/heavy the stage is, I use more. I usually put one on top of the stage, angled a bit down and inwards to the core stack. This seems to give (especially the lighter stages) a split second longer to clear the rocket
  12. I took my PERL (Planetary Exploration Rover Lab, not that there's much of a lab...) out for a spin on the Mun, and climbed out of the great crater: The Little Rover That Could Big slope, big climb! It performed so much better then I expected ( I never expected it to climb 4k without any problem, except for the last 40+ degree bit.)
  13. I tested my rover delivery system for my upcoming Duna mission on the Mun. Unfortunately, the KAS Winch can't play nice. After a few attempts, I managed to set it down without the winch on the sky crane; ​
  14. Alright, thanks for the input then! As for Eve/Duna, I was basing myself of the travel to Duna tutorial on the wiki: 'Duna is Kerbin's second closest neighbor. After a successful landing on Eve, it is likely your next logical step. It perhaps the ideal planet for interplanetary voyages for several reasons:"