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  1. Following through with their plans to make Kerbals a multi-planet species, KASA has launched the first part of the KCS Kolony Ship. Unlike previous large scale craft, this vessel is not just a space station, but the first of many ships with which to colonize Laythe. This first part of the ship is the habitat module. It holds 12 family homes which will descend to the surface of Laythe. After deployment, the habitat module will be repurposed to a service hangar in orbit of Laythe. While the Habitat does have maneuvering thrusters capable of adjusting it's orbit, it will need to be docked with a drive module to move it and it's precious cargo of 60 Kerbals to Laythe orbit for permanent occupation.
  2. Trust me, you want all the lights you can get on a motorcycle at night.... a poorly marked road could put you in the hospital unless you can see like it's daytime.... I know from experience... I broke 2 vertebrae, 4 ribs, and a metacarpal the day after Thanksgiving. I just got the cast and brace off a week ago. Jeb knows what he's doing with the dual lights.
  3. Jeb saw a Karley Davikson in the parking lot, and decided he wanted one too. Having blown all his money on potato chips, he decided to build one from parts at the KSC junkyard.
  4. Built a carrier, with 6 exploration cruisers in the docking bays, then sent one to land on Minmus as a test run.
  5. Actually, there is no clipping. Most of the panels are in the shade most of the time, but they are spaced far enough away to not clip
  6. Built and launched a new Stanford torus, completely stock this time. Crew capacity 512 Kerbals (NOT including the science modules and command pod). The launch vehicle has 162 engines, 81 per launch stage. Carries 2,000,000 tons of fuel, and burns over 20,000 tons per second. It took 12 launches due to the Kraken attacking... But I finally strutted it up enough to defend against the dreaded Kraken. Yeah... I might have gone overboard on the solar panels....
  7. Normally I tend to make really BIG things in KSP, but every once in a while I get the urge to make something small. And this is one of those times. One of my mods, I'm not sure which, includes an RCS which is fueled only by Air Intake, and Electric Charge. So I decided to make a nearly stock plane using those new RCS as the engines. And this very tiny microplane with an RTS as the primary structural linkage is the result. After installing a radio control module Jeb gave it to Val as an anniversary present in remembrance of her first flight. Kerbal added for scale...
  8. Tested this monsterous rover. This roomy rover, comfortably holds 3 crew and 8 passengers, sports 6 Drill'o'Matics, 2 ISRUs, and 2 new OxyMonoISRU test units (converts excess oxidizer into monopropellant. because I never calculate how much oxidizer I need, and often have a lot left over with no way to dump it). It is capable of up to 45m/s on electric drive only, but has a pair of jet engines to get up those "steep" 20 degree hills surrounding the KSC. It's 8 large deployable solar panels and enormous battery capacity enables this over-sized rover, to keep mining and refining all night long with plenty of juice to spare. Currently all sales are pickup only, a suitable delivery system has yet to be worked out.
  9. Decided to take another shot at a flying disk. Doesn't pitch very well, and fuel economy is horrible. but it flies pretty stable. Maybe I can tweak it into working better.... Edit: Turns out to not need fuel or chutes to land. just select control from here on one of the docking ports on bottom, and set radial in then walk away for a little while XD
  10. KASA launched the Rok colony ship today, carrying 312 passengers + 10 crew members on a one way trip to Laythe. After achieving Kerbin orbit, the Rok was refuel and is awaiting a compliment of 6 shuttles which will carry the passengers to the surface of Laythe. After the colonization mission, the crew will stay aboard the Rok in Laythe orbit, and the ship will be converted into a space station for interplanetary commerce.
  11. Genegan and Seanberry Kerman are now stuck in orbit with no fuel after testing the experimental "Bat out'a Hell" space plane. They seem to be enjoying themselves despite the predicament, which is a good thing considering their contract doesn't mention a return trip. This is actually the 2nd time making this particular craft.... KSP crashed after testing it the first time, but before I saved the ship.... The original was much faster, more stable, and fuel efficient even though it uses the exact same parts.... cant figure out whats different....
  12. Tentacle Monster attacks the KSP!!! News at 11.
  13. Decided to make a biplane. I Don't have any propeller mods so I improvised, heh. Got a perfect 4 point landing. One day maybe I'll successfully aim for the runway
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