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  1. @SteevStanman check the settings for remotetech to change how you want it to function. I usually have antenna's usable without connection to simulate the NASA way antenna's always try and find a connection without input. Also its a good idea to turn off the base game com system. @012phuong Try this in the Defualt_Settings.cfg under remotetech folder might not add kk locations but covers the planet in comms. If you want to make your own just change coordinates and height with a new name of course.
  2. the two items that are omni when they should be dish are parts/probeexpansion/pioneer/bluedog_Pioneer_HGA.cfg and the other being its variant _alternate.cfg
  3. I've noticed while playing with this mod remotetech range on antenna's can be.... massive ie 4gm. Also some of the dishes are omni range with things like 90gm range. I've taken a look at the cfg for remote tech and even with the 200% increase 4gm on a antenna is very large. The power would be closer to rl with energy cost being 0.1 instead of 0.01 though that can differ with close range antenna/dishes.
  4. Noticed on Spacedock you have version 1.7.1 and on Githhub you have version 1.7.0 without re selecting. The Remotetech cfg needs to be updated with the new antenna's the A27-C was my favorite compact little antenna thats how I found the cfg issue.
  5. Very awesome your reviving these parts for the future.
  6. Welcome back, very handy mod when you have been playing a single game for a while and the crafts start to pile up.
  7. Looking forward to seeing what the decision on life support will be. I like to play as realistic as possible and I'm wondering how many others want life support in base game as well.
  8. @Thorn_Ike literally one above your post tells you your problem.
  9. I'll tweak it in a bit some of the pathfinder parts are tricky since they nearly all inflate and are made for base building. I was thinking adding more radiation shielding to them.
  10. Here is a rough MM patch for Wild Blue Industries. all of the crewed parts from pathfinder deepspace and buffalo.
  11. Does a Wild Blue Industries patch exist? If not I'll get one started right away and post it.
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