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  1. Thanks seems to be just the ticket for what I need.
  2. Not sure if this has been asked before but is there any mods except rss or the like that change engine power and fuel weights to work with a real size sigma build? I'm tired of all my engines either not having an ignition count and therefore breaking the realism of them or they glitch out since things are modified in size. I had a rocket that had an engine with -1 weight suffice it to say the rocket ... did not perform well.
  3. I hope with the introduction of console systems the game doesn't suffer. This game was made for pc's from the start and changing the pc version for a watered down console friendly version only hurts it tremendously. I say this now because most big gaming companies love to port over the game into every imaginable electronic they can. Never has this helped the game, only the cash it makes.
  4. Thought it was Kopernicus but apparently no idea so far.
  5. I've had issue #17 Empty orbit Selection Window for a while now for many mod installs. now that KCT is out I'm gonna try and find the culprit. Did you find anything on it since the problem was posted? If not thats ok I'll at least narrow it down to what file does it.
  6. Hey @ProtoJeb21 I recently ran your mod with sigma Dimensions and I think it has found some errors in the planet pack. Heres log files to show with and without sigma. sigma KSP.log?dl=0 sigma KSP.log?dl=0
  7. Nice then that means your mod is even good as a diagnostics tool. Heres the log with and without sigma installed I'll contact @ProtoJeb21 and give him the same info. sigma KSP.log?dl=0 sigma KSP.log?dl=0 I'm trying to find a planets pack that adds other solar systems and been testing some out any suggestions? Ones that work well with SD.
  8. I run into the same issue with nothing showing up after spending the money and waiting anywhere. I'll start going through my mods and finding the culprit since base game doesn't have this problem. Great mod btw it is definitely on my must have mods for ease of moving things around, once i figure out which mod I'll let you know.
  9. I love this mod, When I first downloaded it i was worried all the detail was going to be washed out when going 6x or so but not so. Recently I've made a career modlist with an unhealthy amount of mods in it. The problem is when i add Interstellar adventure revived with this one. To say the least i can't load up a new game to play anything, and on startup it gives multiple errors between the two. Here is a log file with only the two Is there anyway to make these two mods play nice together?
  10. I know there is a mod to fly a mission for testing ie Krash, yet I find the older versions of KCT had a better integrated system for it. Any plans to bring this feature back?
  11. By what I have read yes that is allowed as long as your payload is stock. Also this looks fun, I'll get a few stock crafts put together.
  12. I'm getting the same error that happened some time ago in which the toolbar icon disappears a few seconds after loading the craft and the docking ports wont work with this mod. Here is my log
  13. I do love me some more science. If only they could change how science worked in game it seems a bit lacking for some reason. Great mod.
  14. I've noticed the hangers like to explode off of things when they aren't attached to the main nodes.
  15. modular rocket system has a part that is simple and non cheaty. Its just a docking port alignment plate you put behind them and it has a yellow and red light for indicating orientation, as well as green lights to show the docking port location easily. Mods aren't all bad