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  1. Okay cool. I really do like having it, it's nice for tons of operations!
  2. This is more spaceplane than space station at this point... The station relies heavily on p-tanks. The ice cream cone looking part is a bunch 8 MMUs using the two man external seat from SXT. They're good for going places, but also they can reenter in a pinch. There are two smaller spaceplanes used for emergency reentry only, they only have about 500dv each. They could also be used to get to other stations. The larger skylon-ish spaceplanes can be configured for fuel, cargo, or passengers. The two pictured are the former two. Each one is capable of FULLY refueling the entire space station in one go.
  3. For the first time ever, I took an SSTO to mine for ore on Minmus. I had to refuel once in LKO and once on the surface of Minmus. I then flew to the North Pole to mine. Once full of ore, I flew back to Kerbin, and somehow landed on the runway too. Mods: -tweakscale -mj -p-tanks -mk2 expansion Enjoy.
  4. Hey, for your SA, I'm not looking for help: I was getting a glitch when I tried to rendezvous two vessels around Minmus. When I approached the old physics range (I think), both vessels were flung on an escape trajectory. Removing this mod solved the issue.
  5. I don't know if this has been discovered already, but I figured I'd share: today, I learned the hard way that these are not 0/0 capable ejection seats haha
  6. Turns out that that they didn't play nice with tweakscale continued. Removing the .cfg and the .dll for the docking ports fixed it.
  7. Is anyone else having problems with the 3.75m docking ports? I can't seem to get them to work. They just won't dock, no matter how perfectly I stick them together. It doesn't seem to work when I let mechjeb try to dock it either.
  8. To be honest,I didn't know those existed, and I already own KSP ha. Either way, I play KSP in my free time so if I get even a little training value out of it I'm happy,I'm just plaYing for fun. I may give it a go again; I'm having issues with that mod atm. My mistake haha, I'm impressed though, the exterior is nearly identical. We use the B version at NAS Corpus Christi though!
  9. Specs Here Could someone replicate this for me as accurate to the real specs as possible? I've made a replica version myself but can't seem to make it fly (DOWNLOAD HERE - I used KAX, and I believe that's it, but if not, let me know and I'll check it out). I don't seem to be producing lift, the propeller is wrong (It's a four-blade, so I resorted to clipping two two-blades on top of each other at 90 degree separation). Other than that, it's just kind of off. I've never been good with replicas. Mods are very much okay. FAR is a must; if you can recommend any other realism mods, shoot! I'm a student in flight training at the moment, and I'm planning to use this to practice my maneuvers/procedures. I would seriously appreciate any help, as I spent 2 hours making a craft that doesn't even work. In return, I can upload game footage compared to real life footage of how I used this to help me. Thanks in advance, -LT
  10. Called the REDt-1 (rapid exosphere direct transport). Carries 6 kerbals (two of which are pilots). Doesn't have great dV in orbit, but enough to make maneuvers. Stock + MechJeb. To do: -slightly more liquid fuel. -RCS or more torque. -Solar panels. -Batteries in a different location (they are supposedly shielded, but they are the first parts to overheat.
  11. You should try BahamutoD's landing gear. I love them.
  12. It looks good, flies even better! You definitely need to use action groups though haha.
  13. Jeeze... and here I am, not considering my spaceplanes to be SSTO unless they can reach a 250km orbit and return.
  14. Dude that's actually awesome. What did you use for the ejector seats?
  15. Haha, yeah paratrooping DID always get dangerous duty pay anyway. I guess now we know why!