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  1. So the day is approaching and I found this while perusing my news feeds. Enjoy http://m.nydailynews.com/news/world/apollo-11-lands-man-moon-1969-article-1.2294428
  2. I liked how the K parts had mk2 attachment points on the sides, have you thought about adding some adapters to allow similar side attachment to other fuselage types? May look cool along side the Mk 3's for instance, or just the 2.5 stuff.
  3. That ring part makes prety good space stations. I would not resent having a model simply for that.
  4. Or since kerbals speak backwards Spanish, they use Osep.
  5. oddly when i use open gl KSP used more memory than without
  6. Prairie solar carpet. Hmm a solar tepee. Hey maybe some of the smaller modules should use Indian names, wigwam command tent. Buffalo rover.....
  7. Nah I bet its remote tech or epl. None of my parts mods are all that large.
  8. I like it. Now I just have to find what's eating all my memory.
  9. Maybe, but then I also didn't mention what you did in the kitchen.
  10. This is what you get for leaving us unsupervised. You don't even want to know what rover did to the bathroom.
  11. I believe you need a kitchen first, otherwise, its just a sink.
  12. Depending on the parts final size and placement in the tech tree, if its early enough maybe 1/4 and probably the loss of higher end functions.