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  1. Hah I love the Dumb Car! Gotta make more of these!
  2. Thank you. Yeah I looked over your old constellation mission and I liked the way your rovers looked. By the way Happy Thanksgiving
  3. Now that Thanksgiving Break is here I have to to mess around with Ksp. I made a small rover that is I guess alright. I kind of liked the way it looked so I went with it. It can seat 4 Kerbals "Comfortably" And it is pretty much useless but I guess it is small. Link:https://kerbalx.com/Duk/Cyclops Album Link:http://imgur.com/a/TieOq
  4. Jeez man everytime I check the forums I have to go to put my jaw back into place.
  5. Woah Those are some creation that I aspire to make. Awesome Job!
  6. Probably my new favorite mod I have always wanted these. Thank you so much.
  7. Yes there is. It is O.K. But I am making a science lab for it to haul that will have a large crew capacity and 2 big solar panels
  8. A very small versatile rover that can be used for almost anything but mostly recreational camping. It has a whole host of things that it comes with. Features It is semi-stable It *Only* weighs around 6 tons It Compact! It has stabilizers! It has a wide wheels because that helps in Kerbal Space Program! Pictures Download https://kerbalx.com/Duk/Vehicle-platform-V2
  9. Wow, my jaw just dropped. Is that a custom made mod by you? Amazing
  10. Impressive definitely a great cargo lifter!
  11. sooo can anyone post what they made for a constellation pack?