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  1. yes they did but i was not able to launch the ship. i fix it by adding the 3 missing info in the config.
  2. there missing info in the config //category, technology and cost category=Utility subcategory=0.0 TechRequired=supersonicFlight // missing supersonicFlight cost=2900 //cost missing entryCost=9000 // entry cost missing j_3m_rearHatch j_2m_inlineBoardingRamp
  3. I did not see anything about part been move to the legacy, I have 2 part on my ship not showing up J rear hatch engine mount and J inline boarding ramp.
  4. Do i need KIS to change the gyroscope since it has a lifespan ?
  5. So i change the orange tank to a white version but it's super shinny. How can i make it less shinny? http://imgur.com/a/cP3SV Any help would be welcome
  6. Very nice engine. Is there a way to show the engine in the side panel because right now there are covered by the engine fairing.
  7. Just like to say thank you and keep up the good work. Yoru mod was one of my favorite mod, looking forward to it re-release.
  8. check my edit you took out the opt in the name of the parts http://imgur.com/a/FQhAP
  9. this is what i see http://imgur.com/a/F6Vi6 edit i see where the issue is you change the name of the parts old version has opt infront http://imgur.com/a/FQhAP
  10. I did but I having a issue now of my old plane not recognising the wing and unable to load. Do you have a link to the older version ?
  11. Not sure if this has been talk about but the wing in my install are gone. edit: i delete the folder and re install and it seem to fix the issue
  12. I have the same issue, it also happen from the top when they are open 2x1 gargo bay i have not tested the 1x1
  13. Thank for the upkeep. The lack of IRSU made a new part base out of the Fission plant
  14. @RaendyLeBeau Do you have any plans to add stuff to this mod or you are satisfy with it ? I love your mod.
  15. @linuxgurugamer You Sir are awesome, thank for keeping all these mod alive.
  16. Having a issue with the 5m engine not showing up in career mode. They show up in sandbox but not career i check the config but i can't seem to find anything. I have mod install see image http://imgur.com/QghsPD Not sure what else i could provide for info
  17. I miss the info but i found the error my self
  18. Cant see the parts in Career
  19. I reverted back to 2.0.2 and it work fine for me. No i have not try removing my module manager cache. I DL it from spacedock. Edit- Deleted all module manager and did a fresh install of mod and still no luck with 2.0.5
  20. I have the engine files but they would have to be updated and i have no clue where to start with that.
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