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  1. Finished the "Duna" mission 1 with my own little twist to it. In the Galileo Planet Pack, the closest planet is Niven, a Venutian planet. The Delta V required is slightly more than Duna, making it a slightly more challenging mission. Due to it's atmosphere, landing on it will be a significant challenge! Mission album: http://imgur.com/gallery/KM5oD And some teasers:
  2. Conducted my first Iota mission on my Space Shuttle Program Challenge career mode!! http://imgur.com/a/xrVcF The shuttle:
  3. Howdy! I did see your shuttle in the V3 challenge thread, and I must admit I was inspired by the design. However, I never downloaded it, I created my own from scratch. And since I could never quite figure out how to get the external tank on top, I re-designed it and turned it into a Buran style shuttle.
  4. Finished the Mun mission! (To Iota, due to the modded planet pack). Re-worked the shuttle completely, as well as the launch system: http://imgur.com/a/xrVcF Mission teasers: The shuttle and the launch vehicle is completely stock, but I decided to use a mod for the rover pack! Cheers!
  5. I have been working on replacing the Behemoth class space shuttle, with a different design that favors interplanetary travel. Low and behold, the Gaia class STES (Space Transportation Interplanetary System)! Dry weight: 65.3T Fueled weight: 140T Delta V: 4000 (can stretch that much further reorganizing the tanks) Still in the prototype stages, with 3 completed takeoffs and landings (no external tanks or boosters). Next step will be a suborbital flight, followed by a full orbital flight prior to development of the launch vehicle.
  6. STS 9! Unfortunately, for the first time I underestimated the task at hand, and was unable to land on the runway due to various hypersonic and transonic instabilities caused by the space potato. Nonetheless, I would like to claim my STS-9 pilot badge! Album: http://imgur.com/a/dcHGz I will likely revisit this one as it was quite the challenge, so I may one day be space potato commander certified!!
  7. I would like to claim the STS Commander badge for STS 5-8! Finally finished. Unfortunately this last mission the Kraken appeared and ate my STS-7 science module. Not wanting to anger him any further, I swiftly docked the last module and made a swift getaway! Album: STS 5 - http://imgur.com/a/4x0Fl STS 6 - http://imgur.com/a/QzCSJ STS 7 - http://imgur.com/a/SdsG3 STS 8 (+ Kraken proof) - http://imgur.com/a/xc2Dd Mission previews: Also decided that it's far easier to land by overshooting the runway and flying a rectangular pattern. Leaves far more room for re-entry errors and allows me to consistently make the runway!
  8. Finished the STS-7 mission, adding the 3rd module to the space station. Was also trying out using the CobbFX for this one, and I must say that it looks great! http://imgur.com/gallery/SdsG3 Preview:
  9. STS-6 - Just launched the habitation module for my modest space station. http://imgur.com/a/QzCSJ Mandatory teasers + greased landing:
  10. Just finished STS 5, the first of the Space Station assembly. http://imgur.com/gallery/4x0Fl Teasers: To maintain a continuity, my previous orbiter "Leviathan" has been left stranded in space from the previous rescue mission after sustaining critical damage. Its newly upgraded sister shuttle "Behemoth" will now be used in conjunction with the Mk II launch vehicle. In the last space station assembly mission, as a bonus, "Behemoth" will perform a daring docking with "Leviathan" and attempt to safely de-orbit it into the ocean. To be continued....
  11. I would like to claim the STS-4 Commander badge after a daring rescue of what was initially supposed to be a standard crew rotation mission. It is therefore my pleasure to present you all with the mission and the commentary. http://imgur.com/gallery/DZfAD And a few shameless teasers: Cheers! I wish my shuttle could glide like that... I'm typically 20-25 degrees nose down on my approach! It falls like a freaking brick, identical to the real shuttle!
  12. Very original shuttle design! How much fuel do you typically have left after your reentry maneuvers? Do you need to dump any?
  13. I would like to formally. claim the STS-3A commander badge. A lot of unexpected events occured during this mission that could have spelled disaster. During SRB separation, one of the SRBs managed to clip the aft of the external tank luckily only causing some minor damage. During the reentry, the orbiter also overshot the runway, and a 180 degree turn was necessary. But alas, I present you the STS-3A mission report: http://imgur.com/gallery/JpdhX And mandatory teasers:
  14. Perfect, thanks! I may have to redesign my launch vehicle first, since I seem to have to rotate my shuttle engines almost every launch depending on the cargo weight in order to get a nice smooth launch.