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  1. Hey guys I haven't been playing for a while I heard they changed the physics I was kinda disappointed because I felt it would mess up all my planes and it would be harder to build cool looking replica's so I stopped playing just checking up on whats going on!

    1. GDJ


      I wouldn't say messed up per-say, but different in a slightly more authentic way.

      Worst thing is that I found that I had to do some adjustments to my planes, but that was about it.

      They updated the jet engines and they work pretty darn good.

  2. Just a suggestion because I think they're really awesome and would like to see them in the game. If you do not know what the adjustable landing gears are you can check them out here!
  3. KSS "Naga" KODI's first Naval Battle cruiser! This thing is a mad powerhouse with 5 Dual 105mm turrets it can take on the largest of ships! Check out KODI HERE Stats: Parts- 237 Speed- 55.3 m/s (103.6 Knots) Armament: 10 105mm cannons (5 turrets) 2 20mm Vulcans Action Groups: 7. Toggle Vulcans 8. Toggle Right side turrets 9. Toggle Left side turrets 10. Toggle front turrets. Download Pictures!
  4. 84 including the 4 in the command module.
  5. Boeing 737. A plane that doesn't need an introduction. The Boeing 737 is a short-medium range airliner. The 737 series is the best selling jet airliner in the history of aviation. Stats: Parts 249 Speed 200m/s (10 km) Download Pictures
  6. .......................I actually clicked the sig expecting a jump scare and still got scared :|
  7. "Talon" KODI's new 'Air Superiority Fighter' ASF for short. Tried new engine style out I don't know if anyone has used it before, but it looks nice! Check out Kerbin Orbital Defence Industries HERE Stats: Top Speed: 400m/s (Tested at 8Km) Parts: 93 Armament: 8 AIM-9 Sidewinders 2 20mm Hidden Vulcans Download Pictures:
  8. This is amazing! Never seen one of these on the forums!
  9. Replica for the Russian fighter the MiG-29 a.k.a 'The Fulcrum' Stats: Speed 200-250 (1km-5 km) Parts 136 Download Pictures:
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