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  1. *Raises hand with one finger up*... Ahem, SXT Stuka Cockpit? That is all, other than that this is bloody awesome!
  2. @qromodynmc , holy Broccoli, the shape! The wings!... It looks better than mine :EDIT: Dude, what 'Base-Engines' are those? You know, the ones you offset backward? @blackheart612 Yeah, I kinda figured, It was a 'late-night, hey this is a thing' moment, but I understand if it's too much trouble but as I said, I love this mod!
  3. I've just gotten a brilliant idea, not sure how you're doing suggestion wise but I've got two words "Super-Constellation"... For the most part, just the cockpit and maybe some passenger bits? I just like the plane is all Otherwise this is still one of my favorite mods for KSP.
  4. So about the Marine Heavy IR Crane, what does it mean that in requires Infernal Robotics? BTW I have IR installed but the crane doesn't turn.
  5. Okay yeah so the whole Mk-1/2 Command Module was kinda my fault, It was before 1.4.1, so it wasn't ready. My mistake
  6. I might be the only one having this issue, but this mod has removed several IVA's from my game, notably the B-29, the KN-7, the Mk1 Caged Inline Cockpit, an the Mk-1/2 command module (Not to sure, it doesn't seem to work in vanilla...) Just thought I should bring that up, otherwise this is brilliant.
  7. @V7 Aerospace, I hope you don't mind me asking but, where on Kerbin did you get that cockpit?
  8. I see you're on top of things, fixed the gear (For the most part), fixed the drag, added the new IVA's. Only one thing I can say, "GRAMERCY @blackheart612!!!" : D
  9. @blackheart612, no worries mate, I'm happy with anything I can do to help this amazing mod :Edit: Oh and before I forget, the cockpit has the same issue, just not as bad
  10. So, uh, I don't think the B-29 parts like me, especially the landing gear, they kinda...Blow up on landing if it's too heavy. Other than that, the K3350 Tempest engines have an almost unnatural amount of drag, is it the same with any other engines? (I was going to send a screenshot, but it won't work without minimum effort, sorry.) Oh BTW the Cockpit is fine, and I still love this mod
  11. Nice oh and for my Lancaster and B-24 suggestions, I would recommend making them so that they fit onto the Mk-3 parts, because they are mostly the right shape. Right?