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  1. good quality of life mod.....thank you
  2. Google is your best friend mate.
  3. Believe that is the sun causing that glare mate.
  4. AFAIK this was the last expendable mission for the falcon 9.......not sure if future heavy missions will have an expendable core though.
  5. Very likely if the push for crew on EM-1 goes into effect, as it pushes the timeline another year.
  6. @taniwha I seem to be having trouble getting normals to export correctly. I can import a model without doing anything to it, export it and the normals are wrong . same problem ^ he was having. no matter how much I try i can not get them to work.
  7. important

    To summarize "Mulch" happens.
  8. important

    lets not even bring that one up..........far less comical .
  9. important

    This is one of the more " kerbal " things to happen around here in a while. luckily the forums have a quick save.
  10. Just out of curiosity, Where are those modules and solar panels from?
  11. Oh boy!
  12. Fantastic!
  13. those legs look as if they were sheared in
  14. Your attention to detail has made you one of my favorite modelers. pure skill.