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  1. I imagine a universe where rocket-propelled blimp-sleds were invented instead of boats, and peanut butter grows on trees. Also, toasters do not exist.
  2. Gets antimatter. Inserts an IOU slip
  3. Gets one gold bar. Inserts a radio
  4. ATIs are the best sirens ever. (To the siren community)
  5. 1479: This room is so detailed, it cannot be described using the human language. It can only be described using emojis:
  6. 1/10 Unhumane... I am a mmanuman. humanananana. huamkn. hauman. huamen. hauemsne. haue,eine./ juam,ens. huamebn si. nbfgasumgtmaN/ hgfd. hjuman. hyuasmen. .........huwemn.
  7. 1111/1111 Grettings, felwo umanWREWERT4t# Apologies, I was sleeping on the keyboard. Us humans do indeed doi thaSFDA
  8. Floor 1467: It's a mall... for some reason. It's also infested with bloodthirsty goats. Yikes!
  9. Banned for... uh.... stuff.
  10. I stub your toe and reclaim my fortress. My hill.
  11. It is pitch black. You are likely to be eaten by a Grue.