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  1. Yes, yes, YES! A million times YES! I love it!!? Now that I see the makeshift poll. I'd like to see #2 as well. Each antenna has its own freq. Be part of multiple constellations that way.
  2. @Kartoffelkuchen We all really do appreciate your excellent work. It really is a shame ULA has yet to allow a release. Maybe those files could be mysteriously be leaked Blame it on the Russians. In any respect. We look forward to solid Atlas II/III work If only somebody could do Atlas-Agena/Centaur. But no pressure on you there
  3. Beautiful. While I'd love to have seen this modeled in a true 1:1 scale. For stock, it's magnificent.
  4. Last I knew, stock wise, are in need of balancing, he knows it. He's asked for help, hasn't gotten any. If I can get some projects off my plate I'd like to start in on it. Just haven't got there yet.
  5. Yep, and the problem has been found, fixes submitted.
  6. Once again, your pictures are not working.
  7. I've got to test one thing, but one set of documentation says that mass is additive. So if original mass is 1.847 and part upgrade says mass = 1.95 then mass is really 1.847+1.95...or 3.797 I'm testing.... And as currently written. This is true...So... another little change is needed to be 'mass = 0.103' instead of 'mass = 1.95'. I'd also change the 'IsAdditiveUpgrade__ = true' to 'IsAdditiveUpgrade__ = false'
  8. Yep, that part upgrade is increasing the mass to 1950t, not 1.950t.
  9. Big thing to realize...PP under stock conditions matches stock. So PP doesn't have 'serious problems'. Stock does. But that's widely known and accepted. Pretty sure RO changes it, RF too possibly... @Phineas Freak confirmed. Just cherry picking a few things here...A PP tank is going to hold 3x the mass of propellant that the ET does. So while cherry picking perhaps one of the lightest tanks ever, besides what maybe old Atlas that required pressurization. Look at it another way. Your PP tank, Empty mass of ~260t while holding over 2100t of fuel...Look at the real Delta IV first stage, granted it's got engine and more than just 'tank', with empty mass around 100kg less than the SLWT while holding only 202t of propellant. That's close to 25% of what the ET does. Remember that tank has to support itself, it's contents and everything above it. So extending that thought out...comparing a PP tank to Delta. Your PP tank of 260t is around 10x that of the delta tank, while holding around 10x that of propellant that the Delta does...numbers are somewhat inline I think. Imagine that, RO actually overhauling something to be more realistic.
  10. @SirusKing I'm assuming you are talking about PP in stock??? Or something else?
  11. Ok, that explains it. Thank you!
  12. Wanted to leave a note here. Several of your provided craft files are referencing a part "Agena.Structure.A". I have no idea what part mod it is, but v1.8.0 doesn't contain it. So without it, the craft file won't load. Any help, or mod that does have it would be appreciated.
  13. This is a function of KIS/KAS. Has nothing to do with what KK has done or can do.