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  1. @Gameslinxyour Parallax v2 looks amazing. Will Beyond Home get ever updated to support latest Parallax? Also what planet pack was used to make trailer for Parallax 2.0?
  2. Thank you all for your suggestions and tips. All very useful on how manage large ship going interplanetary with loads of dV. Hard to pick best answer as they are actually useful to me so I will pick one random to mark this question as answered.
  3. OMG, this is why I love this forum. You get to discuss stuff and exchange ideas and you guys gave plenty of ideas. Anyway here is my reply, sorry if I missed someone to quote: @FleshJeb Thank you for the links provided. When I was building my craft I was aware that my mission payload as well as dry weight of the stage that is supposed to get me to Gateway needs to be light I tried to cut down on dry weight as much as possible. I arrived at idea of multiple smaller tanks connected with fuel lines that I keep dropping in space as I go. Per you link provided I think I made something called "Breadcrumb" staging. Stage pushed by two Terrier engines and FLT-T400 tanks (I think) that I drop. Initial TWR is around 0.5 and it grows as I burn till 1.1. @jimmymcgoochie The moons around Gateway some of them are inclined so I struggle to get encounter with them. So what I will do (no idea if this will help) make insertion burn by going retrograde in relation to the Gateway, going against its spin if you know what I mean. My biggest issue with kerbalism is habitation/stress management. To get 20m3 per Kerbal I need loads of hitchikers. I almost sent Kerbals to another planet but aborted mission as I could not provision them with habitat for 3+ year mission (mostly due waiting the transfer window to get back home) as craft was to heavy for the engines that I had unlocked at that moment. Now I am aiming to unlock a tech node where I get that gravity ring part (I think it comes with kerbalism) has almost 100m3 of habitation and provides loads of habitation bonuses. That and radiation management, this time I play with radiation resets whenever they land home, I tried once with lifetime radiation but I was roasting them way to fast even with full shielding going to the Mum/Minmus in stock solar system. In no time I would get 25% of lifetime radiation and if I send them like that interplanetary they are very close to dying from radiation poisoning by the time I get them back. Note I play on Hard. Where is radiation detox unit and how I can operate that one? @king of nowhere Thank you for mathematically explaining what is happening. Kinda goes in line what I noticed by trail and error, except that I suck at math big time (I play this game by trial and error and some feel) but anyway I got what you are trying to say. I am just now going through your Boly/Nail (very cool stuff) I might have some few questions around that one specifically. For now how radiation detox works where I can find it and activate it? Also I am still new to deep interplanetary voyages with kerbalism, but is it worth to take greenhouse for food? Is there any breaking point where it becomes better to have greenhouse then ready to consume supplies to sustain kerbals? I must admit that I was playing KSP on and off for years but never went past Duna or Moho in stock let alone used ISRU in stock. What is the pain in using ISRU with kerbalism?
  4. Hi, So I have a few questions on how you guys manage crafts that need to have huge amounts of dV for interplanetary missions. To put it bit in a context: I have a quite heavily moded instance of KSP with Beyond Home mod and I got sick of waiting optimal transfer windows for my probes (I play probes before kerbals + I have life support mod installed) so I decided to send relatively small probe, to planet called Gateway, which is around 1500kg heavy (with its own propulsion to hop around some moons once it gets there). The transfer window planner told me that I need around 3500m/s of dv to get there with insertion burn. However, as I dont want to wait for two years for optimal transfer window (I also dont wish to warp for that much as I dont want to miss other transfer windows and funs stuff to do) I picked a transfer that is around 6200m/s which is basically ASAP. Anyway, I managed to build a transfer/capture stage for the probe with required dV but bad TWR for most of the part. Now as for the research progress I dont have access to nukes, ions or other fancy propulsion, just good old LFO tech for now. So to the questions: I am interested to see how you guys build monsters that need huge dV? Just to get additional inspiration and ideas for future missions especially crafts with LFO engines only. Perhaps I am wrong, but crafts with huge dV end up with low TWR always, well at least if you use space optimized engines (high vacuum ISP)? In my case that is mostly true then I need to split the ejection burns etc. In this case I ended up setting up a burn in solar orbit to get me to Gateway, which is fine but that will take me longer to get to Geteway. When I use a probe not much of a big deal, but in the future if I wish to send Kerbals then I am in pain as I use life support mod called Kerbalism. A craft to support few kerbals for a few years to go and get back would be even bigger with even more abysmal performance. For any players here that are playing with some life support mods, how do you manage it when you go long distance for a few years? Feel free to reply even if you can cover some of the point or add any other points.
  5. Hi @Nertea, So I was using this mod since at least v0.7.0 and at that time I had editor button visible in KSP in line with screenshots from your first post. After I updated the mod via CKAN to v0.7.1 I lost that button. Any idea why?
  6. Hi All, So I recently I started experimenting with KSP stock fairing used as interstage as I have a lander with dual engine configuration. So instead of putting two decouplers on each engine followed by bi-adapter I wanted to put these engines in an interstage which can be decoupled. Bellow is a screenshot so that you can see what I am talking about: Now my problem here is I dont know how to decouple the interstage so that I am left with the clean lander above with engines ready to fire. I guess that I need to insert the decoupler but I dont know how. I tried inserting a 2.5 decoupler in one of the interstage nodes between the lander and the interstage plate but that did not work. Any suggestions?
  7. @Gordon Dry I did not know about disabling pressurization before EVA. I did EVAs before from pressurized parts without disabling pressurization and did not notice any side effects, unless I missed something. Is there a reason for doing this?
  8. Another question around Kerbalism. So I noticed when I have a pod that can be pressurized nitrogen is used to keep the pressure. Now for example, when I make a craft with one pod and after few EVAs I run out of Nitrogen and get warning that there is no pressure anymore in the pod. Is there any way to calculate how many EVAs I can do with certain amount of nitrogen on board whilst I am still in VBA designing the craft?
  9. Thank you @king of nowhere this is really helpful.
  10. Hi, So anyone having issues with Breaking Ground parts and this mod pack? I just sent a crew to Lua with some breaking ground DLC experiments and I cannot deploy any of them. They are all highlighted in orange if I try to do that. I don't even know what orange highlight means in EVA construction but what ever it is I cannot deploy anything.
  11. Thank you for all this information! One question, How do you know what is the max dose of radiation can a Kerbal receive before it dies? That number would help me as I could send a probe, get radiation values and figure out how long a Kerbal can sit before it gets cooked.
  12. Done, that did the trick. Update my post and also quoted below:
  13. Hi All, I was wondering if someone can little bit explain to me how radiation works in this game with Kerbalism. I get the main principles CMs and belts around planets are places where is extreme radiation. What I am struggling is a feel for what is really dangerous and what is tolerable and will not burn my kerbals. What is low radiation but still fine, what is medium and what is no-go. For example, I have small craft in orbit as below: As you can see the craft position in the image around Pe is not in the radiation belt and it is showing that habitat radiation is 8.9mrad/h which I suppose that is number that is actually hitting Jeb inside. The craft has maxed out shielding yet I get warning that kerbal is exposed to radiation. When I hover the mouse over the yellow radiation icon I get value not from habitat radiation of 8.9mrad/h but the general radiation value of 0.032 rad/h. So I am confused what is the actual value that is hitting Jeb inside habitat radiation (8,9mrad/h) or radiation value (0.032rad/h)? Also both of these numbers to me look like really small, less then 1 yet they trigger warning. I admit I don`t have a sense of scale of rad/h unit and perhaps 0.032 is something to be aware of.
  14. Thank you to all of you for tips given, gonna give them a try.
  15. Hi, So I am at the stage where I want to make sure I design efficient rockets but also extract maximum out of my rocket with a good ascent profile. My usual approach to rocket design that lifts certain payload to LKO is to have first stage around 2.0 TWR, second stage around 1.2-1.5 and by the time second stage is done I should already be in LKO. Using this design, my throttle profile is to keep my throttle set 100% all the way until AP is around 75km and then I coast and burn once again until I get LKO. The flight profile is as soon as the rocket get to about 50m/s and its stable of launch pad, angle to 60deg instantly, wait for prograde marker to catch up and then instead of staying in the prograde marker I "pull the marker" by flying rocket on the very edge of the marker all the way till 50deg. I continue slowly pulling my prograde marker and aim to be around 45-35deg at about 10km. Then I check my time to AP and ensure that is going up and also verify in Kerbal Engineer that my horizontal speed is catching up with my vertical speed. I keep pushing my rocket till about 20deg but by that time I am already at stage 2 and will probably start coasting any moment. Sometimes I find myself up in space with still first stage not finished let alone second stage fired which was made in the first place for upper atmosphere and orbit insertion. Thing is my rockets on the way up with Kerbals in them burn like a massive fireball, legit sometimes I think that my rockets burn more going upwards to space then when they are coming down to Kerbin. Poor Kerbals have really fiery and aggressive launch. Anyway, does burning like this all the way up create massive drag inefficiencies, more then gravity? Some people say burn horizontally as much you can and get that horizontal speed, forget about fire but still I think this much drag would count for something? To burn or not to burn.....
  16. Hi @TriggerAu, Thank you for this mod and KAC as well. I am using them since I started playing this game. Just noticed possible bug KAC/TransferPlanner, dont know which of these two is culprit. Before when I used TransferPlanner there was a button to send the calculations straight to KAC. Now that button is gone and when I go to settings menu in TP and look under KAC Integration I get message that KAC is not visible in the scene while clearly it is. I get the same error when I am in space centre, tracking station or in orbit. Any idea?
  17. Hi, So I am having this strange issue with my game. I am playing in science mode now and every time I have a craft in space, save game, exit KSP come back and load everything back I encounter the following strange behavior: I cannot create maneuver nodes for active crafts in orbit, only the crafts just launched during that gaming instance, Cannot EVA from crafts that were in orbit or other planets before I saved game and came back, I get message that I need to upgrade my astronaut complex What is going on here???!!!
  18. I get that but I wish I dont get that message as in the early game I relay heavily on the generator to produce electricity for my crafts until I get to solar panels. I set them to auto to conserve oxygen by not running generator when battery is full. That means I have set LOW Electricity to run generator and HIGH Electricity to turn it off.
  19. Hi there, I am having annoying issue when I go to x10000 time compression and more. I always drop from that to a lower value as I get error message saying that _FuelCell has incoherent behavior at high warp and it has to drop it. You know how many times I get spammed by this and dropped out of warp on the way to Minmus....
  20. As far as I know RealAntennas do not patch all of the antennas and especially antennas from the mods such as Near Future. Shame, otherwise brilliant mod. I was trying to make use of it but it did not work for me due this reason.
  21. Hi All, So little of context first for my question. I have Breaking Ground DLC and I have unlocked small scanning arm. I got contract to go on Minmus and scan the Olivine formation with the small scanning arm. No problems, I build rover and man it with two kerbals and send it to mission. After few minutes of roving around I find the Olivine formation and scan it. Now while I was scanning it I notice in the science window a message written in orange letters saying that I should come later again with better instrumentation to recover more science as small scanning arm gives you only 33% of total science. Before I left the place I left there a flag, the rover and surface mystery goo observation. Once I unlocked medium scanning arm I send a mission to Minmus and land a lander next to old rover and previously found Olivine formation. Using KIS/KAS I install medium scanning arm and scan the same rock again. Surprisingly this time around I got 0 science from it and this confuses me as initial scan with the small arm I was told to come back later with better instrumentation. Am I doing something wrong or I need to start roving again and find new Olivne formation and I cannot rescan the old one?
  22. aha, thank you. This now makes sense. It would seem that Antenna Helper is somehow not reading correct values, they are bit more pessimistic. Anyway thnx on the nice calculator simple and effective.
  23. Hi @Poodmund I have loaded quick sandbox and tried testing this. So Antenna Helper reads the power of F-RA to be 3250 while your sheet is reading that number to be 5000 so I am not sure which is correct. These numbers are without reflector dishes. Now to test my theory that Antenna Helper can read properly configured reflector I added RFL-2000 to F-RA and suddenly in Antenna Helper the numbers changed and I could reach to Plock with signal at max distance to be around 14%, not bad with direct connection and single antenna. Now I know that this thread is not about Antenna Helper but I am just trying to figure this out and see how can I make best use of these awesome looking new parts made by @Nertea. FYI @Nertea I love your command pods and their built-in engines, makes landing super easy, even on Kerbin without parachutes .
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