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  1. This reminds me of my spaceplane that was pulling me to the right on takeoff. Turned out I wasn't using symmetry for one or more parts or something like that. My plane just did not have two sides balanced properly. So try that put your shuttle on its wheels on runway and if it yaws again mean that something is probably asymmetrical. In the end if you cant find the asymmetrical part I would just do the orbiter from the scratch.
  2. Are there any telescope mods for latest KSP version
  3. Could somebody tell me what is the "deployment bay" for? I see what is for cargo bay and service bay but this one is new for me and have no idea what to use it for
  4. The moment you realize you have wrong staging order and you stage away everything up till the heat shield on the capsule....
  5. @ShotgunNinja Ok thnx on the reply. I will give it a look. btw I beleive for the beginning this mod is fine.
  6. How do you increase entretainment conditions for kerbals?
  7. M83 and Jimi Hendrix Oh boy that Bold As Love (Olympic Studio) by Hendrix is amazing..
  8. aha and what about Karbonite mod and its resource? IS that mod wort or it is too similar to stock system? Is karbonite more valuable?
  9. Can soembody tell me if it is possible to mine ore and earn some profit on it? I am planing on mining ore on Minmus, moving the mined ore to kerbin station to convert it to fuel and then with SSTO land that fuel on Kerbin for credits. I tried with big orange tank and in VAB I saw that is roughly 2900 credits in fuel. My SSSTO that is capable to get to LKO take such a huge load and land takes roughly 4000 credits on fuel. Those 4000 are worst case scenarion landing it with 0 fuel in all tanks but still I believe it would cost me 2000-3000 fuel leaving me with very low margin yet big time investment in setting up infrastructure and to do a one pick up flight with SSTO.
  10. OK once I get home I will try to make something tinny yet high performance
  11. This is way to big for a craft that will go to LKO with only crew. You can get up there with less fuel and smaller plane if you are carying only crew. I think you could get without those big fuel tanks at the wing or at least have them be smaller and with less engines since this kind of craft should be lighter. Unfortunately I do not own that mod so I do not know how those engines behave. However I think that this could get to orbit despite inperfect design. I think you should maybe improve the flying. The one thing that it bothers me about this craft is, do you need that huge control surfaces at the back? If you want I can try later today to put some SSTO design for crew only using stock parts and show it to you?
  12. Tried last night DTL. It is great it saved hundreds of MB. Just enoguh to put in some mods that I wanted to try and use maybe heavily.
  13. Did you dock anything to it? Does it charge 100% over the day? Did you change the orbit?
  14. How do you run that much mods? I don't have nearly as much and would hit the memory limit..When the game loads and in its main menu I have 3100Mb used by a game meaning I do not have much space left until 4GB by the time I load up my save and it is not that I do not have some mods on the wishlist but I cannot install them becouse they would make game unplayable so I have to wait for 1.1 and for my modlist to get updated for 1.1
  15. Well almost got it to work. My only issue are those ram intakes Mk2. When placed on small cubic part they tend to twist, move and attempt to brake the vessel. Everything else seemed normal. What I like about 1.7 is that consumes less memory. Much less then 1.8 despite that it has less part than 1.7
  16. I might try to see if it is possible to take from 1.8 engines and wings while from 1.7 everything else. That might be possible?
  17. OK I gave it a try just for sake of it. Merged 1.7 and 1.8 (copy/paste). Well as mentioned before the part size is diferent. The 1.7 are slightly smaller. Combining 1.7 and 1.8 parts in one plane sometimes they do not attach proprerly to each other. The J Docking port I cannot control it is always deployed (but it has nice model). We got really close to having a finished mod. I really need those J and K docking ports. Oh and that 1.7 J Experimental Cargo bay it is nice too!
  18. So if I have understood well if the part just by little sticks out and is detected to be so it will get full drag applied to it?
  19. You must make sure that center of mass is never behind center of lift at any stage of the flight. To me by looking at the picture I suspect that there is good possibility that goes back. You can test that by moving around fuel sliders and see. Also if you are just beginning with planes and SSTOs I suggest that you try first with smaller parts and see what it takes to get to orbit. Like Mk1 and 2 parts. And experiment it in sandbox mode.
  20. Aha thnx Snark that is what I asked for bcs those Mk2 cargo bays are really tight and sometimes some parts of cargo stick out a little bit so I had to ask will that bother the performance of the craft.
  21. Does somebody know how KSP sees the drag from the cargo that clips thorugh cargo bay doors on SSTOs? How much I can make things go trhough the doors before the KSP registers them and puts one them drag or even if just a tinny bit goes thoruh the doors you get drag from that part?
  22. Hhahaha @Blaarkies good one. That one made me send just another Kerbal to Mun. Thnx @PLAD on the long answer
  23. I would if it was just a matter of copy/paste all contents in one folder but as I have understood it cannot be done that way. It seems that they are uncompatible and parts from 1.7 would need some editing. I am not moder and have never done such things plus I do not have much time to learn all that stuff due the my obligations but if someone would do it for itself and make it work then it could share it maybe.
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