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  1. The two that I had a connection with was my very first Mun Lander, and my first flyable SSTO.
  2. I only take and save screenshots of "momentous" occasions, such as landing on different planets. Or my first docking. So in total, 6.
  3. I've been noticing that a lot lately myself as well. And now that SAS automatically disengages, if you hit the ship accidentally.... Things get fun. lol.
  4. -Maneuver nodes/orbits that go crazy. -Surprised that there still hasn't been a search bar function added to the game. -The new SAS system.
  5. I've been to Moho countless times (found that to be the easiest). I have never been to Eeloo though. That's the hardest one for me. I've tried, but never succeeded! Dres seems quite pointless. It just looks like a glorified asteroid honestly, so I've always just skipped that place.
  6. I started to get a little annoyed with the VAB music one night, so I muted it and just started listening to my own tunes. I should try listening to Yakety Sax the next time I fire KSP up. That might be quite amusing actually.
  7. I was returning to Kerbin from Duna, and decided to time accelerate. I flew through Kerbin, and back out into deep space.... Ran out of fuel trying to get back into Kerbin's SOI.
  8. Here are a few shots of a design I worked with. First is with a RAPIER as the middle engine. Five structural intakes, plus intakes on each wing for good measure. Same results each time. Second is all regular jet engines, same air intake set up. Same results while in flight. I right clicked on each of the intakes to see what was happening and noticed that all of them were at about .10. Is that normal, with me being at a 5-10 degree inclination?
  9. I use the structural ones all the time, and just attach them around the top part of the fuselage. I really have never tried the other ones because I get paranoid about mass, placement, and yes.... Looks. I'll play around with some designs, as well as different engines. I just installed FAR for the first time this morning so it just make things even more interesting! lol.
  10. When it comes for the AoA: I usually only fly increasing my inclination by 5 or 10 degrees on the navball at most. I'll occasionally do a quick 30-45 degree increase to test the integrity and recovery of the plane, but other than that it's a pretty flat trajectory. As for the RAPIER's, I'll disable the autoswitch to see what happens. Thanks!
  11. I've been noticing something for the past few SSTO builds lately. From take off to landing (note that the highest I'll go is ~8000 M) the air intake drops like a rock, which in turn burns my liquid fuel quicker even though I'll slap 4-6 radial air intakes on and use the one or two RAPIER engines (depending on the size of the plane) which if I recall have the auto-switch. The thing that confuses me is that when I time accelerate, the air intake increases. Am I completely missing something? EDIT *Not radial intakes. I use the structural intakes. Not enough coffee.
  12. Started building my space station. I have no idea what I'm going to add after this though, lol.
  13. Expanding on this, being able to use the most basic parts (small SRB's or liquid fuel tanks) to get into orbit and back.
  14. Looks like the vertical gauges are for fuel (sorry for the large image)