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  1. so um, does the like mean 'no but your working on it', or something else?
  2. glad to see your still alive, this is probably my favorite mod and i never play without it for long. If you are looking for requests or ideas then i would ask for an inline mk2 cockpit similar to the jaklag. Though there are a few mk2 cockpit mods out there, i don't know of any besides B9 who have made an IVA for an inline mk2 cockpit, with or without a unique fuselage. while i'm here i have often wondered if the atmospheric prakasa engines were ever updated with respect to the more complex behavior of vanilla atmospheric engines in modern ksp.
  3. Can this be configured to globally adjust water impact damage in the friendly direction? As cool as this is that's really the mod im looking for, and going through and changing the water impact speed tolerance for each part individually doesn't sound like too much fun
  4. what about specific parts, could they be tagged to render in front of the mask and behind the exterior of the mesh?
  5. yeah thats excactly my point, conceptually i know how a depth mask works and so i know that one could, conceptually, layer other parts in front of it with their own masked depth. What i dont know is how doable this is in unity, in ksp, in this case. I also know that this is still amazingly useful even if we can only use it for solar panels, and landing gear, and engine bells, and other single parts. Thats why i suggested something like that welding mod, im not expecting to put probes in what would be essentially a virtual cargo bay, but it could be a nice place for a gravioli detector. EDIT: and i just re-read the original post and noticed the body mask property, so doesn't that make this alot more possible?
  6. YAY FINALY now we just need someone to put this on procedurally sized 'surface attach' cargo bays or even just scalable ones to start with, it could even be balanced by giving every part a total sacrificial volume that would be displaced by clipping things into it i.e. a mk2 fuel tank would have a higher sacrificial volume then a 1.25m fuel tank of the same length. THANK YOU SO MUCH i have wanted this for so long and now we've finally taken the first step of course i suppose there would be problems with actually putting seperate parts in the bays, can we get around it with something like the welding mod, or maybe a grouping system or something?
  7. my Joystick works fine in in the windows game controller properties menu and when i try to bind an axis it reads all the various input axis as i demonstrate them but when i click accept it shows a completely different axis id, "0.1" rather than "2.1" etc. and when i get in game nothing the joystick doesn't work at all.
  8. if your looking for user input i would love some more mk2 cockpits particularly with living space etc. Ideally in the style of the Ankhen or the Dhyana, though i do rather like the jaklag p.s. LOVE your mod your IVAs are amazing
  9. i also have this problem help would be appreciated as i use it on most of my ships
  10. any info on the possibility of a mk2 tri-coupler and/or a mk2 decoupler for abort systems.
  11. in what possible way, is strapping a seat to a 10 ton blutonium bomb to see if Jebediah will go any faster this time stupid. its pure genius
  12. are you going add some kind of overdraw limit perhaps based on how far you have advanced through the missions
  13. why is does my resource tab sometimes show total intake air and sometimes show auxiliary intake air
  14. dude that is extremely high if you take into account atmospheric density because past 20000 or so the atmosphere gets alot thinner alot more quickly and you need far less power. a excellent example of effective use of jet engines in a launch stage can be seen in scott manleys reusable space program which can be found here: also ram air intakes (the black and blue ones) are by far the best for high altitudes regardless of how you might interperate the in game statistics hope this helps
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