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  1. Most 'extreme long' distance telescopes are not even optical ones. Consider all the trouble they had to replace Hubble's main lens. Imagine the complex image sensors they would need and all to register objects light years away or something like that.
  2. They aren't treated as priorities either. Refer back to the Krakens and Cthulus. The same way KSP started by one guy (HarvesteR) who had the entire scope of the game from the beginning. Also, the guy working on Space Engine doesn't charge a single cent for it and it's going pretty well implementing features and such. As for SQUAD...Steam + Standalone sales...You got my drill. It's about commitment and accountability. Not about money. It's about accountability and commitment. Does it use n-body physics, lagrange points, real world aerodynamics? Most games nowadays are built using Havok or similar physics engines, that are modeled on real world physics. Some of these engines are even used in real world simulations. Just because you don't see those in said games, doesn't mean they aren't capable of such.
  3. Humans most likely won't even last enough to see the Sun become a Red Giant Star (aprox. 6 billion years). Probably, not even 100 x 10^-16 of that time.
  4. Apparently, playing with the reputation system is more important than implement image size limits for everyone.
  5. Well. They wouldn't know said word in an universe lacking genitals...
  6. Including what everyone heard in Squadcast. - - - Updated - - - I'll bet it'll be done before KSP 1.0
  7. Done.
  8. Who is just a volunteer and not working for SQUAD. One dedicated person can do the work of 11-12 people who are getting paid to do the same thing and failing miserably. Space Engine was programmed entirely by one person. The 'game' itself is at least two levels of magnitude more complex than KSP. While spawning 500 entities is no easy job, try to procedurally create the entirety of the non-cataloged observable universe. Accountability is a virtue as well, but you certainly will see more people wanting to get credited than people wanting to be held accountable. Neither does KSP. Refer back to the bunch of people complaining bout the lack of realism and HarvesteR stating that 'fun comes first'.
  9. This is one of the prime examples of something you have heard of before: Seagull Management.
  10. Sounds like a good idea, but I don't think it will be easy to implement 3D water, so you could have waterfalls.
  11. I wouldn't compare SQUAD with any other of the mentioned companies. While it's simple enough to program simple AI behavior, it takes a certain mindset to do so. Seeing as the company in question doesn't seem to [snip. Removed due to obivous 'holier than thou' violation of forum rules. Official and Unofficial] Small teams of developers in the 90's were actually experienced programmers, as opposed to people with an 'academic degree in game design'.
  12. If I may stretch that a little more... Some of the 'suggested features' were mods before they were into the game. So, there's a portion of 'suggestions' the form of work being done in behalf of the developers, which qualify more as 'I'm not gonna wait for the developers to wise up and see this is what people want and make a mod.' than a suggestion as per se. [snip]'s advocate.
  13. Have them both dead and skinned alive, along with the reputation system. Good enough?
  14. We have 9 billion years to do that in Earth. After that, the Sun will become a Red Giant and probably swallow the planet. Not much time left.