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  1. Oh that explains the magnetometer problem. But it doesn't explain why the vanilla parts are broken as well? Or could it conflict with dmagic? EDIT: nvm the vanilla parts are from dmagic. Sorry I got confused :S.
  2. I ran in to a few issues with the science modules. I can't click the temperature/pressure sensor The magnetometer boom thinks it's in the atmosphere . Edit: Science jr and goo also aren't safe in this environment ? I recorded the problems to make it a bit more clear. Also craft-file (Contains 1 part from Kerbalism).
  3. Hi folks, Some time ago I attempted to give KSP modding a try. However at this moment time limitations keep holding me back on modding KSP. So I was wondering if someone could help/take over a mod I have been attempting. https://github.com/thomas15v/flightedit The purpose of this mod was to make it possible to spawn your craft that is already flying in the VAB/SPH, edit it and launch it back to it's original position. However the task of writing this mod is far more complicated that I originally thought: Rerooting a craft will cause things to go haywire Somet
  4. I really like the idea of just 1 resource. As with TAC I usually end up using the mixed tanks always. Only thing that would be nice, is a way to figure out how long supplies will last in the VAB.
  5. Ty . Found it. I needed to enable the manager otherwise it disables everything that uses power
  6. I did a full reinstall from my KSP and re-added the mods. Now SAS and RCS disable them-self after 2 sec. mods dir: 000_Toolbar 000_USITools ActiveTextureManagement AmpYear BoulderCo BoxSat alpha Chatterer CollisionFX CommunityResourcePack CommunityTechTree ConnectedLivingSpace ContractsWindow CrossFeedEnabler DistantObject DMagicOrbitalScience EnhancedNavBall EnvironmentalVisualEnhancements FerramAerospaceResearch Firespitter Hydrogen NTRs KerbalEngineer KWRocketry MemoryUsage ModuleRCSFX NASAmission NearFutureConstruction NearFutureProps NearFuturePropulsion NearFutureSolar PlanetShine Prec
  7. Yep I also guess remotetech2 is doing this. I am having exactly the same issue . It seems to happen with the big satellite dishes.
  8. Thats actually sad lol. I love linux . And I am also happy that this game seems to run better on here than windows. And yeah :/. The only good GPU cards that support linux is nvidea and intel I think.
  9. Oooh, thank you to clear up my confusion xD. Oke lets fix that. EDIT: Better now XD? Sorry I was confused remember. Another question. Do I have to redownload ActiveTextureManagement to the 64bit version? It could explain my cloud issue.
  10. Well somehow it turned out that I was playing 64bit all the time. I was even that stuppid that I downloaded mods that said that they didn't supported 64bit. I noticed it after changing some parameters to get more FPS. I also tried to change it back to 32bit. But nooo. Ksp needs 7GB ram with all my mods... . Is it normal that it is stable on linux? Because I am genuinely confused right now.
  11. Fixed it already . I didn't saw I had nautilus running as root. So when I copied the files they where set as root. What made KSP complain about some stuff, I am not 100% sure what but after chowning, it to my username it was all good :s. Sorry for the trouble I made.,
  12. Thanks . And sorry for not reading the instructions .... . The oxygen is fixed now. Only the alkaline fuel cell doesn't have a power button any-more what will make my kerbal (jeb) die in 4h. Hmmmm, Maybe solar-panels weren't such a bad idea. Could it be a problem in my safe file?
  13. I am having problems with an oxygen tank containing propellant .
  14. I also got this problem with my space station. I used KAS to strut everything and made sure I could rotate it without wobbling to badly. But whenever the game needs to load its engine for the first time, things go crazy their. I temporary solved it. When you load your game, go to tracking station and load a flag first. Quicksave their (just in case) go back to the tracking station and load your ship. That worked for my station at least.
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