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  1. Roll? if you mean a rocking pitch and yaw as the rocket goes up yes. I think for me it has to do with engine gimbles as I'm using the kw rocketry engines. if I use standard it SEEMS fine,
  2. Hello I have a strange one. This so far affects just one probe in orbit around the Mun. I was given a contract to move it. It has been working as a com stalite and continues to do so. However when I took control I saw this Now it still works as a sat but I have no control. What can be causing this? I am running x64 Thanks for any help. Edit : It gets worse just checked my probes around kerbin and they too have become an decoupler with a flame and puff of smoke. Corrupt save game? To many mods? Here is my installed mods AmpYear (AmpYearPowerManager 1:V1.3.0.0) Animated Decouplers (AnimatedDecouplers-x86 v1.3.1) AutoAsparagus (AutoAsparagus v2.2.1) B9 Part Switch (B9PartSwitch v1.3.0) Better Science Labs Continued (BetterScienceLabsContinued BetterBurnTime (BetterBurnTime 1.4.3) CapCom - Mission Control On The Go (CapCom 2.2) Chatterer (Chatterer 0.9.8) Coherent Contracts (CoherentContracts 1.02) Color Coded Canisters (ColorCodedCans 1.4.8) Community Resource Pack (CommunityResourcePack Community Tech Tree (CommunityTechTree 1:2.4) Connected Living Space (ConnectedLivingSpace Contract Configurator (ContractConfigurator 1.12.1) Contract Pack: Bases and Stations (ContractConfigurator-KerbinSpaceStation 1: Contract Pack: Clever Sats (ContractConfigurator-CleverSats Contract Pack: Grand Tours (ContractConfigurator-GrandTours 1:0.1.10) Contract Pack: RemoteTech (ContractConfigurator-RemoteTech 2.0.2) Contract Pack: SCANSat (ContractConfigurator-ContractPack-SCANsat v0.6.0.1) Contract Pack: Unmanned Contracts (ContractConfigurator-UnmannedContracts 0.3.20) Contract Parser (ContractParser 3.0) Contract Reward Modifier (ContractRewardModifier 2.3) Contracts Window + (ContractsWindowPlus 6.3) CxAerospace: Station Parts Pack (CxAerospace 1.1) Distant Object Enhancement (DistantObject v1.7.1) Distant Object Enhancement default config (DistantObject-default v1.7.1) DMagic Orbital Science (DMagicOrbitalScience 1.3) DMModuleScienceAnimateGeneric (DMagicScienceAnimate v0.14) Docking Port Alignment Indicator (DockingPortAlignmentIndicator 6.4) Docking Port Sound FX (DockingPortSoundFX v2.1.1) Editor Extensions Redux (EditorExtensionsRedux 3.2.13) Engine Lighting (EngineLighting 1.4.5) Environmental Visual Enhancements (EnvironmentalVisualEnhancements 2:EVE-1.1-2-1) Environmental Visual Enhancements - Config files (EnvironmentalVisualEnhancements-HR 2:EVE-1.1-2-1) EVA Struts (EVAStruts 1.0) EVA Transfer (EVATransfer 4.0) Ferram Aerospace Research (FerramAerospaceResearch 3: Filter Extensions - Default Configuration (FilterExtensionsDefaultConfig 2.6.0) Filter Extensions - Plugin (FilterExtensions 2.6.0) Final Frontier (FinalFrontier 1.0.10-2467) Firespitter Core (FirespitterCore v7.2.4) Fuel Tanks Plus (FuelTanksPlus 1.9.3) Heat Control (HeatControl 0.3.1) IndicatorLights (IndicatorLights 0.9.1) Interstellar Fuel Switch (InterstellarFuelSwitch 2.0.7) Interstellar Fuel Switch Core (InterstellarFuelSwitch-Core 2.0.7) Kerbal Alarm Clock (KerbalAlarmClock v3.6.3.0) Kerbal Engineer Redux (KerbalEngineerRedux Kerbal Joint Reinforcement (KerbalJointReinforcement v3.1.7) Kerbal Stock Part eXpansion - maintainted (KSPX v0.2.10.1) KRASH - Kerbal Ramification Artifical Simulation Hub (simulation mod for KSP) (KRASH 0.5.13) KSP AVC (KSP-AVC KSP Interstellar Extended (KSPInterstellarExtended 1.8.22) KW Rocketry Redux (KWRocketryRedux 3.0.10) KW Rocketry Redux - Graduated Power Response Configs (KWRocketryRedux-GraduatedPwr 3.0.10) Launch Numbering (LaunchNumbering 0.2.0) MechJeb 2 (MechJeb2 Mk1 Cockpit RPM Internals (Mk1RPMInternal 2.11b) Modular Rocket Systems (ModularRocketSystem 1.12.7) ModularFlightIntegrator (ModularFlightIntegrator Module Manager (ModuleManager 2.6.24) NavUtilities (NavUtilities 0.6.1) Near Future Construction (NearFutureConstruction 0.6.3) Near Future Electrical (NearFutureElectrical 0.7.4) Near Future Electrical Core (NearFutureElectrical-Core 0.7.4) Near Future IVA Props (NearFutureProps 0.5.0) Near Future Propulsion (NearFuturePropulsion 0.7.2) Near Future Solar (NearFutureSolar 0.6.1) Near Future Solar Core (NearFutureSolar-Core 0.6.1) Near Future Spacecraft (NearFutureSpacecraft 0.5.0) PlanetShine (PlanetShine 1:0.2.5) PlanetShine - Default configuration (PlanetShine-Config-Default 1:0.2.5) Portrait Stats (PortraitStats 9.0) Precise Node (PreciseNode 1.2.3) Procedural Fairings (ProceduralFairings v3.17) Progress Parser (ProgressParser 4.0) RasterPropMonitor (RasterPropMonitor 1:v0.26.0) RasterPropMonitor Core (RasterPropMonitor-Core 1:v0.26.0) Real Plume (RealPlume 2:v10.5.1) Real Plume - Stock Configs (RealPlume-StockConfigs v0.10.7) Real Scale Boosters (RealScaleBoosters 0.14.3) RealChute Parachute Systems (RealChute v1.4.1.1) RemoteTech (RemoteTech v1.7.0) REPOSoftTech-Agencies (REPOSoftTech-Agencies V1.3.0.0) SCANsat (SCANsat v16.1) scatterer (Scatterer 2:v0.0246) scatterer - sunflare (Scatterer-sunflare 2:v0.0246) SmokeScreen - Extended FX Plugin (SmokeScreen SpacetuxSA (SpacetuxSA SpaceY Expanded (SpaceY-Expanded 1.1.9) SpaceY Heavy Lifters (SpaceY-Lifters 1.12.7) Sum Dum Heavy Industries - Service Module System (SDHI-ServiceModuleSystem v3.1.1) Sum Dum Heavy Industries - Shared Assets (SDHI-SharedAssets 1.0) TAC Fuel Balancer (TacFuelBalancer 2.6) TAC Life Support (TACLS) (TACLS v0.12.1) Thermal Monitor (ThermalMonitor 1.3.2) Toolbar (Toolbar 1.7.12) Trails - Standalone Gemini and Big-G (Trails-StandaloneGeminiandBigG 1.0.1) Trajectories (Trajectories v1.6.2) Transfer Window Planner (TransferWindowPlanner v1.5.1.0) TriggerAu Flags (TriggerAu-Flags v2.7.4.0) TweakScale - Rescale Everything! (TweakScale v2.2.12) Universal Storage (UniversalStorage Waypoint Manager (WaypointManager 2.5.2) Wider Contracts App (WiderContractsApp 1.3.3)
  3. Looks good but still isnt quite what I wanted. Perhaps Its easier to just say I want to make my own engines from different parts? Adding stats at the end game will make the game last longer but I want some actual engine development. Perhaps making simulating launches into testing while rather than sort of cheating Thanks for the mod link though
  4. Are there any mods that allow upgrading of rocket motors? If not could someone who know how make one please I don't mean use it x number of times and it improves. My idea would be something akin to fallout 4s weapons system. Start with a base engine then as can use science and or kerbal experience to unlock different parts for that engine. Different engine balls, new gimbals, exhausts, thrust chambers, engine controllers. Each could have different affects on the engine/motor better thrust, fuel consumption, reliability (if failure mod used) heat resistance for long burns etc, while also visually changing the engine. I would love to make it but I haven programmed anything but basic and a little c and not in more years than I care to recall. Is this idea even possible in kerbal? I know its a lot of work. but if any one like the idea please run with it I would like it
  5. How odd it comes up with KW as manufacturer for me. I must have messed with the wrong mod manager file somewhere. Ill delete the folder and reinstall the files. Thanks for the help
  6. Speaking of mass are the fuel tanks supposed to have a mass 9 times compared to the rockomax equivalent? For me the Rockomax x200-32 is 2 tonnes the MRS "half jumbo" is 18 tonnes
  7. Thank you I will look into that
  8. I was looking at Jpl's site looking through some of Voyagers shots of jupiter to get a better desktop background when I wondered Are there any mods that add cameras -> that generate science? <- Perhaps that give missions to take photos of given areas or planetary bodies? I know Dmagic has scan sat and that give us very nice maps and in a sense serves the same purpose but every major planetary probe I can think of has a camera stuck on there somewhere and the image analysis does produce good science. So why not for Kerbals? Have I missed the mod I'm looking for? is it even a good idea?
  9. Looks great but I do have a problem. When I right click on your lv-900 engine in the VAB while its attached to a ship the menu repeats upwards to the top of the screen. It doesn't crash but repeats when ever I go back into the vab and right click on your parts. This only happens with parts from this mod. Perhaps a problem with tweak scale? That is the only mod I know I have on that affects the right click menu
  10. How do I use it? I cant find a key binding in the game settings section and the release notes dont tell me. Using search here only takes me to the release notes. Thanks for the help
  11. The fiancee is more important. Have a nice meal and movie Thanks for working on this for us.
  12. WOW indeed . With all the other contract packs and mission controller2 I will have lots to do Thanks for all the work
  13. Perhaps my lander is to tall but even with this change my service module still wants to attach to my landers docking port not the top of the adapter. Edit : Well I did get it to work ,sort of. It no longer attaches to my docking port but the "engine shroud" is still there hanging in space. What am I doing wrong please edit 2 : use the right engine? I was using a poodle for my csm the kw engines seem to give another attach point
  14. Yeah I was editing my supposed to be untouched backup directory.... I think I will us more distinct names. Thanks for the help and work on this.
  15. Very odd problem. Im using the v3 preview. If I just copy and past the files in unchanged into my ksp folder I get the included music. But if I want to use my own oggs, mp3, or wavs I get silence and in game tracker tells me endlessly [Log]: [sTED] PlayNextTrack: No tracks found I get this if I create a new playlist or change one to just my music. If I add on to existing list it seems to ignore mine and plays the standard kerbal or the included music. playlist { name = Construction loop = true shuffle = true preloadTime = 5 tracks { Track = Dragonborn } playWhen { scene = VAB | SPH } } I dont actually want to have dragonborn here but its a small ogg and I have it in wav mp3 and wmv as well. (only one at a time in the music/construction folder) I get silence nothing is played in the vab or sph. The rest of the settings file is unchanged at the moment. any ideas?