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  1. I can't find a link to the Dev version on this page you linked. All I see is the latest official release 3.3.1 which when installed definitely causes all the issues people are describing. I did manage to get the latest version by going to the Code page on the KJR Github and downloading the whole thing as a zip. Installing that fixed the issue. I would be willing to bet most of the people still having trouble made the same mistake. For those still having issues I suggest you try the same.
  2. Oh sorry you are right, I somehow hadn't noticed the lack of support between SMURFF and MFT until now. That said, I haven't had any issues with just those two until I decided to try Procedural Parts, it had seemed to be working well having MFT for tanks with SMURFF just rebalancing engines. According to the Procedural Parts thread it has built-in support for MFT, I might just try tweaking the config files myself to try and get all 3 playing nicely together.
  3. There seems to be an issue between SMURFF, MFT and Procedural Parts. The procedural tanks are very heavy (something like 1:6 Dry/Wet) and it looks like both the Procedural tank switcher and the MFT tank switcher modules are both active on the part - note the 3x different measurements for dry/wet mass in the below image. Has anyone else experienced this issue?
  4. Also to sum up discussions of the last few pages (and to prevent others from having the same frustrations that I have had): Autostrutting introduced in 1.2 has completely broken any attempt to move wheels or landing gear with IR. There doesn't seem to be anything we can do at this stage as the autostruts are hardcoded into the wheel parts.
  5. Try flipping your generator over - I found that the generator only worked for me if it was attached to the reactor from the top attachment node.
  6. I've noticed this issue when I used the Near Future Propulsion mm patch to change the stock NERV to use LH2. It became impossible to get a reasonable amount of dV out of it, seemingly for the same reason. Has the Community Resource Pack changed at all recently for LH2?
  7. I've just spent an evening tweaking a recoverable first stage design over and over trying to get the parachute balance just right. Googling my problem brought me to this thread - seconding my support for someone with modding talents to make this little app! Kerbas, I think you are right with the Centre of Support indicator idea - all the mod would need to do is show another coloured sphere, similar to the RCS Build Aid dry centre of mass indicator. If you wanted to be fancy, you could draw an arrow from the CoM to the CoS to indicate clearly which direction would be 'up' as the craft descends.
  8. I've noticed a bug with KER's KIDS integration & symmetrically placed engines. When multiple engines are placed symmetrically, KER will calculate the ISPs for the correct KIDS setting the first time. If that engine is picked up and placed down again, the first engine is fine but the others have the KIDS multiplier placed on them again. For example, with a KIDS multiplier of 0.5 and initial ISP of 320.0, once the first engine is picked up and dropped it is 160.0 as expected but the others have dropped to 80.0! This can be verified by checking each of the engines with the middle-click build overlay. Also noticing a similar issue if the engine is duplicated with mod+click and placed elsewhere. This time the multiplier stacks continuously, so if the part is picked up and dropped multiple times in the above example, it would first be 160.0, but then drop to 80.0, 40.0, 20.0, 10.0, etc each time it is duplicated.
  9. Freethinker, do you have any plans to integrate the updates you are making with KSPI Extended into this mod?
  10. Had this same issue last night. It appears that docking the payload before returning the stages is causing issues.
  11. Thanks! I just hope ferram4 updates the main post or releases a new version soon so others can find this easily.
  12. Should you not distribute just the Nitrogen definition on its own, rather than the whole RealFuels config? That way anyone can use this mod out of the box regardless of if they want RealFuels or not. I know I came across the same confusing issue as UnanimousCoward, in that I wasn't expecting this mod to change the default behaviour of the stock fuels.
  13. Can someone please post a link to the dev build? It keeps getting mentioned in this thread but all I can find on github is 3.1.1.
  14. For yourself and others having trouble with fairings after the recent update, make sure to delete and reinstall the VenStockRevamp folder, as the recent changes to the MM config structure seem to cause some issues when simply overwriting.
  15. I've been working on a config to get this to play nice with the CTT. As the NearFuture suite supports CTT out of the box, I've only changed the position of the KSPI parts on the tree to roughly suit the changes FreeThinker has made. Note that this config may not be to everyone's taste, as I have included part Entry Costs for the KSPI parts that run on the more expensive side of things, as I intend to play through with this config with mods that will allow generation of funds through off world mining. Based on the Unofficial KSPI by Serino config. Download (GPL Licence) FreeThinker, feel free to use this as a base if you want to include.