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  1. hey, I've briefly looked into the log, it seems that for whatever reason some objects are destroyed when they should not (IMO, but I don't know maybe ksp or unity changed some stuff). Needs more investigation, don't know when I'll be able to do so. Thats a lot of mods you have installed there
  2. Hello, v0.19 is available at Github. Fixes compatibility with KSP 1.4.4.
  3. What do you mean by the "source folder"? Are you sure you have installed it correctly? You should have something like KSP/GameData/KerbCam/KerbCam.dll (and 2 more files)
  4. Don't know. Just installed KSP and unzipped it and it worked.
  5. Just download the 0.18 and unzip it into the gamedata.
  6. It seems that it doesn't need to be recompiled. Seems to be working.
  7. I honestly don't know. I am not testing between ksp releases. I already had a request for recompilation so I am going to do that hopefully this week.
  8. Sorry for asking but does this mean that currently its not possible to buy KSP for PS4 in Europe (I don't have a console)? I am thinking about getting it for my nephew, but I didn't know about this.
  9. @sal_vager Thank you for the extensive explanation! Its a shame because I love to have translation and attidute on 2 sticks. I had the feeling that its bec. of unity. I vaguely remember something about those IDs getting mixed up. It happened to me before but it was rather rare, if it happend I just replaced the IDs with the new ones. I will try the PPJoy stuff.
  10. @diomedea I have added more logs. This case can be easily simulated with two gamepads as well IF they are the same type. For me the problem is kinda obvious. KSP is treating the hardware name as a HW Unique Identifier. I don't really understand why.. Also I am not the first but this guys comment was missed/ignored.
  11. Hi, I am unable to assign second joystick. I have two T.16000M, the first works ok but the second I can't bind axes. When assigning the axis in the popup dialog I can see it detecting the correct one (joy1.1) but when I accept it it just assignes the same axis but from the first joystick (joy0.1). I am able to assign buttons ok though. Dual joystick setup: settings.cfg output_log.txt Dual joystick and Dual gamepad setup: settings.cfg output_log.txt Here I have assigned the second joysticks axis and the second gamepads axis - this I saw in the popup dialog - but it assigned the first joysticks and the first gamepads axis. I also have assigned 1 button from all 4 hardware just so its visible there are 4 different hw. (they all have the correct name - joystickXbuttonY) EDIT: I have added full logs and added another case where this happens. This case can be simulated easily with two identical gamepads as well.
  12. Hello, v0.18 is available at Github. Fixes compatibility with KSP 1.2.
  13. Its probably not you I will take a look at it this weekend.
  14. Hello, v0.17 is available at GitHub. Fixes the compatibility with 1.1.3. Thanks @Gaiiden for letting me know.
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